Re: Pressure on banks 2 make high risk loans 2 borrowers w/ poor credit: WHAT YEAR did it start & WHO started? related questions

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Re: Pressure on banks 2 make high risk loans 2 borrowers w/ poor credit: WHAT YEAR did it start & WHO started?1YW paper2012-09-24 09:30:03
The real estate / housing debacle with the U.S. credit crisis now in part because of the people who began pressuring banks to make loans that banks could fall into problems detected ( subprime mortgages ) , as borrowers were borrowing too much relative to their income , had bad credit , or were buying a house too big for your budget . This led to the popularization of subprime mortgages that eventually collapsed , as some felt prudent lenders would and could never have done if not for the pressure they were being subjected to make more loans to almost anyone wanting entering a house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So who was that started this great idea? Who began to pressure banks to do this ? Was a president ? He was the head of an organism? It was groups like ACORN activist community ? I think the pressure comes from several sources , but I need to know who was the most responsible , and when I had to start doing this so that spread like a rash ugly throughout the mortgage market and led to the crisis we are in today .
I need to find a home lender who takes on high risk loans to those with very poor credit, using a VA/203k?0jame smith2012-11-03 09:22:22
Looking to buy a foreclosed home in North Carolina with enough equity to pull out to pay off a car and just have the home loan to pay...Can anyone show me the way.... My time line is to have this done by Nov. 07 Thank to all in advance
Why would banks willingly give out high risk loans?6Cheste2012-10-15 08:56:03
I often hear one of the main reasons of this recession is that banks were deregulated and took it as an opportunity to take big risks to make money fast , but do not think about the long-term economic consequences . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , what would a subprime loan earn money from the bank , even in the short term? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why would willingly give huge loans to people who most likely can not afford to pay it ? I know these people are not just financial gurus , or we would not be in this mess , but something smells stupid government .
High risk or bad credit loans?1Antony2012-10-24 22:21:02
looking for a loan that meets my needs
Looking for high risk lenders or bad credit loans. Where should I look?0Advanced Word Processing2012-10-19 07:37:45
I think my problems started three years ago when I was pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes . After my daughter was born was not diabetic and I developed other birth complications and diabetes . I ended up losing my job . Since then , my illness and the birth of the baby caused a lot of pain in my marriage and ended up going . My daughter and I lost our insurance when my husband left since I lost my job wen I could not return after delivery . Now I have a good job , but I'm in a terribly deep hole with more medical bills and credit card debt trying to make ends meet. Now I have a budget and I'm trying to get on the right track so we can afford to continue living in our apartment and dig ourselves out of this hole and we must be saved as . At this rate , I have to find a way to reach $ 1,150 by Wednesday and I can not make that happen . With everything I've been through I have a terribly low credit score .
Looking for high risk lenders or bad credit loans. Where should I look?0nonna2012-08-06 09:31:03
Looking at high-risk lenders or bad credit loans . Where should I look ?
High risk/high interest rate loans?How to obtain?0ari2012-08-21 13:04:25
Hello , MedlinePlus I am looking for some funding to a serious project . MedlinePlus I have a credit account mediocre and I have 19 . MedlinePlus I am looking for lenders willing to loan with subprime loans despite interest rates . MedlinePlus I'm looking around 100k in funding , venture capital is not a solution . MedlinePlus It can be anything , credit cards , personal consumption loans , car loans , etc MedlinePlus Any ideas on how to get this kind of capital? MedlinePlus Are banks able to check how many credit cards that I have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What is wrong with not giving high risk loans to people with bad credit ?1cassii2012-09-27 18:15:02
What's wrong with not giving subprime loans to people with bad credit ?
If a small business asks for a loan to make payroll that week - wouldn't you consider them a high risk?0lovz2012-10-11 21:18:18
MedlinePlus DUH If you can not even pay their people - MedlinePlus lend money ? What makes you think it will be any better shape next week .
Who is a legitimate establishment in NC that offers high risk personal loans to those with bad credit??0maran2012-08-11 11:30:03
Who is a legitimate establishment in North Carolina , offering high risk personal loans for people with bad credit ?
Where can I find a lender to give bad credit, high risk personal loans.?3rajender pal2012-10-10 12:24:02
I live in the state of Illinois and need a personal loan of $ 5,000.
Is their any credit association that offer unsecured credit and or loans to high risk applicants?3zgord2012-09-17 08:10:05
Is their any credit association that offer unsecured loans and loans to applicants or high risk ?

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