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The low down on University of Phoenix Axia College?0a. ridge2012-09-24 02:09:02
I 'm doing bad rap both UOP Axia online college that do not know what to believe . I have applied for registration but have not been reported so far if I have been accepted or not . I met many people who complain about scams and teachers do not respond to your questions , etc etc. Anyone have a positive experience ? I want to get my degree but I work two jobs and UOP Axia college seems like a good option and is affordable, if I have to get loans to pay for it , but the refund once I complete my degree should be quick and easy . Since I have not been notified yet I have time to separate fact from fiction so if I want to get accepted and I have 3 days to do so without penalty , but I've done research for several months and have found what I thought were good things with online education , but now I've taken a step to acceptance 'm finding sites scams and people who say do not know what to believe . Any information would be appreciated!
University of Phoenix/Axia College Financial Aid & Refund Disbursement?6devin2018-10-05 19:34:06
I had trouble getting my financial aid counselor so I began googling University of Phoenix financial disbursement calendar and similiar searches , during which I discovered several complaints about the online university . MedlinePlus I have two questions for current students / older employees of the University of Phoenix / University : Axia MedlinePlus 1) I start classes tomorrow ( 8/9/10) and completed a waiver authorization to hold funds and a direct deposit form . The website says I completed my FAFSA , pay , etc . When I can expect to receive excess funds (reimbursements ) ? MedlinePlus 2) After reading the complaints of many ( former ) students reported against the university seemed most of them were aware of the financial aid processes / loan agreements. I attended a traditional 4- year college in the past and understand the rules of loans / grants to attendence / academic performance goes , however , I am a little confused about the authorization to dispose of funds . I hope I have misunderstood something about the way this online driving school financial aid . Please inform me !
Is anyone going to/or has attended the Axia online University of phoenix? How was your experience with them?28k2012-11-02 18:16:02
I'm thinking of enrolling in college but I keep reading opinion Axia horrible. I've filled my credit applications and all, but now I'm thinking twice about the school. if u go there or you can give me some information about what you like , if your accreditied and any comments or concerns or had with them.
I am currently a student of University of Phoenix at axia (online campus), and have a question about credits..?1eng2012-08-09 18:14:03
I'm almost finished earning my associates degree, and is very demanding work. I put anywhere from 55-65 hours a week at my job and am considering taking a break until you get a little more acclimated , I have yet to complete some training , etc. Does anyone know if I can withdraw my student loan renewal and take a break, but still keep my credits to return later this year or early , possibly next year? When credits expire ? Thanks to whoever can help me.
Community college or University of Phoenix?2dw2012-10-04 07:13:02
Should I attend online classes through my college or Univerity of Phoenix ? I heard UofP has a bad reputation and not accredited , I do not put the time and effort on a worthless degree .. The problem is that you have already registered , havent started classes and have not been approved for loans still yet.can I unsubscribe? MedlinePlus I have also EFC of 0, so I have full financial support , I can also get a stafford loan while I'm in college ? I have to be able to buy a new computer and school supplies, Thanks for any help !
Can you get a student loan for an online college such as University of Phoenix?1waseem2012-10-07 09:36:07
Can you get a student loan for an online university such as the University of Phoenix ?
University of phoenix or community college for general education?3Trowers2012-08-18 12:09:02
I do not know if having a fast-paced type of general education at the University of Phoenix is best to take it at a community college . I know I will be finished faster at the University of Phoenix, but where should I start? I could do the University of Phoenix for my general education and make my major at a community college , or vice versa. would be the best way to go to college. I'm trying to go to college a little fast. i do not really have much money but that could take out loans to Phoenix. I just need some advice. Thank you.
Can my boyfriend transfer from University of Phoenix Online to another college in this area?0crull2012-09-12 11:28:04
My boyfriend is attending the University of Phoenix online . You have completed your financial aid and applied for a loan . He has not received any funds. The state there for 2 weeks . Can you change your financial aid to another school so I can stop going to the University of Phoenix . If so , please tell me how . He wants to go to Coahoma Community College and registration is from now until Friday . All help is accepted . Thanks for your time .
Do employers honor degrees from University of Phoenix and Devry like a degree from atraditional college?0violin2012-10-12 18:26:10
I'm working full time ( an average of 48 hours a week ) and I take 9 hours (which is all I can take) in a traditional university at this time. My job is temporary and I'm trying to finish school to have a backup plan so taking only 9 hours per semester is going to take about three years to the end, that may be too long . So anyway, the University of Phoenix and Devry degree would allow me to get a lot faster , but I'm not sure if many employers who hire me . Of course I want to get a degree in Finance or Information Technology . And pursue a career as a real estate broker , loan originator / Officer , Financial Advisor, or Database Administrator .
I am really at my wits end with Axia college?0Elver Gon2012-10-17 01:33:34
I am currently attending Axia online college and have my financial aid so bad that I can not get into another college because right now it is showing that I owe the university money , I called my financial lender to see if the hold up was on his side and was informed that the school has not had enrolled me in the last six months - which is the last of my grace period so now I have to start paying back loans , but I have yet remaining months of school . I called the school many, many times to try to resolve this and my financial advisor said he sent my account to his boss - . Who has not returned one of my phone calls since I started school MedlinePlus So, I have been doing this with the school for a little over six months - I say that while I can keep the coverage they receive care my situation , but again , nothing . You think I have a legal case and if so .. What kind of lawyer would handle a case like this ?
University of Phoenix?0Mio2012-09-15 05:09:04
As a former student of UOP not recommend this place to anyone shit . If you decide to take this for what its worth or ignore it and find out later in the long run . The staff is terrible ... Admission Visor advertisement sales people . Guess what my admissions counselor out there and said he found something better . CHOOSE CHOOSE MY FINANCIAL ADVISER FOR ME student loans and even counsel me they were and what interest rate THERE ? HOW DO YOU FEEL IF YOU HAD GOT PUT ON A STUDENT LOAN INTEREST RATE YOU CAN HAVE LOW LOAN FOR ANOTHER AGENCY . Also as I found out my student loans were when I went to the ENE ARMY BASIC TRAINING May 2009 ... CAME HOME WITH FOUR ACCOUNTS LOANS FOR STUDENTS WHO WANT A DIFFERENT payment of $ 50 $ 100 PAYMENT WITH SOME INTEREST RATE HIGH SKY . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Four different loans ? ? WOW it takes MUCH DIFFERENT AGENCY I only did 12 classes with them ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I enjoyed my classmates Honestly I DID , but the staff and the people who work there are GARBAGE . Basically , a car dealer even GET A LEASE IN JUST TO MAKE A SALE . Everyone knows leases are scams . ONCE IN IT YOU CAN NOT LEAVE WITHOUT CREDIT spoil your hard work ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SO I hope this FAQ for those who were planning to attend. Please do not make the mistakes I made . Not only am CAUSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN STUDENTS BUT NO CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT TRANSFER ALL MY ... So basically I lost money, and having to put more money to transfer credits NT ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GOD BLESS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS and efforts.
University of Phoenix?0Chaseone2012-09-28 06:09:02
I'm thinking about getting an associate degree from the University of Phoenix online program . I am a housewife and that's the best option for me right now. I read a lot of good and bad reviews . I was wondering your opinion on them if you attended school , or if you know someone who has , online or on campus . Were you able to get a job with the degree you received? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently considering the Associate in Arts in Administration Health Care / Medical Records . I'll go through Petra ally to become certified medical billing and coding or anything else to help , if needed , to be more qualified for a position. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I worry that I will have to repay these loans , but will not be able to get a job with this degree . I do not want to waste time and money for nothing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for any information you can give :)

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