What can i do with a car, i got it with a car loan from the bank, but i dont want it anymore and its too late? related questions

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What can i do with a car, i got it with a car loan from the bank, but i dont want it anymore and its too late?0Carte2012-09-20 23:02:02
see that I have a car with car loan from the bank , but now I can change my mind and I'm not happy with my car . Still I can return it even though it had for a month?
I dont want my car anymore, and i have a car loan...?0nur2012-10-09 23:02:29
I have a terrible car that is nickel and dimeing me to death , when one thing is fixed something else goes wrong and when I noticed that something is wrong , now is the water pump and timing belt. i just do not want the car anymore, but I owe 1700 with my car loan , and the car is not worth making the sale is out , and fix it again and again is costing much , want to get rid of it, which I can Get do. i wish they were still making money for junk . but I'm in Maine and Arnt that
Please help me I dont know what to do anymore!!!!?0danny1232012-09-10 06:44:03
My boyfriend and I live with my parents this past year has been very hard for us who lost her father to cancer last January and I lost both of my grandmother in the last six months we were forced to go live with my parents when our roommates left us with an apartment she could not afford on our own and put us in more debt. I love you, is a wonderful man and I hope to marry him someday ... transmission recently its fairly new car when out and got into an accident and am now unemployed. we are living day to day trying to get ahead in my parents' house until we can return to our feet is very difficult because my family is very difficult to get along with my parents there get fit and have very strong opinions about what and I should do and how we should live our lives and spend our money ... and my sisters are probably the worst part of my 17 years sister get everything you want from my parents, because if she does she cries and screams pissyest gets into the mood and my parents finally break down and give in it so usually gets everything he wants because he is a straight A student and the perfect child and my parents blame their pissy mood and tantrums in the anxiety and stress that there is always an excuse for it .... my 14 year old sister acts like a 11 year old and usually receive the brunt of it after my other sister throws tantrums when small usually shouted and then closes and acts ... .. its very fustrating for me and for him to see my family every day because that is not how I was raised ... even today do more tasks and give less pain to my parents that my sisters and I know I am that my parents are the hardest because they know they can trust me, but my family and it is complete and is oppisites I love it so much .... get along with them sometimes, but others are very bad and he is constantly making comments accountable to my sisters or my parents angry ... do not know why he can not just keep to yourself I've been doing for 20 years trying to get ahead I was told that I have no spine, but I do not like to pick fights with my parents .... My other problem is that no intrest in thinking about the future and do things to fix our finacial situation and is very fustrating because most of our debt is yours ... mostly school loans, but their ... still difficult to think of our future and moving out and away from my parents when we have so many things that we need to fix before we can think about moving not know im a loss need more advice I'm worried that if you keep the attitude and comments you make to my parents about how to deal with my sisters and how they do not treat everyone fairly and then taking out his anger on me that we're either going to get kicked in the street and he and I are going to end up breaking .. ... and I really do not want to lose any of them I have to report this or part of it ..... Please, do not know what else to do, I've never felt so lost I do know is that I have to make this work somehow, because we're stuck here until we get back on our feet again ..... Thank you
HELP... In a situation that I dont know what to do anymore....?0frog2012-10-06 08:22:50
I have a friend whos been there for me when I needed help . He has a job , but barely make enough money to have his own place with his girlfriend . Do not have a car . He does not have a driver's license and speeding tickets is that's how he lost his driver's license . The other bad part is that his girlfriend is a college graduate has no car or job and lives in a different place . My wife has tried to give advice as to apply as homeless because his boss is allowed to stay at home in the basement . Also apply for Section 8 housing with the state to help do not make enough to pay your own place and your basement does not get hot heads . Oh, and he lost his social security card for my wife told him to go to the secretary of state and complete the application and put in lost and either will print off that day or send one to come the next day. My wife is helping him with his driver's license , but learned that you have to retake the test and also pay for a new drivers license , so now she does not want to help him. She also wants to get him a vechile that cost no more than 500 to only something you do, but she does not want to put us in debt and now wants to get a loan to help him, but then my wife changed her mind about this because my friend does not want to take any of his advice and what to do nuthin but get a car and an apartment . But my wife told him flatly that you can not get an apartment with bad credit and just have a job your girlfriend has no job ... Please if anyone can give me some advice to help in this situation it would be great ....
I dont know what to do anymore and feel lost?0earth2012-08-11 18:07:03
so I am a 17 years and I have a lot of things going on that it becomes difficult to handle and need some advice or something. First I have a child three months old and I care about is the one thing that really keeps me going now. but still I work at least 32 hours a week doing HVAC, as part of a union sheet metal. addition to the online schooling, besides going to a vocational school once a week, I gues I'm the kind of success. but every day when I get home from work before they even get to bathe or clean the first thing my girlfriend's hand is not my baby look like me when I get home, but half the time i dont even have the opportunity to change out of my dirty work clothes that sometimes even have insulation in them and who knows what other chemicals. could at least let me change or shower. there are also plenty of things that annoy me about it but I'm not going to get into it because this is already quite long. but I moved all the way to a kind of community of evil in the last year and everyone around here is about drugs and alchohalics. everyone knows that I work and have a kind of good work so constantly asks me the money truck. Normally I do not let money itinerant drug addicts, but most of them have children, so I do it for the children so they can eat and have a home. They also usually are paid back so it's not so bad, but to the point where everyone knows, even when they are paid. is very annoying because every day I pay I have someone asks me for money. every week since I started my job I have given to anyone (especially my girlfriends parents) money and it gets very old, but for some reason I keep doing it. He also helped his family move all the time and I'm constantly doing things for people. My mom is also falling into an addiction to drugs and alchohal that is not helping anything because it has become a completely different person. not to mention she is dating my guy friends and has been for nearly a year, even after having a child with his niece, and that is kind of sickning for me. so now is a kind of uncle and a grandfather who is just bad. its like I feel like a lot of IM doing, working, going to school to raise a child, helping people, dealing with drunk mother drugged. that was not in my child's birth because she was stoned, while my father who has just started to talk last year after seven years of no contact was right in the delivery room with me. but still do all these things and I almost never done anything for me but I honestly do not mind, but nobody realizes how much to do and no one seems to see nothing and sometimes looks at me like I'm crazy. I have nobody to talk to all my friends stopped talking to me after having a child. even those who thought it would always be there. I feel like there's no way out of this madness. I feel like I'm literally going crazy and I need some advice or some somebodey is normal or somthing. im starting to question the world and really scares me sometimes. I have panic attacks every day and can never consintrate nothing. is difficult to put into words all the details and as u can probably tell from reading this I have the brain of dispersion. so do not judge me too. Can someone please help me or talk to me or something. nothing. opinions? questions? idk. maby this is the right place to talk about these things. if somebodey can give me a link or something
I cannot forgive my parents-dont speak to them anymore?0Vidwatta2012-09-26 18:19:05
This may seem biased , but here goes . I have 24 years . I've had a job for almost a year since I graduated . I moved to another state , about 7 states away from them . I do not talk to them anymore . My mother is bipolar and selfish . My father is controlled by his new wife . My parents divorced because of financial problems . The money has been very difficult for me . I kind of came out of his house with two suitcases and have been slowly increasing my life there. I've been generally good, but I can keep my parents when they call . I do not want to hear what they have to say . I ask both of you to help me save for a car for work the night shift and I feel weird walking around at night . I was almost jumped by a homeless person , until he saw that I was working for the prison . I can do less of what someone in McDonalds offers no doubt, but I have also credits. I also need a car to do the things you need to do. I have $ 1,000 in the account of a car . I have had the fastest car , but I have student loans and bills. I can pay for everything by myself . I am independent . My father always made ​​me feel bad about myself and so has my mother . My mom told me it would help me , but then never did. Same with my father . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it's a bit long , but my question is , what should I do? If I forget them or what? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS : are idiots . No doubt about it , but I love and honor them regardless of this? Please help
I dont know what to do anymore...i am a 26 year old stay home mom for the last 3 years?4kashmira2012-10-04 14:58:02
, I have no ability to work , do not work and are totally dependent on a money controlling monster. MedlinePlus He used to help me with my student loans , like , she said, when she was pregnant , she hates the idea of ​​working , used to pay for day care , I have no friends anymore, he wont get me a car so you can leave , and always you forget what I say . MedlinePlus I always say let the child threatens me saying ur leaving home ( he owns ) and sign our son again . MedlinePlus I feel trapped , how am I supposed to get a job if I can not get childcare to look after him ? My concubine works primarily out of town too. MedlinePlus I'm depressed , I know why I can not do nything about it . MedlinePlus I can not believe this is my life , this is not what I thought it would . MedlinePlus I 'm a loser .
I have a car loan through the bank can I purchase a car on weekend or weekday-late if the bank is not open?0naisha2012-10-02 11:02:02
I took out a car loan through a bank for $ 54,000. I want to buy a Buick LaCrosse. The bank will not give me straight to the check until you have the car in mind . I go to the dealer tomorrow , but I do not get off work until 6pm. ? I can buy the car I want with my loan and still transfer funds to the dealer without any problems or do I have to wait for a day when the bank is open and the dealer is open .
The bank of my car loan is trying to give me a $40 late charge. Can I get it waived?3joson2012-10-12 16:11:08
I've had my car for almost 5 1/2 years. It almost paid off . I have made all payments on time or early. So I sent my last payment the day before it was due, and are trying to charge a $ 40 late fee . You think you can call them and convince them to give it up because I am a good customer ? I have only like 5 payments left ! They cashed my check at the same time they always do.
Can your car be repossessed for being late on your house payment at the same bank, when your car loan is not l?1Allard2012-09-28 22:17:02
A friend of mine is behind on their house payment and a credit card . The bank said that if not enough come retrieve his truck even though the loan is not delinquent truck . The three loans are with the same bank that is a credit union .
What if late in paying a car loan & didn't pay my bank for 3 months ?2CHECK MY ANSWER PLEASE2012-11-04 15:23:03
What if the final payment of a car loan and not pay my bank for 3 months?
If I was late on a few loan payments at my bank, did they put it on my credit report?4bobi2012-11-05 20:45:02
Okay, so I was out of work a few months and I found some late payments on a personal loan with my bank. I was not too bad later , never more than 2 months, and once called himself the house looking for money. If anyone out there know about these things , could you tell me if it affected my credit?

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