How old does an auto have to be to be considered a used car for the purposes of an auto loan? related questions

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How old does an auto have to be to be considered a used car for the purposes of an auto loan?2Seinna2012-10-07 17:08:02
I bought a new card in December (2011 ) and want to refinance through another lender . I wonder ... from the point of view of the lender , when a car is no longer considered "new " ? I ask because there are different interest rates for new cars versus used cars.
Is it considered "paying cash" if you buy a car with a auto loan from a bank?0mhkjuvhyg2012-10-09 23:19:52
Let's say you take out a loan of $ 8,000 from Chase and give me a check / wire me the money . Then take this money and tell a dealer " I am ready to buy with cash ." Do I get a discount or that banks issue a car loan directly to a single supplier ?
Is a pre-approved loan from my credit union considered cash at auto dealers?0cowgirl2012-09-19 21:00:03
I have a loan ready to go to my credit union. Now I buy a car . So I can pretty much leverage you get a special discounted price for cash payment?
Would an auto racing team be considered a small business1ral2012-09-28 14:49:03
If I 'm the only one involved ( no employees ) and I'm not
Would an auto racing team be considered a small business0Dawn Buckley2012-09-25 22:22:03
If I 'm the only one involved ( no employees ) and I'm not
Would an auto racing team be considered a small business0What is wrong with it?2012-09-17 17:05:02
If I 'm the only one involved ( no employees ) and I'm not
Auto loan and bad credit, Anyone know of online Auto Financing lenders which Offer Bad credit Auto Loan?0Britanny2012-09-24 19:30:03
Auto loan and bad credit , anyone know of online lenders that offer auto financing bad credit auto loans ?
I want to apply for the best auto loan. Will applying to several auto loans affect my FICO score?0Timmy Adams2012-10-02 01:03:03
Besides, I was already approved for a car loan , but I want to find a better deal . If I apply for several other loans , approval will be my first concern ? What I mean is that since the approval of the loan in the first place , is going to change because I went to apply for another ?
Where can I get a bad credit auto loan in Ohio? The web auto advertisements never get back with you.?1Samuela2012-11-04 18:16:02
We get bad credit auto loan emails, implement and never heard anything back . Even car loans guaranteed.
Will my current auto lender finance a new auto loan for me?0reena2012-10-02 01:59:03
Right now I have a car loan with Bank of America . It was a loan term of 60 months, I have only two payments remaining . My credit has been halved to under 600 over the years since receiving the loan but I have never made ​​a late payment on my car loan and I'm intending to do the two remaining payments time to pay. I need to buy a new car and wondering if I should apply for financing through Bank of America again. In talking to some friends in the auto loan and car sales industry , I have said that Bank of America would most likely want to keep me as a customer based on my good payment history car with them and that the only difference would be that my interest rate will be higher because my total credit score dropped . They also told me that in the auto loan industry , are seen in the history of auto loans in your credit report separately from the rest of your credit history . And since I've been good in my car payments , which will count in my favor to ask another auto loan. Any one can shed light on this situation will help. Not sure of dealing with Bank of America again, or just look for a company that finances auto loans bad credit . I am currently employed full time , so that income will not be a problem . Thank you !
Auto Repo 6 years ago, Auto loan today?1levar2012-10-15 04:11:03
More than six years ago , I had a car repo . Volunteer as was obviously seriously affected my credit . I spent the last 6.5 years improving my credit , I bought a house last year during the worst of the credit crisis ( as far as I 'm not a failure full credit ) . However, despite significantly improved my credit , can not seem to get a decent car loan . Banks offer about 19 % . How I can improve my credit in their eyes ?
My current auto loan is through Cap One Auto. I still owe $3,000 but am ready for a new car! Last time I was?0Adair2012-09-12 15:20:02
given a pre- approved check ... keep doing these deals ?

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