What is the oldest used car you can get a 60 month loan for? related questions

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What is the oldest used car you can get a 60 month loan for?0Russ2012-09-25 00:58:03
Is there a limit to the age of the vehicle afterwhich they only give 60 , 48 or 36 months for loans ?
Should I close a credit card if it's my oldest account?4Tyra J2012-10-24 15:39:03
This is the oldest account data I have, but the interest rate and the limit is the highest of any of my credit cards and I have the best history with him (and I've had since my 20 years ..) . I will pay the balance of this month , and would like to get rid of the card if I'm not going to use, but it will destroy my credit rating ? I've spent a lot of time looking out of my downstairs credit score , and do not want to waste work . Now I have a mortgage , car loan , student loans paid etc so that will offset the damage ?
Am I the bad guy? My oldest daughter who is in college was in a bad truck accident?0kris marie2012-10-26 06:31:14
a couple of years without insurance. His credit was not good enough for a new car, so my husband and I used our credit to help get a new truck, later regretted that decision as he spent more than he felt comfortable with and in a Initially I thought it would be both his and my husband's names, but it proved only in his name. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My daughter and I have gotten into some arguments about it in the past and our relationship suffered, but she always made the payments and stopped thinking about it. Now it's two years later and she has received some grant money and student loans and want to use it to pay off other debts, such as original truck crashed and also get a tattoo very expensive new TV. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She is in a tough place right now with a lot of bills, go to school and work. I do not work. I am very angry about the decision not to use student loan money to pay at least a portion of the payments in advance truck that my husband's name is on. I called her and let her know something quietly that, actually, I'm angry about this and we had a discussion and I know she stressed enough. Then I feel awful about that too, but I feel justified in my stance. I feel like "your" debt that is being done in our name should be a priority, and I do not know if anything could happen in the future to prevent further his truck that these payments are $ 430 a month and it would be our responsibility to pay if she could not. I also discovered that if a vehicle is repossessed for non-payment of wages can be garnished for my husband and confiscate money from our bank account. Furthermore, we have no desire to own this truck. Finally, we all doubt that anything would happen to her and make payments hinders know that unintentionally fail to pay it, but the worst is that something could happen as a disease or injury or worse and I would not be MedlinePlus bear this weight. MedlinePlus Am I wrong to be angry with my daughter? I do not think I even want to spend the holidays with her now. Do I have faith that everything will continue to go along as it has been without interruption, I'm being paranoid and selfish? Should I have let him know that I was angry about this?
If i cant pay a month for my car loan can i move that month to add an extra month to my last month?2Francis2012-10-04 13:30:03
I heard that if u can not pay your car loan for a month , they can ask you just added another month to loan car as if you are 55 pymts car, then just put one 56th place and pass that? ?
Suppose I had $500 in cash each month and a 60-month loan that cost $320 /month at 9.99% interest...?2Terrell2012-09-05 23:28:03
Complete scenario : Suppose I had $ 500 cash each month and a 60-month loan that cost $ 320 / month at 9.99 % interest. Would it be better to put the additional $ 180 / month against the principal of the loan and it was worth before, or to invest the $ 180 a month if I could win a 7% interest ? Which would be better in 1 , 2, 3, 4 and 5?
I owe 30 thousand in child saport it is 600 a month i make about 2500 a month i pay 1000 a month rent?1Shenae2012-10-15 22:32:02
I have a woman who has a son allso I have car insurance and bills bills.it dr 100s is hopless I kill myself or is there a way that my wife did not make much money either i allso be in student loans I Dont wat know what to do ! i cant bankrupsy file in most things Thuis i work long hours to make this lil bit so I can not go to school . aaahhhhhh !
I had just paid off my credit card last month and now i'm paying on a car loan every month ?2TO: Reiny2012-11-06 06:11:02
I had paid just off my credit card last month and is not going to use up to a year maybe, but I'm paying a car loan each month how many months you can take for my account to get a 700 if I have one 627 from now ?
I bring home 2200 dlls per month. my expenses come to 1650 per month. am trapped in payday loan hell. help.?0sammyris2012-11-02 05:32:00
i can afford 300 per month payments on a 1500 dllr loan. any none payday loan company out there that would look at me? poor credit history
How much should I pay each month to payoff my 60 month car loan in 48 months ? ?1Flo has issues 2012-11-06 07:21:02
My loan is $ 12,986.41 and I have to make my first payment of $ 275.83 next week and I wonder how I pay my client to pay off my car in 48 months instead of 60 months. thanks
Should I prepay property tax or pay it month to month (interest rate math/accounting)?0Function2012-08-13 22:32:02
Hey. I am debating if I prepay my property taxes on January 1 with a 4% discount or pay the full amount on a monthly basis (the 15th of each month). I can set up a spreadsheet in Excel such as the use of these numbers: total amount of property taxes = $ 3,600. Property tax discount paid on January 1 = $ 3456. The alternative is to pay $ 300 per month, by day 15. I have simplified the calculation of interest on the loan almost, and came up with an interest rate of 8% by paying monthly . It is this way off base ? Actually , just check with an online loan calculator , and looks like a 4% discount is approximately equal to the signing of a loan of 7.6 % paid monthly. If you have any ideas , I would appreciate . I would appreciate any explanation of this problem.
I have gone way over my budget this month. Do I cut back next month or accept the loss and move on?0ygmomma2012-10-10 19:57:58
I keep a monthly budget for 5 months and I'm doing well to become financially responsible . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This month , I had to attend a wedding and my job kept me busy most of the month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Between wedding expenses , gifts and eating out ( in my mind because I was too busy ) I went to about 600 over my budget. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It will kill me financially as I have been able to save about 600-800 per month . I am tempted to cut down my budget for next month to make and essentially punish me . Although I'm thinking that the best thing to do is to accept only went over budget and monitor my spending better in the future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are your thoughts . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a man of 34 years, divorced father with two children making 50K per year . No mortgage . low rent . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have my debt to total about 14K including a car loan and student loans .. Credit cards paid off . addition to pay support
This is my problem. Well in the sense of problems its not to bad. I have a six month old company and a month?0Tebogo2012-09-25 10:56:02
We need funds. The investment firm is giving small business loans of up to 75,000 . I have received the funds , but other institutions tell me that I need business credit to obtain products having . What are some good places to establish business credit with these new funds that could not get in any bank . I think with this amount of funds that do not have to be a personal guarantor as they're telling me .

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