What Is The Difference Between A Secured And Unsecured Loan???

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Natasha P.
Asked at 2012-09-20 09:02:03
What is the difference between a secured and unsecured loan ? ? ?
Answer1OctoberAnswered at 2012-09-25 21:07:03
Loan If everyone is here is like a loan secured when making somthing of value you and want to rent it back to you until you have paid with interest . MedlinePlus Do not go to loan sharks for stuff like this . My sister had a personal loan and finance aesthetic out wth finalce becuase welcome and missed a payemtn because ofwork comeing out to care for her step son (who had to go live with her perminatly securstanses person) n that thretning is to take your car out of it even though the loan was that he had not lost the ar and was not in the contract itself , but united by name , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus sarks shady loans typically have contracts be carful . MedlinePlus : D
Answer2RochelleAnswered at 2012-10-01 21:32:02
secured loan is one with the safety and security is without any security
Answer3Who Da Best? Answered at 2012-10-10 00:53:42
A secured loan means that you have something of value that the lender can take if you do not keep up repayments . house for example . MedlinePlus Unsecured loans are usually at higher interest rates , because if you can not pay the lender loses money.
Answer4valua pattersonAnswered at 2012-10-24 14:42:41
A secured loan is usually property , security and provides a cheaper interest rate , but do not believe the charges involved in the security ...
You would have to check to see if this is the case and how much they are . MedlinePlus if you only want to borrow short term you are probably better off going for the unsecured route , but if long term after commissioning charges are a one-time payment and the fact that the interest rate is cheaper means that this is the cheapest option .
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