Is there any way to consolidate federal student loans with a private student loan before the july 1 deadline? related questions

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Is there any way to consolidate federal student loans with a private student loan before the july 1 deadline?0Alihaa2012-09-22 10:39:02
I have three student loans through the federal government ( perkins , federal direct and a "door " - AES loan) . Also I have a small private student loan through Citibank . I want to consolidate all 4 by the July 1 deadline, but nobody will combine private and federal . I have ads in which all seem like scams to me. Financial experts have any idea?
The July 1st deadline for student loans???3Feodor2012-09-03 07:55:03
I submitted my application consolidation loan on May 30 . I tested it several times online before June 30 , which is saids processing. A June 30 , called , the automated system told me that the money is expected to go to my account on July 14 . I checked today and it made me fill out the same information that I have completed in May. Then suddenly my application date is 08 July, my interest rate is 7.25 %. Am I the only one to be deceived by Sallie Mae? or which will delay the process of applying for other poor students like me? Just wanted to know , and he liked the word out - that cheat students.
Should I consolidate my private student loans before the June 31st interest rate deadline?1Felix2012-10-03 03:52:03
I know that the federal interest rate rises to 7.25 % , but the private rates are expected to do the same ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , you can consolidate federal loans with private loans into one loan private loan consolidation ?
Is there a deadline for applying for/getting federal student loans?0Arlynn2012-10-26 23:52:11
I had to change schools last minute and now need financial assistance to a different school . For the school was planning to attend I have work - study , Perkins , Stafford (2) , and a grant of state tuition . Will I get the college , I'm going in the fall ( I sent my FAFSA information a few months ago , but I was not thinking of attending below) or had a deadline for federal / state aid ?
Can you consolidate federal and private student loans or just federal?0Farrell2012-08-31 12:13:01
Can you consolidate federal and private student loans and federal fair?
Why can't I consolidate private and federal student loans into one loan?0Keanu2012-08-15 00:18:03
Why I can not consolidate private student loans and federal loan ?
How do I consolidate a Private, Parent Plus and Federal Loan, under a different name, all being Student Loans?0dianalish`2012-08-13 00:29:02
This is a private with my name. This is a Parent PLUS loan under the name of my father. One is a normal loan Federal , under the name of my Father- in-law.
Is there a way to Consolidate ALL your Federal AND Private Student Loans into one?1Bad Ass 2012-11-04 18:19:02
I really need some help , I'm about to graduate and is too intimidating ..
When should I consolidate my federal and private student loans?1Ciscokid2012-09-15 16:21:05
I have some different out student loans , federal and private March 1. Should I wait until I graduate to consolidate or should do so now . Currently I'm paying $ 500 on a private loan . Other loans have an interest rate of 7.62 % . Any suggestions ?
Can I consolidate both Federal and private student loans?1???????2012-09-07 01:35:02
I have about $ 23k in student loans a little more than half to be federal . I'm not very familiar with the consolidation of what I'm wondering if this is something I should do? And companies that consolidate both federal and private ?
How can I consolidate private and federal student loans?0Truda2012-08-06 16:06:02
I have a federal loan of $ 16,000 and 2 private loans for $ 3200 each. I would like to consolidate all these years on loan 10-12. Does anyone know someone who can do this with all good incentives ?
My student loans are 70% federal/30% private. How should I consolidate?0Lynnora2012-10-07 04:12:19
Since I can not consolidate my private loans under the consolidation loan a federal state , I get a large private loan ? Or should I consolidate my federal loans under a loan , and consolidate my private under another ? In addition , I am able to get more than I need in a console . loan and pay off my credit card with it ? It may technically be done?

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