When is Chris Dodd going to take the witness stand, along with Lehman Brothers CEO, and spill the beans? related questions

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When is Chris Dodd going to take the witness stand, along with Lehman Brothers CEO, and spill the beans?2n2012-10-15 13:48:08
Why did Republicans try to stop Chris Dodd from fixing the sub-prime loan problem?5Margi2012-10-26 23:51:02
Source : Business Week Online MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In early 2007 , as overextended borrowers began to default too good to be true subprime mortgages , housing experts sounded an alarm heard throughout Washington . Christopher Dodd ( D-Conn. ) , chairman of the Senate Banking Committee , wanted to push a law that requires banks to modify loans whose enticingly low " teaser" interest rates soon give way to harsh conditions . But I knew that Republicans strongly opposed it lacked the muscle as Senate aides . So Dodd did what politicians usually do . He convened a talkfest : . The Summit Homeownership Preservation MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A who's who of banking executives met on April 18, 2007 , in camera in a courtroom in the Palace ornate marble -faced Dirksen Senate Office . Dodd told they had to get out in front of foreclosure fiasco by adjusting loan terms for borrowers continue to make some payments , instead of a full stop . Foreclosure proceedings typically cost banks about 50 % of the property value . That's assuming that the home can be resold - not a certainty when empty houses multiply in a neighborhood . " What are you doing ? " Dodd asked executives . " Why do I need to do to help modify loans ? " MedlinePlus
What should the American people get for bailing out AIG, Lehman, & other Wall St. scammers?2vaNI2012-08-17 11:05:30
Welcome fellow news! We the people now We the owners. People's Insurance Company , formerly known as AIG , was saved for the moment , the forces of capitalism by the new Republican Socialist Union , formerly known as the Republican Party. Somewhere in the afterlife , the ghost of Karl Marx is grinning while the spirit of Adam Smith on the forks of the bets of a dollar, with an invisible hand : _________________________________ In a measure to avoid another global economic crisis , the U.S. Federal Reserve agreed an unprecedented 85 billion dollar rescue loan for American International Group. The deal, sealed late Tuesday , saved AIG from bankruptcy and gave the U.S. government a 79.9 percent stake in the insurance giant . _________________________________ Now that the people own a major insurance company , it is fair to ask how the People's Insurance Company , along with mortgage companies and banks People's popular investment will benefit people who own them. Can we expect lower premiums , exchange of capital and business perks of our hundreds of billions of dollars? Should we start checking our mailbox for dividend checks ? Who is paid first , claimants , bondholders , shareholders or owners of us taxpayers again? We, the owners want to know , and the Socialist Union of Republicans telling us very well , and fast. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008 / 17.09 /
Have you ever witness a really flagrant act of intimidation?1Fidelia2012-10-26 17:02:59
I use to hang out with these guys . This time we were in a student center classes and had this girl with us . long complicated story short this type of vending machine comes in, and I knew the girl who was with us . started talking a bit and said something nasty vending type for her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My friend jumps Braden , I'm not exaggerating jumps over the couch and approached the vending type was about 60 or more pounds heavier . Such closed against the wall and held his head there by his neck MedlinePlus MedlinePlus then told the boy to apologize , the guy kept saying f - you and the like . and remember braden said " say you're sorry or you'll be sorry . then the guy says Braden is going to call the police . braden and says .. you woke up wanting to die today ? youre saying sorry or fckn I will break your head in the door and some other things , the man finally said he was sorry and then let Braden and bolts out the door type , we loaded into the car and took off. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It was a pretty good guy , but he had a lot of problems I heard through face book a couple of years I've braden methed and died in 2004 . I admire the time, though the way they stood up to her. That was good. That's the kind of person he was when you know . used to lend me his car to go to work after the mine destroyed . They do not make them like that anymore MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You 've never seen anything like that?
Is this loan guy Chris Peter real?0Maximilia2012-11-04 09:11:29
Here is what he sent me Hello, I am chris peter.Do you need a loan.Are you financially down?Are you in debts?Do you want to pay up your bills?I give out loans at 3% interest rate.I give out loan to personal and business loan to Business Men and women who are into Business transaction, I give out long term loan for three to five years maximum with your interest in this you can as well tell me the amount you need so that I send to you the terms and condition that is if you are realing interested in getting a loan from me, Loan is given out in Pounds and $US the maximum I give is 1,000,000 both in pounds and $US and the minimum 1,000 pounds and US$ so if really you are interested mail for more info on how the loan can be transfered to you. There is one Question i have to ask are a serious individual that we take a loan and pay back after duration with the interest, if you are honest I will trust you because I like to do business with Honest people if you are one you will get the loan
Registered in brothers name but insured in mine?2upbeat2012-09-07 21:56:02
My brother gave me his car after a DUI, but is being funded in his name ( My credit is bad, so I'm not being added to your loan). I'm making the remaining payments to him. I'm sure the car in my name , but still registered in his name. To renew registration, must submit a FR44 (Virginia ) with your insurance company that he has more. No I have to file my insurance if he is not in it?
Please brothers and sister please help I am about to crack I need your help fast?9yppum2012-11-05 07:32:02
Salaam MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know Monday is Eid and I 'm pakistani life in the U.S. . Sucks that no family to celebrate Eid and all the years that I have to go to school and rot there and back with kilos of task . My parents have a lot of credit on your credit cards and so we can not slaughter a goat . NEVER TOGETHER celebrate Eid this year so I can put my foot down and asked my mother if she could stay home . She was all like no . I know we are killing an animal , but still not fair that everyone can celebrate their holidays and we do not . We just had a discussion about this and he works so she said she can not afford to lose money and that she can not leave me alone at home (I'm in junior high school ) is so unfair and I told him what I do it all day and still not letting me please pray for me so that I can enjoy my eid and please please please give me some way to convince my parents that I can stay home for Eid please you MedlinePlus beg MedlinePlus Allah Hafiz
Would you borrow your Brothers and Sisters Money?4sridhar2012-11-01 22:07:03
I have a cold and distant relationship with my family . When I see them at the party the silence is amazing . Usually gives me one word answers tense when I try to make conversation with my parents , brothers and sisters . It seems to us very much. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The cold relationship suddenly becomes hot when they need money . Then the person on the phone acting all warm and loving ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My father called me for years and his car had broken down and that he had no money. Could a $ 500 loan . Well . But I told him to send me $ 50 a month for the next ten months. Each month a different excuse , no money paid. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My older sisters have borrowed $ 500 for a variety of situations . Finally got my money , but always after countless phone calls and letters . They make me feel guilty for asking refund. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my little sister called and the car to be removed unless you can get $ 500 ( $ 500 always ? ) . She has been giving me the cold shoulder for years , but when I called yesterday acted so nice and warm . I said I 'd think about it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you give loans to family and friends ? Even if you're not around ?
Personal Loan Repayment Document signed under duress with no witness, legal standing?0Cierrah2012-08-13 13:12:02
I paid the sum of
My brothers wife doesn't want to live with him for the past 6 years?2sayra2012-09-14 06:04:03
my brother is a doctor and married again in 2001 . Since then , his wife never lived with him under the same roof for over a month . she does not want children. which is nearly 40 now and she's the same age . first said he wants to go to medical school too, so from 1999 to 2005 he attended medical school in another state and lived alone . I rented a place , got him a car and paid your student loan. she has never worked a day since they met in '99. when he began his residency she moved to New York and my brother has a home in New Jersey, but still only meet twice a month on weekends . she says she is going to live with him after his residency next year , but I feel like I was playing games with him . he has been living alone and is very loyal to her. loves her very much . I think not my place to interfere so I never said anything to my brother about this, but it hurts me to see him being manipulated . Oh, and she says she does not want children of their childhood becoz
Should Barney Frank and Chriss "Countrywide" Dodd both be prosecuted, found guilty, and executed?2Keirra2012-10-24 06:21:50
Apparently , people in the Northeast do not know when they are being raped by people who are supposed to work for them . Frank pushed for more bad loans for the benefit of his live - in boyfriend and then in July this year , he lied about the state of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac , which caused more bad loans and investments . Dodd Countrywide had revenue of cash plus a special loan rate . Both bags swollen * shi did these things as Presidents of their respective banks / finance committees and took advantage of his position for personal gain and have cost the citizens of the countries in the billions of dollars . jobs and pensions. .
Which will happen first? Minnesota fixes its double-vote counting mistake OR Dodd releases Countrywide papers?0ALISSA2012-10-13 10:38:06
Chris Dodd promised to release the details surrounding your loan bride : MedlinePlus http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12312880

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