I can't stand this anymore?

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Asked at 2012-08-11 10:55:03
All my life I have ignored and picking up after my parents and I can not stand it anymore. I talked to them several times. I helped her out when I can with your money problems, but they do not listen! More than $ 400,000 in debt. $ 120,000 for the same is my brother, who are willing to pay their college loans and car loans to see. However, with my ... I ask one thing. For them, to help me with my college books ... $ 900 once. That's it. They have to pay for loans totaling $ 1.200 Davids a month. And say yes. You know what they do? They spend $ 600 dollars of that money book! It's not like he had no money. They saved for it for me. And it spent a weekend trip for them! They knew I needed some help with college and could not even do that.

It's not even that. They spend money they do not have. My mother is an idiot. Sorry. But when I say literally, if not make this house payment we will take. And then spend two hundred dollars of it and I have to take care of it. I'm crazy! What if I say something I call a golf club. I'm trying to help. I've been trying to help my life and I can not stand it anymore.

Do not clean the house. My father is a parent stay at home and everything that circling for an hour at most a day and sleep. Perhaps the dishes. The floors are cleaned only by me. Windows only for me. ETC. Then they say that 100% of the confusion is my cats. BS! Before coming to the cats that were doing nothing. I clay after my cats, (three) to clean the litter box. Pick up after your toys when finished playing with them. The remaining plates in the sofa not them. Piles of urine bu they are not taking the dog only once a day. (Nuetured not either) I can not do anything, because although I am a college student trying to get into Radiology and only minimum wage! WTF

You can not afford to leave. My boyfriend is trying so hard to find a full time job. Becuase I am a full time student and knows that school is important and does not want me working full time while I'm in school full time. ESP or dental radiology.

They do not see the flaws in their ways. They say I'm spoiled. He never asked me anything. When they reached a new car and asked me if you can only count as a graduation present when I was in high school. They have separated my brother car of $ 27,000 U.S. dollars for her graduation present. I do not understand anything! What if I tell anyone who does not think it's a big problem. Or I think I'm ugly as a child.
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you need to talk to them
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