Economics please help 2?

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1. A _________ is a business organization licensed to operate by a state or federal government. A. Sole Proprietorship

B. Association

C. limited liability company

D. company

2. The following disadvantages unlimited liability, limited capital, the burden of responsibility on the owner, the limited life to_________ apply. A. Associations


C. Limited Liability Companies

D. Companies

3. The following advantages of unlimited life, ease of transfer, and limited liability to_______ apply. A. Associations

B. Single Owner

C. Companies

D. Limited liability companies

4. The following advantages limited liability, unlimited life, ease of transfer, and no double taxation to_______ apply. A. Limited Liability Companies

B. Associations

C. S-corporations

D. Companies

5. Ocean Spray Cranberries, Sunkist oranges and almonds Blue Diamond are well known examples of products sold by________. Producer A. cooperatives

B. Non-profit corporations

C. Consumer cooperatives

D. Cooperative
An apartment building of the cooperative is responsible for a________whose capital stock is owned by its tenants. A. Sole Proprietorship

B. Corporation

C. Association

D. limited liability company

7. The next downside of difficulty and expense of training applies to______. A. Associations

B. Limited Liability Companies


D. S-corporations

8. A market in which few vendors produce all or most of the supply of a product called an__________. A. oligopoly

B. Address latch

C. The monopoly

D. The posters

9. ________refers to a practice by which the most powerful company in an industry sets its price, and follow all other firms. A. Collusion

B. Product differentiation

C. Price Leadership

D. None of the above

10. _______give exclusive rights to authors, musicians, composers and artists to play and / or sell their works. A. Public franchises

B. Copyright

C. Patents

D. All above

11. ________are licenses granted by governments to companies to enable them to do business within their jurisdictions. A. Patents

B. All above

C. Public franchises

D. Copyright

12. Lockheed Martin Corporation was an example of ________, because both Lockheed and Martin Marietta were producers of aircraft. Verticle A. fusion

B. holding companies

C. The concentration ratios

horizontal merger
13. As a way to measure the degree to which the monopoly power that exists in imperfectly competitive markets, economists devised the_______. A.
horizontal merger
B. Address latch

C. The concentration ratios

D. holding companies

14. confidence ______became countrys first (the monopoly of large companies whose shareholders to control the company in the hands of administrators). A. OPEC

B. Standard Oil

C. Chase Manhattan Bank

D. SG Warburg

15. The______sought to protect small shops from unfair competition from chain stores and other large retailers. A. PATMANACT Robinson (1936)


C. Sherman Antitrust Act (1890)

D. Celler-Kefauver ANTIMERGER ACT (1950)

16. The________responsibility is to promote competition, protect consumers, and enforce the antitrust laws. A. Sherman Antitrust Act

B. PATMANACT Robinson (1936)

C. Celler-Kefauver ANTIMERGER ACT

D. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

17. The______prohibited mergers that would result in the creation of a monopoly. A. Robinson-Patman Kefauver

B. Sherman Antitrust Act

C. Robinson-Patman Act (1936)

D. Celler-Kefauver ANTIMERGER ACT

18. The__________ could sue railroads in interstate commerce if it believes that railways refused to obey their rules. A. Robinson-Patman

B. Sherman Antitrust Act

C. Interstate Commerce Commission

D. Celler-Kefauver Act Antimerger

19. Short-term financing applies to loans that must be paid in less than a year. A. True

B. False

20. A promissory note is a loan agreement in which a bank allows a company to borrow any amount up to a specified limit, if needed, USDA money. A. True

B. False

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