I hate my life, stuck in a rut, I don't know what to do with myself anymore!!?

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I graduated from high school last year and wanted to go to live on campus, to spend the usual four years there, make friends, learn, and then get a job. But my parents fucked it all. I was born in the U.S., so I'm a citizen, but my parents are illegal immigrants. My mom has been using my social security number for as long as I have memory and now my credit is ruined. She did not pay taxes either. I could not apply for financial aid because of this or student loan, so he was forced to go to a community school. It turned out that she also screwed because they do not pay taxes and are not at least legal residents do not qualify for in-state tuition. Out of state tuition is four times and I can not afford that so I lost a year of school. I will qualify for the state after filing my taxes so I've been working and plan to file my tax return as soon as possible, but I just found out I'm completely broken and have overage charges on my checking account to get money to pay bills for my parents. I feel like I'll never get out of this situation. I do not earn enough to pay the bills I have and certainly not enough to buy a car. I have to stay at home most of the week because I work for a temp agency that only sometimes calls me. I would get a more stable job if I had a car to get there everyday. My parents and I can not stand one another, is a living hell in our little apartment. I stay in my room all the time to avoid them. And I've been down since mid-2008 because my boyfriend / best friend and I broke up. Finally got it three weeks ago, but did not seem to care about our relationship because he almost never calls or asks you to hang out. I feel trapped and I'm so scared that things will never get better. Nor do I agree and with my other two best friends because I've been ignoring, but they are very far anyway. Still, it was a great comfort to be able to at least talk to them on the phone and now I have only about two mutual friends of me and my boyfriend to hang out. If we split I think I should move to Mexico because I would be so depressed and would have to leave feeling better. Please help me! I'm so lost: '(

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