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Looking into medical school- How do I get started?0Juliana2012-09-25 01:59:03
I'm almost 20 and a little over half of my associate degree in Medical Office Administration . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Lately , however , I've been seriously considering looking into medical school . But I have no idea where to start ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents have enough money for me not qualify for any financial aid, but not enough to help me . Currently I have a 3.1 GPA , but we know that due to the lack of motivation of my current degree , in fact they have been giving my all, and plan for creation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm working my way through a community college right now, so I'm going to school online full time and work full time. I realize that if I choose to go to medical school you can get student loans. However, I'm not sure I still have time to work ? How students often cover other living expenses such as food , clothing , etc ? MedlinePlus Is there any reading material you suggest? Starting points to help resolve this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your help !
Haven't started college yet, want to go into Medical School after I get my undergrad degree... but?2Ms. Sue-- this is for you---please read and help!!2012-10-07 13:50:03
It did well in high school. I graduated with a 2.0, not because he had learning problems or anything else, but because they simply never bothered with homework, studying, projects, etc. I always did well in tests, but never studied for them. I think the main reasoning behind this was, that was never presented to the interesting subject, nor do I have a good head (I mean it was 14-16 years). After my junior year, however, my family moved to Arizona, and instead of ending the year at the local high school, I just finished my remaining credits (4) online. That year got no less than 90% in each class. After graduating, I do not know what happened, but I have great interest in a wide range of topics. My highest level of high school math was Algebra. But since then, I've taught myself a lot of calculus and physics, whether library books, online research, lectures and documentaries, and what-have-you. I am very interested now in going into the field of medicine, but do not have the grades to get into a state college for my first two years of undergraduate. I know for certain once I'm in college I will be at the top of my class and everything. I have 19 years old at that time, I will start classes in January (going to take the SAT / ACT in the next 4 months and score as high as I can to help my chances), and apparently only plausible option is a local university. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Pre-school was a community college, but is no longer considered as such. After two years, I was planning to transfer credits to a state university, from there I will finish the premed requirements and apply for medical school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Leaving it behind you, and now you're well knowledged about my past, I have some questions: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1.) Medical Schools Will me down because of my high school grades? MedlinePlus 2.) Medical schools have dorms? MedlinePlus 3.) I obviously can not afford medical school pocket, so I'll have to resort to financial aid / student loans ... between the two (and whatever else is available), it cover tuition costs at 100%? MedlinePlus 4.) If I have to work to feed, and / or pay tuition, you can do that and go to medical school? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very motivated to do this, I realize that I will be at school / home for the next 12 years or more, I know it's hard and I am 100% in your favor ... I'm looking for some quiet / answers here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I am broke now because of school, is there a way i can get a grant now that school started already?0sandra m2012-09-23 08:51:02
I payed for school books and my salary part time jobs, and I am indebted broke and now thanks to him . It is obviously too late for financial aid to see how the semester has already started , but I was wondering if there safe places that offer scholarships for students who could get even though the school had already begun . i really can not get a student loan , I'm just looking for a little help to get by. Any suggestions on scholarships or financial aid even though school has started ?
I wanna go to school for Graphic Design but don't know where to get started. HELP?0ght2012-09-02 03:25:04
I have 20 years old from a small town in Illinois , no finance whatsoever. I recently lost my first job .. I think it's finally time to go back to school . I've always really loved and wanted to do graphic design forever, but do not know where to start , does not even have a car .. ? MedlinePlus Where I can get financial aid / student loans ? And what is a good college to go to? MedlinePlus I am very shy and lonely .. but I have to make a change ..
Can you apply for a student loan after you've started school?0hw2012-09-11 12:43:04
I just started last Monday. My car blew up and I realized since I have so spending that could use it for a car to come and go to school in. I was approved for a full Pell Grant.
Medical school abroad?1Nathanie2012-09-13 14:46:04
I'ma pre-med student in the United States, however , I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to this country at age 4. Things are starting to get very difficult for me here. and agitations of my family 8 years of school here is not too convincing. However, do not want to give up my dreams of becoming a doctor . I was thinking of going to medical school in the Republic is super cheap for me, because I have a Dominican birth certificate and I will finish faster . unlike here in the states where I have to take out loans that do not have to worry about housing because I have the extended family there and a beautiful house with a car belonging to my parents. You go to medical school in the Republic be more convenient or if I stay here in New York?
Is medical school worth the $$$ ?1Carmelita2012-10-16 06:41:02
I have 50K in student loans for undergraduate , without a car payment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I go to medical school , which will have more than $ 200 thousand dollars in debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it even worth it?
Should I continue trying for medical school?0koleycole2012-11-05 17:38:46
My family isn't rich, they own a small business. My husband's dream is to start his own business, and he'll need start-up money from our savings to do it. I want him to follow his dream. I feel terribly guilty that my dream has always been to become a doctor. I've applied before and failed, and I'm still trying now, but it costs thousands just to take the MCAT and send applications to all the schools. Even if I do get in, medical school will be so expensive. I feel like I'm hurting those I love by taking so many of their resources that they need for themselves, but it's hard to struggle with the fact that I have to settle for a career less than being a doctor. I can't sleep and I have weeping spells several times a week, I feel so guilty about planning to apply this year. I want to believe I have a chance to get in, but I sometimes want to give it all up and go for something smaller that'll be better suited to my loved ones. They'll suffer less. What do I do?
What is medical school loan repayment really like?0.zakiyya2012-11-04 05:47:02
I'm going to medical school next year , but now I have to buy a car . I've been trying some numbers and find out what you can afford , and I'm not sure where to start . I go to a private school with 44k in tuition and I guess I'll need about 17k per year for living expenses . I have really wanted to buy an old Jaguar , about 6 k but very expensive to maintain. I can borrow ? Enough to live comfortably during medical school ? I have no money and my family used to qualify for any low-income subsidy , so I guess I'll have around 250k in debt when I graduate , not counting interest . Realistically , how much will I have to put aside each year to pay and how big a part they will play in my budget ? Will I ever find myself saying I can not do this or that because I need the money to pay my loan ?
43 years old and want to go to medical school (in Australia)?0mojtaba nadimi 2012-09-24 06:42:03
Do u think 43 is too old for medical school in 2011 ? He would have to make at least five years - normally 6 , but I'll have two health degrees under my belt by then so I'll get credit (don know how ) . I'm just thinking about how I will cope with my intern year, running around with all the things that young people will have an advantage over me . I started a new exercise routine and drop a weight , but have not studied physics and chemistry in recent years , although I can probly get it online or guardians . Don know how I'll survive going to school full time - how else does ? I could get a huge loan , but I have HECS / HELP debt to pay and yet I have a mortgage , because all the money has gone to study. Should I get more nursing degrees or take the plunge ? I need advice or criticism fate of people who have been there , done that . Many thanx .
Medical school pre-reqs online?1Raissa2012-10-06 05:12:03
Question 1: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to community college high school to save money. I got into some decent universities , but my parents make more than 300% of the federal poverty level . My only option was $ 13,000 in loans per semester , which I decided against. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm finishing my associates degree in college this semester and I'm transferring to East Tennessee State Biology / Pre - Med . The only problem is that I was enrolled in an Associate of Science. This forced me to take Biology I, II and Chem I, II . Because of the number of people enrolling in these courses were offered only online to save space in classrooms for courses that require reading time . While I was taking the courses was not aware that some medical schools do not accept online courses . Now that I realize that my options are limited medical schools , I wonder I should retake them . I worked hard in the courses and A's, so I am reluctant to take it again. The fact that they were in line does not appear on my record , but I would be dishonest if applied to a medical school that does not accept online college courses or community . What do you think I should do? I'm not particularly fond of the medical school set back another year honestly. = / MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Question 2 : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As I have taken some of the pre reqs at community college , I wonder if it would be a good idea to take Organic Chemistry in its class during the summer . I'm a little behind on my pre - reqs and I do not want to take organic and physical together. Do you think this would be a good idea?
What is the truth about Medical School Debt?1Maria <32012-10-07 06:59:03
I'm in a combination BA / MD program that will cost me at least $ 400,000 in student loans when I graduate. And then I will defer 90% of it during residency and fellowship . I know I can afford it , I know it will take at least 15 years ( because I 'm not a guru , so I will not become a neurologist or anesthesiologist or any of the higher paying fields ) . MedlinePlus Everyone tells me it's not a big deal , I'll be making enough money to pay this back . But I do not think that at all , I feel like I'm going to be a poor doctor because I 'm not going to do anything significant ( new car or a house ) to pay all my loans . My question is , is it not the perception that there are a lot of poor doctors out there ? or there are doctors out there with mountains of debt still living the good life while paying down debt ?

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