How to bring up credit score?

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Michael Turner
Asked at 2012-09-24 11:57:03
My wife had a bankruptcy discharged 3/06. Your credit score is currently 717 Experian , 674 Equifax , Trans Union and 723 . It currently has a credit card with a balance / limit of 1000/1500 . and three store cards 0/ 500 and 130/500 and 800/3000 (which is how she has brought her score up where after bankruptcy ) . She also has several student loans and a car loan . She is diligent in paying all the time , in cc pays more than the minimum . I have also loans and cc ยช . My total debt is cc 2661/2800 , 332/500 , account 940/closed , 379/closed account . She is diligent about paying all those above the minimum . My credit is slightly below it ( 674 671 708 ) , because some payments due before we met. I recently paid 3 cc grand total of around 5000 , however , the closed , what I'm learning now was a mistake.We want to get another card to transfer balances ( with a lower interest rate ) and have one monthly payment. I can not get another card because they say my balance / limit is too high . She has been unable to get another card for bankruptcy under his belt , however , it is now important to shop and cc cards from Bankruptcy . We want to buy a house in two years , therefore , pay cards and raising scores.Does anyone have any suggestions about our qualifications bringing even more , the way to get another card to transfer too, etc. We have paid cc debt in 12-18 months, regardless of the transfer. Should we keep the accounts held ? Any info would be great ! Thanks in advance .
Answer1Michelle G Answered at 2012-10-08 10:50:03
When you get everything paid a little more to pay more than the minimum bid for another card again, if you feel you need , call cc and ask for a lower rate in modern cards --- you never know ! But still , it sounds like you are doing well so far !
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