Property division in divorce if I owned homes before marriage? Iowa? related questions

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Property division in divorce if I owned homes before marriage? Iowa?0EEMAN2012-09-21 10:12:04
We have been married for a little over a year, no children. I've had my own home for 7 years in another city, he moved 60 miles to be with him, and have been renting the house to make the mortgage payments. I bought a new house in the city two years ago, the mortgage and title are in my name only, before our marriage. Will you have any rights to these properties? He does not want / I can not afford the house we live in now, however, a threat that can take half of the capital, more than half of the shares of my other home. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been looking online and see conflicting answers. Some say Iowa is a community property state and all property is divided equally. Some say that property acquired before marriage can not split the circumstances warrant. I'd say it's just to keep my two homes, make more money and all that is in my name. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have a few thousand dollars in credit card debt that is in my name only, do not go after him in half. I know that is not going to pay anyway. He did not tell me before we got married (plus they had bad credit from when he was younger), but the student loan company garnish your wages began and achieved with papers from the sentences twice, to my knowledge in previous debts. Everything we have, to utility bills, is in my name. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, before we got married I bought some things on my own credit card interest without furniture, some furniture, tv, etc shall be entitled to such items if some payments out of our joint account? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We basically bought anything together since their marriage because he prefers to spend all you have alcohol and gambling. Divide the total of both our paychecks in half, after all, and I make twice. I think it's fair for me to keep these items as they earn more and are bought with a credit card before the wedding. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think it will go one of two ways, once served the divorce petition. Either ignore it and let it happen, because he is lazy and has no money and no way to get money for a lawyer. Can not get a loan, his family all struggle financially. Or if you can somehow get the money from a friend, will make this unpleasant for me to try to take everything I can.
Division of debt divorce?2tywin2012-09-09 14:20:03
My husband and I quickly heading for divorce, so I just wanted to have a little background knowledge on our debt . I'll be talking to a professional before, only now doing Internet searches . We do not have cars , credit cards , home loans ETC containing both of our names . All debt we have is just under one person , I want to know if when we split everything if I will purchase any of its debt (which is around 50k, and I'm about 4k ) . His debt was not my doing and I do not want to be responsible . I looked online but I could get my complete response .
Marriage fraud divorce and child support?0Gladys2012-10-02 21:27:32
I am an immigrant from Lithuania who was swindled by " black girl " and I lost all my belongings and lots of money . MedlinePlus Fraudulently obtained a divorce and is manipulating the system . MedlinePlus In 2004 I had the opportunity to finish I was paying child support to her in Illinois , but in January 2008 , and she appeared 're asking me to pay $ 25.836.00 MedlinePlus This obligation was completed in 2004 and do not know how I can be forced to pay ... Levy is in all my bank accounts . MedlinePlus I was able to discover that she owes $ 148,000.00 in unpaid student loans and is carrying $ 720.00 per vehicle per month and has 13 new bad debts on your credit report and more than 20 e ... I am interested and concerned about my child and I have not seen or know where he has lived for seven years (which was the reason child support was arrested more other reason ) She's a con artist in the United States that can provide me pro bono legal aid ? Please help me and my son ...
Can I file bankruptcy without any property owned?0jigar2012-10-03 04:25:12
In the Philippines , I have credit card debt and cash loans that have been able to pay on time for many years but now I can not afford to pay more and not have any properties on the left . I can file bankruptcy ? ? What are the consiquences I can face ?
Can I get a tax deduction for mortgage interest on foreign property owned jointly with my dad?0ARul2012-10-02 14:26:02
This is the apartment that I would have. MedlinePlus My father filed taxes in the foreign country and I can file my U.S. taxes . MedlinePlus The property will be jointly owned . The property will be used to secure the loan and I would be solely responsible for the repayment. MedlinePlus In that case, I can take deductions on mortgage interest ?
Why would a bank-owned property require a cash-only purchase? What are they not telling us?4Bobby Joe2012-09-09 23:57:05
We are pre -approved for a conventional mortgage , but interested in buying a house that has been foreclosed and is owned by the lender . They insist on a cash purchase only. The price is substantially lower than the market value and the house has some problems, but still a bargain , we ... Besides home inspections and tax records , what questions should we be doing ?
Am I liable for investment property that my soon to be ex-husband purchased during our marriage?1Abia2012-09-02 06:54:08
My husband bought rental properties (3 against my better judgment) during the marriage of 7 years and all loans are 3 for you. My name is in Scripture only 2 properties. Will I be responsible for repayment of these mortgages, if he fails to comply after our divorce?
If I wanted to buy a Bank Owned Foreclosure property with cash (one payment) would I need a real estate broker?3Nokthula2012-11-05 17:26:02
I'm a buyer , in cash, with a single payment . Should I pay the realtor for nothing ? What other fees or taxes might apply? I should be able to negotiate the list price down significantly because I am paying without a mortgage loan in advance ?
I owned property in Arizona. Both properties went into foreclusure as the bank rejected short sales and deed i?0on fen eng2012-09-14 04:50:02
n lieus . I originally bought the house for 150,000 and put 20 % down. Later refinanced and took money from each house . Loans were 175,000 at the end . What happens after . They are non-recourse . I live in California . help
How is property divided during a divorce? (Kansas)?0Elie-may2012-10-09 16:01:07
I've been married for five years . Throughout our marriage , my husband has earned an average of $ 15,000 per year. It spends more than it earns . ( Alcohol , cigarettes , casinos , strip clubs , electronics , fast food ... ) MedlinePlus A few months later we were married , we applied for a mortgage loan. I found I had to pay your student loans and a Discover card . He had paid his dues and use my savings to make a down payment on our home . MedlinePlus I earned about $ 60,000 per year over our marriage . No drinking, smoking or extravagant purchases . I would love to file for divorce , but I am worried about losing the house and the cars I've worked so hard to buy . A judge makes financial contributions and personal responsibility into account when dividing property ? Is there a possibility that you may have to provide financial support for my husband after a divorce ?
I am taking divorce from my husband Can I claim 50% of joint property.?2Zenit2012-10-25 19:03:00
I have a house in Delhi - NCR that my husband bought 15 years later added my name in the Register ( Register now joint ) , but the stock certificate and all documents to buy only name my husband is there. who has taken the loan department and even a small amount goes a loan.And reimbursement from the last three years I am getting this house rental in my bank account only. Now I am taking divorce from my husband, I can claim 50% of the property?
What to do with financial baggage from before marriage, during marriage?0de de2012-10-04 08:52:36
This is definitely something that couples should discuss before marriage. (Go to the end of the question whether or not they like to read because it's a long story) I have not done this, now its the only arguments we've had throughout our relationship and takes a toll on me! ! Never mind that still have loved and married him, but still should be discussed before too! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the story of my perfect loving care for my husband is amazing, but economically it is very irresponsible. I knew I had accounts, but failed to fully tell me how bad it was in the hole, when he reported on the bills you had before the marriage. I take care of my own bills I had before our marriage and what is he doing here is the biggest problem. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He was in a relationship for three years before he was with me. In this relation was living the lifestyle marriage without being married, sharing a bank account, credit cards, rent, car, etc, etc. It accumulated debt with xy not think hmm what if this does not work for their very easy to walk away are not married! Anyway, took out a debt consolidation loan in conjunction with them to resolve their stupid financial mistakes. They were living beyond their means and it backfired. So of coarse they separated and what happens ... HELL! Now I had to figure out what's what! He basically took the bills with her name and she had hers ignoring which had in common. So when she started dating thick angry because he wants it back and he clearly evident that he was going to choose (they were not together when we met but she was still struggling to recover is a good guy actually nonfinancial lol) , so now she's a woman scorned (hell hath no fury). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So then joins the army, while in Basic, sent his three checks to pay your debt consolidation loan. I advise against this thick remembered as pain and angry she is! No, he did not hear that she took the money and paid his rent went on vacation to the beach, she went out with a bang and still have it hanging by the neck with this loan or should I say hanging balls! It also has a closed system (so far discovered hell told u I can not keep this account open) SunTrust account with it, that is jointly owned and still owe money together! So when he gets out of basic AIT, then got married in the air about a month later. As we plan for our future fairytale love together started the issue of invoices, the drama begins with us now ... before that never had a serious discussion, besides the small or why not call or recall things! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I basically (in the discussion) is told he has to take care of it because it will affect us getting anything such as a home or car later and I feel like he saved me a lot of this before when we talked of our accounts before marriage and went to a lot a lot! I do not know if he was embarrassed, but I still feel it should have been discussed. So tell him to call her and all who share bills and set things right. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Results: Citifinancial not divide the loan, but because he said trying to pay but their x pocketing the money and then be in training was on the wall, so they put him in good standing with the account and set it up with decent payments. Then xy spoke with told me how much he could pay per month. With SunTrust said he was going back to her, but when she tried to respond to her four days have passed since I spoke with her and she still has to answer for what he was in his public facebook any1 can see ( i love facebook) and status reading "I wonder if they do not respond for 2 days ... will you get the point." this was written yesterday. So knowing how an angry woman can not believe she will pay no legal action. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here are my questions: MedlinePlus - Is it a matter of MedlinePlus small claims court? Am I wrong to say what I want to be responsible for paying all the bills, and I come to him every time one of us gets paid and I say what I will be paying, but I'll be the one physically responsible to do so? I think he feels emasculated by me saying that I do not think I can handle the math! MedlinePlus I-was wrong to open a joint savings account for the two to put money into (he knew it would not be common I thought it would be for me, but he put the money in it too. Then open a checking account with the same bank later, although he said he wanted to feel I should have at least let you know) MedlinePlus - How does my file against her husband? (I asked to pay half of the loan less the bills or purchases that have proven his) MedlinePlus -What would be the best evidence to bring to court? MedlinePlus - What if he is ordered to pay to the court, but time passes and she still has not paid? How much time is given to pay? MedlinePlus -Do u think take it to court as I have been suggesting for the past two months is a

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