How to pull up my credit score? (Between 530-550)?

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Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my credit problems started when I was in college . I had no idea how much this will affect me in the future. I had some credit cards , but not as student loans . I screwed up this badly. 3 years ago I had my first job when I decided to change my financial situation around . My credit score at the time was 440 . I borrowed a loan of $ 3,000 staff at 18 % interest with a co -signer , and paid all arrears in my account waiting for my rating would sky rocket . MedlinePlus That did not happen . All accounts that are still locked in my report and marked as " potentially negative closed" ... I do not understand what this means , but I do belive it is hurting my credit. Is this true and what really is "potentially negative closed" .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a couple of credit cards by small pre-approved offers , and have been paying on time for the last one year . MedlinePlus I managed to get a car loan from a small credit union pays $ 9000 but alarming 19% interest on it . MedlinePlus I have not missed a single payment in the last three years , and I have understood that this process requires patience , but after all this, my grades are Experian : 543 Equifax : 552, TransUnion : 526 .....
MedlinePlus What am I doing wrong ? ......
Answer1ALISSAAnswered at 2012-10-04 00:34:35
Sorry ... probably not going to happen . MedlinePlus But a warning ... if any offer online banking that requires you to pay an upfront fee for a loan ... this is a scam MedlinePlus . It is actually illegal to charge an upfront fee or payment of a loan on a betrothed . Rates and charges are tied to the amount financed and will have to pay the fees of its interest in the loan . MedlinePlus So ... do not fall for the scam artist who offered him a loan , always paid an initial fee or a fee for the costs of loan processing .
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