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How can I fix my terrible credit and raise my very poor credit score?0Dii2012-11-04 11:17:02
I am currently a sophomore in college and I guess you can say I messed up my credit score when I finished high school and began opening credit card loans and could not pay . Now , I have a terrible credit score and probably not even be approved for a glass of water without a co -signer . I have several accounts in collections and many of them are closed . Is this the end of the road for me ? I do not know what to do and how to increase my score . I can not get approved for an unsecured card , only for a secured card , but have not opened yet. What is the best way for me to restore my credit and increase my score ?
How can I raise my poor credit score Fast?0Jeesung2012-10-17 02:56:45
It saddens me that my credit score is bad enough. 545. I never had a loan or own a credit card. All this is of large medical bills . Like most , I have had some difficult years and had to miss some of the bills . Now I'm trying to rebuild quickly. MedlinePlus I paid a lot , played some, but still have a remaining debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice ?
Whats the quickest way to bring up my credit score? mine is terrible and im not sure why? i have three credit?0Jarrad2012-08-26 14:46:17
letters that I have never been late for a bank loan guaranteed 've never been late on, and a new car so it was new two years ago , I have never been late on, there are some negative marks on my credit and have law lexington working in removing those . but my score does not seem to come up ! What I can do? I am a responsible , trustworthy , hardworking and I have a credit score toilet!
Is a credit score and credit history designed to keep the poor poor ?0chass2012-09-07 08:19:03
I have lived in three countries before moving back to the U.S., I was young when I left, so I never really knew about credit scores and so on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now I'm a grown man living in the U.S. I've noticed that credit history can either make or break. In the other countries I have been have a system similar to that used but not SSN records the financial mistakes you made throughout your life MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Everyone says it was designed for employers and banks to see how responsible you are, but I find it hard to believe. It makes you irresponsible if you were fired because of the cuts and could not afford to pay your car note. It's really messed up because your credit report never shows why his car was recovered, it is not surprising that if the system was designed to see if anyone is responsible or trustworthy? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think this thing credit reporting winery was designed to keep the lower classes where they are. Of course, the lower class people stop paying their bills at some point in time, the government knows it, so I think they invented the system to prevent the lower class to get loans (student loans, business loans ), so that could never happen to the middle class and upper class over time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As for high-class people are financially stable so they can afford to pay all your bills on time. This gives them a good credit score and you can be approved for any type of loan (eg, business loans). This will then be more rich and upper class always MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I concluded that credit reports does not benefit the lower class people that is because they are just to get probably can pay bills, but not paid on time. MedlinePlus The U.S. government knows how to keep his people under control, is really sad to know that if you have a credit score in poor your chances of success in life are really low. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Its pretty hard to get ahead in this economy, and even harder to try to keep your credit score so you can get a job or a loan in the future MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When will the government give his people a chance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and Why do we call our country the land of freedom, where everything is controlled. We even have to pay for health care ...... the government must really love .... smh
How to get my finances back on track? Have a terrible credit score.?0INB22012-08-09 01:19:03
Currently I have 2 credit cards and student loans . I lost my job 11 2009, so it was not able to pay for them. I recently got a new job so you can start paying my debts , but because of the length of time I have left without paying my credit score has gotten so bad that I can not open a checking account. I arranged a payment plan for one of the cards, which will be a low monthly payment I can handle. The student loan that I have does not offer payment plans and other credit card does not even let me access my account online , so I'm sure if it has gone to collections or not. My main question is what are some tips to get back on track to bring up my credit score ? Any advice , stories, nothing will help. Thank you.
I Need to raise money for a card shop! Ihave a ton of kids who are couting on me, poor credit I NEED HELP!?1Helo2012-10-12 09:49:02
Hi, I'm Ruth of Michigan . There is a mall (Gibraltar Trade Center ) Consit several cabins with small businesses , which mine is a small card / toy store which is a busy place . Although probably only have 400 square feet , this place is always busy .. I have acess to the exhibition area , so you have a good sized area yu -gi - oh , Magic , and other tournaments . The problem is the trade center open only three days a week and just raised the rent to $ 1,200 a month. For about $ 800 more (all included ) I found a building right next to a high school and Elementry school , place in a perfect location ! I know that all children and customers by name and all the regulars are willing to do for them what it takes to get this open . But fear is the down payment, and the lease of three years . I doubt I would qualify (I have good credit ) for an SBA loan and needs 5 - $ 10,000 . Well FunRaising ideas.How NEED legally raise funds for the children to have a local card store ! They are counting on me . HELP
My credit score is at 680, but I need it at 700 to get a mortgage loan. Any way to raise my fico score fast?0Drew2012-10-07 02:08:23
We need to close the loan by February 1 . We are selling our house and pay off our debt with the proceeds from our sale . Will this raise our game? Would not it be better to pay off credit cards ( we have two with $ 1,400 balance . Or pay two bank loans (one for one and one for a consolidation loan ) ?
I am 23 years old with terrible terrible credit/need student line of credit?1Ccs2012-10-20 01:13:02
I attend Bow Valley College in January 2010 . ive been accepted I paid my $ 200 to secure the seat and I'm in academic prbation government student loans so I can not get MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All I want to borrow is $ 3,000 .... My boyfriend has been working for 9 months full time earn on average 4000 a month after taxes are taken ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm going to TD Canada Trust .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PPL can tell me what r your views .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus think I'll get the loan if my co- signs bf ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and what I have to bring to the appointment of bank?
If I'm digging myself out of debt now will a Secured Credit Card help me raise my credit score when I'm ready?6Sumone2012-11-06 06:08:01
What are some good companies to get a secured credit card ? I am currently paying hospital bills and have never had a credit account in my life . I'm 36yo and I wonder how it feels to have credit for once . I know that credit cards are bad . I'm mature enough to handle knowing that only want one to help me increase my credit score in case you want a house or need a small loan in the future for a car , etc. Thanks for any help .
How long do i have to keep my credit card in good standing before it will raise my credit score?3Robo1232012-09-26 10:57:07
I have taken a loan secured by the savings in my bank and that has raised my credit score enough for me to get a credit card . I have fair credit right now. I've had my credit card for six months and made all payments on time, but still no improvement in my credit score .
How to raise my credit score quickly? No credit card debt, just collections?0Help! please!2012-10-01 20:00:03
Therefore, I have a credit score of 570 and I would like to get to 650 as fast as possible . I have 4 credits satisfactory ( all students ) and 6 negative collections ( medical bills , old cell phone bills , etc) $ 1,400 dollars or less equal. None of them are credit cards / I've never had a credit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know and I want to pay $ 1400 but I keep reading that the payment of old debts show activity and lower your score ? Some people say I should start by getting a secured credit card and be diligent in paying on time to start a new loan , well then pay off old debts ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is your suggestion ?
Raise credit score with secured installment loan from credit union?2vannesa2012-09-18 17:27:10
I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit card and went to my credit union to get a secured loan for $ 500 with 6 months to pay . I asked the loan officer if it would be better for my score to pay before. She said it would have no positive effect on my score unless you make regular payments and help my account after it was paid. After all the research I've done that does not make since to me . I need opions others please ......

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