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Do banks make more money off of conventional loans vs. VA loans?0NDW2012-09-24 18:52:03
We are trying to refinance and were told the loan officer that wanted a VA loan and got a great rate with no points . Then , when we went to sign was not a VA loan , but a conventional loan and my husband mentioned . We did not see any problems with it since the figures correspond to what we wanted to pay . Now we had a valuation and our house does not come with enough capital to a conventional one. Now if we go for the VA bc not need a certain amount of capital we have to do another assessment and we do not like this type bc believe tried to pull a fast one and before evaluation arrived asked what the amount money has to be to be approved and that he and his assistant did not respond until asked why they were not answering the question . Do you think I would be able to ask my appraisal fee back from my new bank charges me to another and this guy does not tell us from the beginning on the capital you need in your home for a conventional ?
Which banks offer conventional mortgage loans with less than 20% down?0Magic2012-08-23 20:14:02
I have my own home with an FHA loan . Now I want to buy a house for my parents and I have to put things in my name because my parents have no credit . Banks that I called said I have to put down 20% booked months in cash , pay 3 points on the mortgage , etc. At this rate I'll never buy a house for my parents . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there banks out there that offer conventional loans that require less than 20 % down ? Hopefully 5% or 10 % ? If so , the banks ?
Should banks be forced to make bad loans?0Tobey2012-10-27 12:40:40
The fundamental cause of the financial crisis of 2008 was Federal regulations require banks to make "sub -prime " loans . ( The banks complied and were subsequently charged with " predatory lending " ) Now there is pressure for banks to go through the same ordeal that nobody wins again .
Can Banks make error on loans?0Airelle2012-09-21 10:11:03
Hello MedlinePlus I had a loan with NatWest about 9 years ago , I could not keep up with the payments and was handed over to a debt collection agency who have been paying for about 6 years , 3 months ago NatWest sent me a statement saying the bank account was closed the balance is
Why do so many so called Conservatives insist that banks were forced to make loans to people who could not pay?6jasey2012-11-04 00:38:02
When the reality is that banks encouraged these loans , for the following reasons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus # 1 Management fees in any other risk . MedlinePlus # 2 could have these loans as AAA securities marked so as legally could maintain capital reserves while earning an interest premium well above capital reserve held as treasury bonds or cash held by the Federal Reserve . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Too bad that people can not get out of your head ....... and see what happened . MedlinePlus Pretty sad .
Banks, Loans, Money, Business.?0argiculture2012-09-18 08:47:05
Need help choosing the best bank for a loan . And I mean a good real bank . For personal loans and business loans. Thank you. And it is a secured loan better than an unsecured loan ? And what is the difference .
Re: Pressure on banks 2 make high risk loans 2 borrowers w/ poor credit: WHAT YEAR did it start & WHO started?1YW paper2012-09-24 09:30:03
The real estate / housing debacle with the U.S. credit crisis now in part because of the people who began pressuring banks to make loans that banks could fall into problems detected ( subprime mortgages ) , as borrowers were borrowing too much relative to their income , had bad credit , or were buying a house too big for your budget . This led to the popularization of subprime mortgages that eventually collapsed , as some felt prudent lenders would and could never have done if not for the pressure they were being subjected to make more loans to almost anyone wanting entering a house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So who was that started this great idea? Who began to pressure banks to do this ? Was a president ? He was the head of an organism? It was groups like ACORN activist community ? I think the pressure comes from several sources , but I need to know who was the most responsible , and when I had to start doing this so that spread like a rash ugly throughout the mortgage market and led to the crisis we are in today .
Do banks loan money to people that owe student loans?0CC2012-09-10 07:12:03
I want to open a business a small business someday and wonder as you may have to move to another school (4 years ) and may end up with some kind of student debt. Do you think that banks will have the opportunity to borrow money to start a small business . MedlinePlus thanks
Is there any companies or banks r giving us online loans without paying any money because im in a need of?3abdel salam2012-11-02 21:38:02
Are there any companies or banks r gives online loans without paying any money because I am in a need ?
With loans money out there why do the banks charge almost 20 % interest for auto loan?2Mohamed2012-09-07 09:09:03
car dealer offers a car loan with money from the stimulus package . The loading operation was a car loan with a rate of 19 percent . What is all that? The stimulus money is supposed to help banks to make loans that truly sinful? ? ? ? ?
Commercial banks and thrifts can issue new loans and create money:?0Armun2012-09-09 14:36:02
A. When deposits exceed the sum of cash and deposits at the central bank MedlinePlus MedlinePlus B. When individuals or companies borrow solvents MedlinePlus MedlinePlus C. When you have excess reserves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus While the economy is expanding D. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus E. When the reserve requirement is low
Why would bailouts to banks be controversial if they're in the form of government loans (money to be repaid)?2Rhiannon2012-09-07 09:07:03
I read online as Citigroup , a bank that needed a bailout , the government is paying again for bailout loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So why do people get angry in the first place , if the bailouts have been strictly in loans ? MedlinePlus It makes no sense that the deficit is the money paid , right?

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