My daughter went to a college for medical asst a short

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university term. The college was not what they said it was. she got sick , and they did not let her finish her ​​last four months, teachers were not certified were no drugs in campus lots of negative things went bad . they report to the attorney general's office or she can go there they want twenty six thousand dollars of student loans and never paid over yet and to top it off she was always top of his class never learned anything , except from a book not a instructorl . Please help if you can thanks
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It's a shame , considering that the school works for her. Did he have a medical certificate if the school should honor , only if the physician's statement was submitted in a long time . How long ago was this incident ? If your daughter presented a doctor's note and the school allowed him to finish his classes then you have a case , so they inform. Also, if the school did not have certified teachers then you should not have attended because employers can not respect her certification .
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