If I owe money to a school where I completed my Bachelors can I start my Master's degree at another school.? related questions

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If I owe money to a school where I completed my Bachelors can I start my Master's degree at another school.?1Dillard2012-09-30 10:12:03
This school , Walden University, where I finished my degree online when my husband and I moved is saying I owe them $ 5,000 . I have 2000 per semester in student loans then pay the rest out of pocket. The school will not process my paperwork on time, then did not understand simple mathematics . Then I can go to another school and start my master ? Walden has already sent my diploma but my transcripts . I highly recommend anyone to attend this school .
Should medical school require the premed bachelors degree?0Kalena2012-10-02 11:22:03
Why not make it a professional independent title itself , as a program of five or six MD that you can start from the beginning of the university . I hink that would help the shortage of doctors to MedlinePlus much . MedlinePlus Also, I think there should be a loan repayment program for your residence as an incentive ... the Army so, why not for civilians , too.
What is the best degree to pursue: Bachelors in Business Admin or Bachelors in Finance?3porshe2022-08-15 02:57:33
So far I am a sophomore in college and I have to start choosing my specialty classes in less than a month. So far I have done all General Education credits . I am an adult student (28 years old) . I am considering student loan debt that I have to pay again after I'm done . Not sure about graduate school at this point . I have worked in banking / financial education since graduating from high school . I do not like the constant frontline customer contact type of thing. I like the operational and regulation of the banking industry . I love rules and structure . I'm thinking of a big business , but I want to know if a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance would be better ? Do not want my job prospects very small when I finish my degree , so I do not have to stay within banking in particular. I want to be able to pay off student loans and be able to support myself and my son . I've been a member of the working poor long enough !
Did you get a degree by going to school completely online? If so, what school did you go to?0aimee2012-09-19 06:38:03
It is absolutely necessary that I go to school online . We are active duty military . I'm trying to figure out which school is the best course to an associate degree. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Prefer only answers that are specific to my question , why do not you do not think I should go online . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'll be receiving financial aid, scholarships and loans ( if necessary ) so please keep this in mind , too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Do employers always verify that you have completed your degree when applying for a job that requires a degree?2tull902012-10-09 23:32:03
I've been working on my degree in five years and have hoped to take my foreign language requirements and then my husband got a job in a different state , so we had to change so instead of losing all my credits transfer , I decided to end the online program offered by the university but who have no foreign language class online and I have to have my other 6 credit hours to get my degree , I 'm running out of money in student loans and my advisor told me I had to get done in the spring of 2008 that there is no way I can finish with / without my foreign languages ​​. So my question is , finally , do employers verify / check to complete their degree when applying for a job that requires one?
Should I go back to school to get a bachelors in computer science?0Rachelle2012-11-05 00:03:37
I can't find a job with my history degree and I see tons of position openings for web developers on monster and craigslist.
Should I go back to school for my Masters?1j.j2012-11-03 01:09:02
I just received my degree in May 2007. I started graduate school in Ohio , but it was not what I wanted so I gave up and moved to Florida . Now , I've been working in the real world and I realize that I will not be able to do what I really want to do if I do not receive my Master . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Getting my Master is something I really want to do, but since I've been working in the real world , I've been really struggling financially . I have a lot of credit card debt ( stupid mistakes ) , a car payment , and a good amount of student loan debt , in addition to the rent, utilities , etc. I hate my current job. I work for PPL horrible. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You think I should go back to school , regardless of the financial problems and hope to get enough student loans to live despite really going to add a lot more of my debt ? If I only hope that my Lord I get a pretty good job where they can live happily and comfortably be able to pay the debt?
How can I get a free laptop for school. I start school on line in a little under two weeks.?0Kayden Ryan Smith2012-09-03 11:40:02
I am aware that the school loans will give the extra money after tuition and books are paid . However, I am attending classes online , and I have to have a laptop before starting
Completed stafford loan/electronically signed promissory note: How long before school receives AND POST $$$?0dee2012-09-25 21:44:05
I have already applied and submitted electronically signed promissory note to my son stafford loan online. I did yesterday ( August 10 ) morning . How long does it take a school to receive and publish financial aid funds that you will be able to use their fees ? 24 hours? 48 hours? days? week ( s ) ? ?
Any grants or aid available to someone wanting to go back to school after completing bachelors program?0cosca2012-11-03 23:34:16
I have recently graduated with a bachelor of science in resort and tourism management with a minor in business admin. When I had one semester left in college I realized that the major I chose, financially, was not a great career. And the area I live in does not have many jobs for my degree and I can not move at this time. I want to go back to school for something in the health field. I have been researching several medical degrees and am tossing up PTA- physical therapist assistant and OTA- occupational therapist assistant. Both are 2 year associate degree programs. The issue is, I am currently $65k in debt from student loans. I want to kick myself for just choosing a major without knowing everything about it. I am interested in the medical field for the job security, the better salary, better hours (for OTA and PTA), and most importantly, the satisfaction of helping people. Are there any grants or financial aid out there that can help somebody like me go back to school for little cost? I am not a single mother. I am still stuck living at home, I am not in the service, nor are my parents, I am not married, I am white, and i am 23. Any suggestions, ideas, anything? I really want to go back to school and do something more with my life and help people. I just can bear the thought of more debt. Thanks all!!
College as New High School. How come many with Masters/PhD. cannot get jobs. Are degrees commodities?0Belinda2012-11-02 22:09:57
WEB: IS COLLEGE THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL. 100% CAN NOW GO TO COLLEGE. People with bachelor, master and PHD cannot get jobs. People with lots of student loans but NO jobs. is college the New High School??????
How do i find money for school like loans or grants or some kind of finical aid to get into school ?2Clöe2012-10-02 01:05:02
I have no job and iam about to start collage Dec. 15 and need some money to start

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