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Selected Reserve- MGIB, Incentive bonus, SLRP question.?1Reneisha2012-10-07 13:25:02
I qualified for the MGIB Kicker . What exactly ? Do I have to pay for it ? The money comes to me directly ? How much? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When do I get my 20,000 bonus ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Student Loan Reimbursement is paid directly to the lender right? Why not just do it instead of prorata pay what they pay every year?
Are you eligible for student loan repayment and mgib kicker while only doing 2-3 years in the army reserve?0kerstin =)2012-09-15 13:51:03
Im asking because I'm debating whether to do it for 2-3 years or complete 6. because either way the contract will be for 8 years anyway . And after the 2-3 year contract TIR wouldnt I become ? Meaning i wouldnt be doing this weekend once a month 2 weeks a year deal ? And finally , while appearing as a TIR still paying something ? ? Thank you very much for your time .
How do I get my SLRP benefits? (army reserve actively drilling)?6oso2018-10-05 19:34:50
I've been reading on various websites on the Loan Repayment Program Student . I have the 20k SLRP in my contract and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it? I know it's a little more complicated to process GI Bill ( IMO ) . anyone who knows or has personal experience that would be great .. thank you!
Army Reserve Enlistment Bonus?1Tabby2012-11-02 19:58:02
What is the average enlistment bonus Army reserve. I am seriously considering joining. Just graduated college and plan on doing this on the part of my full time job . I'll have a bonus of education, have good insurance , and have educational incentives such as loan repayment and tuition assistance. All of which I plan to take . Can you tell me what is the enlistment bonus reserve army usually is? thanks
Army Reserve Enlistment Bonus upon commissioning?0calf2012-08-10 21:51:40
Hello , I'm looking for some information about what will happen to the recruitment bonus and loan repayment when the commission through ROTC. I joined the reserves and received a loan payment in dollars 40,000 to $ 12,000 signing bonus of a MOS 91B . I'm a full time student in college and enrolled in the Army ROTC (not contracted cadets from now ). I'm still only in the basic ROTC courses , but when I go to contract ( with or without a scholarship) at the beginning of my first year what will happen to the benefits I have received / am receiving currently in stock ? I would be very upset if I would have to give the money back . Are stocks me money back if I contract, regardless of whether or not I receive a scholarship ? and if you decide to go the route of the Reserve guaranteed once the start-up that allows me to keep my benefits ? I'm more concerned about the loss of loan repayment in dollars 40,000 more than anything else. I can live without the bonus. Any advice is much appreciated.
How to utilize Army Reserve SLRP (Studen loan repayment program)?0Vivien2012-09-18 03:12:04
I need some money for college . How do I use my SLRP ? What is the total process from start to finish ? It's like taking out a loan ? What are the qualifications and funds are always available or first come ? How fast I can receive funds because school starts soon
How much do army reservists get with the MGIB and the MGIB kicker?1miracle2012-08-13 21:25:02
I know it depends, but what things? i make 90 + the ASVAB, and receive a bonus of 20k, but I'm interested in what beneifits school . ¿ I can get the MGIB and loan repayment ? , I get no 4,500 for tuition as well? reserves that could help thanks in advance
Question regarding Army: student loan repayment program SLRP?0Blake2012-09-29 14:44:04
I have Stafford loans and private student loans . Does the army paid for my two loans as a program SLRP ? ? ? My total loan amount of $ 34,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any help plzzzz ? ?
Army enlistment bonus question?2ayu2012-09-26 06:24:04
I would like to be an officer , but I do not feel my recruiter know much about what qualifies an officer . He said he has yet to qualify for student loan repayment , but there are no signs of bonus . I heard from someone who is not only not get a bonus until they have been for a year . What have you heard it? thanks
Army recruitment bonus question....?0dillion2012-10-08 22:07:36
I searched all over the net and asked military recruiters , but can not seem to get an answer to my question Strait . I want to know if you take the college loan repayment if you are eligible to receive any signing bonus , or if you can not get both. And the second question is if you take the college loan repayment if you qualify for the GI Bill (not just regular GI Bill kicker ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Federal reserve question?1Krysta Q2012-11-01 20:22:02
From an outside observer , this is what I see . MedlinePlus America needs some money . MedlinePlus The Federal Reserve loans money to the U.S. . MedlinePlus U.S. starts making payments. MedlinePlus Your money was issued by the Federal Reserve , which is the recipient of the payment . MedlinePlus The Fed prints money and charge for the privilege. MedlinePlus How America out of debt if it is costing more than a dollar of what they are charging an organization and ultimately has all the money anyway ? MedlinePlus I could see all this , but it's interesting to hear real opinions on it .
Bank Reserve Ratio Question?0fine arts2012-09-27 03:50:08
If a bank has deposits of $ 100,000 , $ 200,000 loan , cash on hand of $ 10,000, and $ 15,000 on deposit with the Federal Reserve , then its reserve ratio is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A. 12.5%. MedlinePlus B. 10%. MedlinePlus C. 25%. MedlinePlus D. 5%.

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