What does auto refinancing mean? Also, can I use an auto loan to pay off my car payments? related questions

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What does auto refinancing mean? Also, can I use an auto loan to pay off my car payments?0GuruBlue2012-09-24 18:23:03
What auto refinancing mean? Plus, I can use a car loan to pay my car payments ?
How to get an auto loan for a used car when you have one auto loan already with payments never late and a home?0Trev2012-10-10 14:56:07
need a second car , but need to know how to get a car loan with no down Payment.I second possibly have a car and make payments to and I 've never been late and now I have a mortgage too .. ? Need help answer as soon as possible
Is it beneficial for me to split my auto loan payments into bi-monthly payments?0DERRICK2012-09-15 00:14:03
I have a car loan of $ 30,000 to 4.99% for 5 years. I'm thinking of dividing the amount of my monthly payment in two installments . For example , if the minimum payment is $ 500 by the 24th of the month, I will pay $ 250 at 11 and another $ 250 in 22 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Doing this will help me save on interest I am paying the bank for the lowest balance principle I am accumulating interest in a given month ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know making a biweekly payment plan is the best and make an extra payment a year 1-2 , but the payment plan I'm thinking of doing ( every two months) still beneficial ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Auto Loan Refinancing?1KKKKarlllll2012-10-03 21:12:03
I'm thinking of buying a new car with my wife co - signed . My credit is horrible and will not be able to get a loan without your help . The questions are: One or two years of paying dues car loan without arrears or later keeping all other credit payments on time to build my credit enough (usually ) to finally return to the car finance my own a year or two down the road. Also, Does this sound like something that could happen or not happen very often , re - financing without the guarantee of a year or two down the road? What is refinancing , fines , etc. .. ?
Refinancing a auto loan?2Debashish Banchhor2012-09-24 10:26:02
I'm going through a divorce and rethinging and really my car payments . The amount was fine when I got married ( makes enough money ) , but now I'm on my own I would get refinanced . Anyone know how to go about doing this ? Ive only had the car for about 4 months .
Refinancing an auto loan?1ANYI2012-10-10 02:08:02
Should I refinance my auto loan at this time by Wells Fargo , and WOW are ridiculous ! Each month ieither send my payment , they do pay by phone or online , and every month they are called for payment . I have to send proof that you have paid. I understand that everyone can make a mistake , but this company is stupid ! So I want to refinance my loan with another company . Do you know any great ? I would rather have a company called only if the payment is actually late, and not just missplaced by one of its employees .
Refinancing an Auto Loan? Help!?1How to cry Dian L2012-08-08 20:58:03
So I had my original car loan through capital one. They were totally raped me in the interest rate . So I went through lending tree and found a new company to refinance my car. Already approved , I sent my application, and should receive my bill from the new lender in a couple of days. Now I am asked to give my current title of my car (which was through Capital One ) to the new lender so it can be corrected. I have curiosity , is this normal? Do you suppose that returns him to the new lender ? I am a little skeptical because they never asked this before and once you surrender, then I have nothing to show the car belongs to me ( while I'm still paying ). Could someone explain if this is normal because I have fear of giving it up. Help !
Refinancing Auto Loan?3=)2012-11-05 07:54:02
I bought a new car in November 2009 and funded by [email protected] 7% . I have been paying an extra $ 50 a month to try to pay in six years . I discovered that I can refinance my loan @ 5 16% for 60 months which means I can pay my car in 5 years and 9 months. Is refinancing really worth it in my case and I'll be able to pay a little more than six years without refinancing ? I'm stumped on this ... please help !
Refinancing an auto loan....please help?1yppum2012-10-07 11:48:03
appointment liquidate my car is $ 17,047.71 .... I have this car in October 2007 . I would like to refinance but my credit score is really bad on a 518. above that value of my car , according to Kelly Blue Book is $ 15,330 . I think my interest rate is 8 % . MedlinePlus Refinancing is even an option for me .... if not, what I can do to reduce my payments of $ 430 a month. Please help !
Refinancing auto loan?1Weston2012-09-19 17:50:02
I read a lot of Q & A on this topic here , but still can not find anything to help. Should I refinance my car or I'll end up losing . I've tried local banks and cooperatives and all said no . My credit is horrible , I owe about 12,000 . My husband lost his job a few months ago and recently took another job with a pay cut huge difference . Just can not make the payments , have children and can not afford to lose the car but can not afford to keep any . I need help finding a place to refinance my loan so we can get a lower payment , even with bad credit bad bad .
Refinancing auto loan: good or bad?1apoorva2012-10-25 08:31:48
My husband and I were not the most intelligent when choosing this new car and financed it . The payments came to $ 560 per month with an interest rate of 14% . That was 2 years ago and still have three years to pay it . Until now, three years to pay for it and all payments made ​​to date only in time. I wonder if maybe we should look into refinancing or just continue to try to pay as much as possible with the current rate ?
Refinancing an auto loan with a different bank?0beyonce knowles2012-08-30 18:20:03
I am very , very angry at my credit union. It's supposed to be " military friendly " , and went on and on about how low their rates were for people with little or no credit . Well , as it ends , we're stuck with a car loan of $ 9000 with a 16.1% rate of interest . ? I can go to a different bank (which is 6 months) and get a better price . We have a credit score around 725 ( and it did when we first got the loan so the rate should never have been so high) . Please help me !

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