NOSE JOB HELP!! :( Please someone give me a real answers!?

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So I have 17 years and a boy and I need some help from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Please only respond if you can give specific advice. Please do not suggest nose right / Huggie or whatever! I've tried these, almost nothing! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 17 years turns 18 next March, and a few months after you finish school when I get my nose fixed. ie a nose job of some sorts. MedlinePlus Now desperately hate my nose, blah, blah, I do not even want to enter the amount of the damage it has caused my life over the past 5 years or so. Anyway, this bit is my business so please do not give me advice saying, so overcoming the nose, because that's losing both of our time, is going MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus I've always had a long nose that was fairly simple, but I've always been aware of it. When I was about eight, I also fell out of my house in a tree and hit his nose too hard on a branch that may have cause some damage, I can not say exactly. However, when I was 15 and a half, and was walking home when a bulb was thrown in his face at high speed by another student (random attack). This was the first massive success in my nose was swollen and completely brusied (I had a black eye for a while after too) and I was pretty sure it was broken. Without knowing the consequences of this blow, at that time I had not thought of going to the doctor or anything. But the main difference I noticed was that the cartilage in the left front end of my nose had become very loose creating a rounded and irregular in the front. There was now a small bump on the left side thereof. Second, about 9 months later when I was playing basketball copped an elbow extremely hard to hit my nose hard left that side .. as bleeding hard, swollen etc. Now this was the second breakthrough that created hit very, very remarkable in that same left side and a lump on the right side of my nose. So after two such incidents, my alreday long, thin nose is bent out of shape and has completely truned on a combination of being twisted and bulbous tip to the left side in the front. It's horrible! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now let's get to the main point of all this. The main reason for this post is my nose. I have 17 years, no (or my family does not have private health care) and I'm going to get this nose job when I'm 18. MedlinePlus My questions are. How I can pay for my surgery? MedlinePlus Since my accident, I can claim any of the costs to cover my nose? MedlinePlus ? I can give all the money and pay it in time? Or do I have to have x amount of what is already before the procedure? MedlinePlus Also I have a deviated septum TINY on the left side of my nose .. this is causing little trouble breathing - but could exaggerate the magnitude of its effect on my breathing to claim money for medical reasons rather than cosmetic reasons? Do you perform tests to show if a deviated septum is actually causing difficulty breathing or is it just basic tests and then just take your word for it? MedlinePlus I'm so confused about how it works because virtually nose broken twice and not gotten anything done about it. Someone has to help explain all my options and clearly what my next steps. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally, but importantly, in an unrelated note, I sucked his thumb until a late age (12 I) without knowing that it would affect my profile further. So now my chin is slightly elusive but the nose bends and gives a very haggard looking at the profile. I hear it's very common for basic proceedures chin correction to occur with a nose job, is this true? Is it worth getting it done when I have 18? Do these corrections chin be okay? Does it affect my liek cost or anything like that, really just need help to get my head around all sums. MedlinePlus Be forever grateful for the person I CAN HELP! I hope someday I can be happy with my nose, and be able to let go of this burden sincerity that has taken over a large majority of my teenage life.

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