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Help!Anybody get their car repossessed?What happened to your credit? Should i let my car get repossessed?3Albert Minner2012-08-17 20:09:03
I paid $ 49,612 in a Mitsubishi Montero Limited (which still needs $ 22,000 cause blah blah blah do not pay ahead of time) So my engine broken in the middle of the road - My mechanic says I need an engine, and perhaps also a transmission .. (UGGHHHH) will cost $ 8900 to fix! But maybe only have one engine (which maybe only $ 3500)? ? ! I live outside the city limits, so driving a total of 80 miles per day just to send my child to and from school (private school). I also need a vehicle for you to pay for life ... A bus is not an option for me is that it would take about 8 hours total to get to school and back. Thank God I only work weekends, but the issue of bus the same 8 hours in total - I work 16 hours a day Friday and Saturday only bus so it physically impossible ... Im totally dumb founded .. I have no idea, meanwhile, my son has to miss school today cause no transport .... I worry about the future .. Because if I get a repo on my record, I feel like I will not be able to get a house or an apartment, even if I ever need (unstable marriage) .. Above all what happens if my child ever need help in a school loan I want to be able to help. Should I risk my credit card I've worked so hard to be fixed. PS while I was in college I got my car repo'd, but I was able to recover and pay the next day (was only $ 2000 to pay). I really apppreciate any help from any other people may have gone through this before .. What happened to your credit card? What should I do. My family and friends say they get repo'd, causing his death. And just to buy a new car cheap (about $ 15,000) .. I say the new car, and pay the $ 22,000 and I pay off about $ 950 per month for the new car, the truck, that the dead no longer exists? I'll have to make these payments for about 3 years .. After his more between me and the truck. I'm confused, if anyone out there can help me, really appreciate it.
Should I let my car be repossessed?3jess.2012-10-08 20:02:02
I have car loan with UAC / Car Hop ( worst decision ever! ) I'm having trouble making payments and it is becoming clear that I have to leave the car back. My credit is not great to begin with (hence the need to go to jump car / UAC). I tried to work with the bank and are not willing to do anything. I just need advice. I'm thinking about bankruptcy after it tries to erase everything and start over. I know my credit is screwed for 7 years, but it will be with a repo anyway.
Should I have my car repossessed?1Alder2012-10-09 20:25:03
We are struggling financially . With no mortgage , car note , car insurance (two cars ) the credit card debt , student loan payments and monthly utilities (electricity , water ) , to mention a telephone bill , etc etc my husband and I are falling deeper and deeper into the hole each month . We have three children and we have to keep in mind that we need money after all the bills are paid to feed our family . We keep bouncing checks just to make monthly therefore spending money before we have it and putting us increasingly in the hole . My husband and I talked about what we should do . Let's cut spending and get rid of extras .... We also have a truck that is paid . We are still indebted to the car and we need somewhere around 10k yet. If we were to come and pick up the car , our family would save 500/month . We just need a car anyway. Should we go ahead and do this ? Never had to do something as drastic as this before. What are some of the things that are going to participate ? I know it will make the credit for 7-10 years. In addition , we consoladated our credit card bills and pay one payment a month. When the car was auctioned and the remaining balance was extended to us, we intend to turn consoladating with other debts . Please anyone has any advice or any other approach to this difficult situation?
Car repossessed -- should I let it go or..?0when it rains2012-10-14 17:11:35
In April, I moved to another state to get home to my parents because of financial difficulties, and have since been unable to find another job. Louisiana, the new state I live now, not even let me have unemployment because of an "error code" that is way over my head. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, this morning my car was recovered. This is a serious setback loan: the value of it is probably no more than $ 2,000 while I owe him something like 9.000 to 11.000. I do not understand the laws of foreclosure or bankruptcy, or even whether bankruptcy should be an option. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I owe about $ 3,900 in other unsecured debts (payment, credit cards, deficits due to schools, etc.), in addition to the debts of mystery that I might have forgotten. I owe about 15k in student loans, which I believe can not run out of business and are the main source of my problems. I do not think this is a reasonable amount of money to apply for bankruptcy, but I'm not sure what other options you may have. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I try to negotiate with the creditor of the car to perhaps have returned? (I have no job - but I have 40 miles away from civilization, without a car, I'll never be able to get the job.) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I give the car completely and let the bank sell it? You still owe the money left on the loan balance? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My long term goals are to try to go back to school to get a degree after getting a secure job, but destroyed my credit, I'm not sure how best to fix it from this point forward. Any advice would be appreciated. ((And although I know that someone will come here and say I'm a lazy, blah blah blah, I have applied to over 400 jobs since I've been here and had only failed, expensive interviews - proof that doing that just $ 8 to his name. know I work hard, so do not waste your time or mine.))
What if I don't pay for my repossessed car?1MTTT*2012-10-14 08:47:03
I'll get my credit report , and feel very overwhelmed . I lost my car (rather was repossessed ) after losing my job and raise unemployment , which is much less that can barely afford food every month , so forget about a car payment . And frankly , I just want to know what happens if you do not pay these debts ? I have many debts , but for a college student 21 years of age , I am more or less in front of the firing squad right now financial . 5K in the car , student loans 2K (which need not be paid until I graduate ) , 1.5K in a Capital One card . Those are my concerns . MedlinePlus So the question : what if I never just paid ? Is it possible to rebuild my credit without having to pay again ? Do not reboots every 7 years or so ? MedlinePlus Thank you.
Can you get out of a car loan without the car being repossessed?0quita2012-11-05 11:25:13
My friend has a loan for your car and you do not have the title , the lender technically owns . He is finding that it can no longer make payments on the loan and wants out . Is there a way to do it without waiting for the lender to repossess the car ? Not sure if it matters but lives in Pennsylvania .
Can my house be repossessed?0Palace2012-09-14 10:04:04
So for a long boring reason I will not go , I have 3 secured loans / mortgages in my house ! This was great a couple of years ago , but now my house is in negative equity and changes in my work made ​​me really fight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the real problem is the third secured loan . My question is - can they, as the third charge , initiate a recovery procedure when I say that you can not pay the full amount and reduce my payments . In fact , I'm up front with my two other loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm in the UK . Thank you.
Repossessed car - any suggestions?2melrose2012-11-04 07:08:02
Car brother of my friend, that my friend was driving was impounded . Officially , his brother owns the car . Only your name is on the title . He said he was paid completely out and gave him the car so he could get to his mother to help him get a new car . She never made any payments on this car because he thought he had already paid off. Now she does not have a car . She is my roommate and is currently unemployed , but have enough money saved to cover living costs only for a month . Your brother needs about $ 2,500 to retrieve the car . He has no money , and he does not. She is a good friend , but I can not turn that much money either. No one in your family can help. You could try to get a loan with bad credit but your brother and his lack of work , will be difficult to find a lender . Does anyone have suggestions on what we can do ?
Will I get my repossessed car back?2ANONIMOUS2012-10-25 04:40:49
A few weeks ago , one of my car was repossessed . Unfortunately , my ex husband was driving , and stopped making payments ... and could not afford to take over ... so the car was taken. Just had a balance of $ 600 when it was taken , and the bank charged me $ 475 for towing charges . I bank with the bank that gave me the loan , and just today my check was in ( I have direct deposit ) . My bank took $ 500 off and applied it to the car loan ... and now there are a little over $ 500 more than it should . To my knowledge , they have not sold this car yet ... so my question is , if the bank is making me pay this loan , should not take the car back ? I am angry beyond words , this is absolutely ridiculous . I am a single mother and cut my salary by $ 500 is really going to put me back ... I think we should at least get the car back ... What do you think ?
Car repossessed - refinance?2ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-11-05 08:12:02
A friend of mine has had his car impounded yesterday. The company said the car lender should try to refinance the loan to get the car back . After he expressed disbelief that someone would pass after a takeover , the lender said it actually happens all the time . Both have searched a lot and I can not find any lenders to refinance a car repossessed . Do you have any idea where to go ? Loan companies that specialize in just this sort of thing ? This just happened yesterday. Thanks for all the suggestions .
Ever had your car repossessed, do you really have to pay off balance?2Davonna and Dewey2012-10-25 04:45:48
we are 3 months behind in payments , filed for bankruptcy , but does not include the cars , now trouble making payments . Can not refinance because we moved more than 50 miles from where you originally purchased the vehicle . No bank is going to refinance , either by poor payment history . There is no one to borrow money , paying to come . Any suggestions ? How to pay the difference between what the bank sells the car and the loan balance ? Are your wages garnished ? How will this affect my credit now ? It is so bad , I'm not sure I should worry about it . I hope someone has some good information . thanks
My car was repossessed why will i still owe the balance?1Eugen2012-10-21 15:39:02
I was told that I would still be responsible for the balance of what differentiates the bank sold the car against the loan amount outstanding . when applying for this loan using the car as collateral. with them repossess the car that should end my contract with them . please advise I live in Canada and the U.S. no

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