What should I do about a Student loan I co-signed that's going to default in 8 days? related questions

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What should I do about a Student loan I co-signed that's going to default in 8 days?1Akesa2012-10-12 09:53:08
I mistakenly co - signed a student loan from Chase for a friend about 3 years ago , not knowing what the terms were , after being deceived into thinking that he would have nothing to do with paying them back. Now I realize that the co -signer is as responsible as the benefactor of student loans . He has not paid for the loan ( he promised me that he would consolidate after graduation ) , and now Chase Bank coming after me for payment. I was told to stop paying the 31st of this month if no payment is received . They have been calling me every day , sending payment collection letters , and I have not responded , except once or twice to tell them not my loan , and I 'm not paying . I told them that forged my name , because they had approved the $ 20,000 removed . All I did was that I could use my name and address ( not knowing what it meant co-signing ) . Now it's up to 26,000 and ruin my credit . Late fees , interest and no payments have been made. This guy is not available , and when I contacted her through Facebook , said he would " try to take care of it . " I know he is not going to do anything about it , so what should I do ? Im a job and have no money to pay this. Also, I have my own loans and is pending . Someone please help !
I co-signed a loan and they signed a letter of intent to repay it. Now they are in default. Can I sue them ?2Raevan2012-10-26 00:49:02
They co - signed a loan for my daughter 's school promised . Of course , now that they are together . At the time of the firm that made ​​him sign a letter and had noterized saying it would be completely responisible for the re - payment of the loan and that I would not have to make any payments . He said he'd be completely liable.The loan is now in the mode of payment and not even answer the phone or the messages you leave. If I had to take him to court what are my chances of maing him responsible as he agreed on paper and then had noterized .
I co-signed for my little sisters car loan several years ago, which is now in serious default.?4edpon2012-11-05 16:35:02
My sister lives in Canada , and I'm moving again soon. What might be the legal consequences of it, and me as a co -signer on this debt ? If I decided to return to the U.S. later or to visit from time to time , could be arrested ?
My husband co-signed on a car loan for his adult daughter. If she is 3 days late, they call us.?2Paige2012-11-03 14:04:52
They call every day , sometimes several times a day . Often paid before a late charge before it gets to your account , but we have to live in fear of the phone ringing ?
After default of 90 days is npa or 180 days for unsecured loans credit card ,unsecured loans?1Lucie2012-10-12 07:47:02
After 90 days npa defaults or 180 days for credit card unsecured loans , unsecured loans MedlinePlus MedlinePlus abandoned after many days can approach court to call bank borrower to hear the case in civil court . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus kindly tell me ..
Co-signed for a car loan, his name is also on DMV title and now loan in default?0Ashlynne2012-09-30 16:43:07
My husband and I made ​​the mistake of co - signing a car loan . My husband is listed as a PO on the title of the DMV . We just received notification that the June payment is lost. What rights , if any, we ?
I co signed for a car loan. Now the person I signed for can't pay and neither can I. What are my options?0Niels2012-10-16 23:18:43
The loan is for my son .
Does using a forbearance on my student loans effect my military student loan repayment the same way as default?0Garnett2012-10-16 22:01:18
I 'm going to the U.S. Army and want to know my options for my loans . My father helped me pay and recently died . I signed up for the payment option of student loans through the army , so that after four years of all my loans will be paid , including PLUS loans (excluding interest) While approving the military deferment on loans in my name, on behalf of my mother , are not eligible for any further delay . Deferred payment loans DQ not paying student loans, but do not let them go into default . ? I can use the time allotted patience , or have patience , as default , DQ them Rebate Program ? Thank you.
Is there a student loan that I can I get in 2 days with bad/no credit?0Tallie2012-08-24 09:03:02
I am studying abroad in a week and a half , but my financial aid has not released fast enough to get the ticket . Is there a low interest loan and fast for me ? I have 20 years of age with not much credit , but they have a good job . I could get an endorsement , but would rather not . I need it fast ! Can anyone help ?
If a signed legal charge on a property has been signed, but not witnessed, can it be lawfully applied?1MAHAYLA2012-10-13 19:44:03
My name was forged by my former partner in a legal charge for a secured loan. It was seen , but the load was applied . ? I can answer this?
I need a student loan very soon. I start school in 10 days.?2britnee2012-09-24 02:37:02
FAFSA but I only got $ 1,250 per semester for a loan threw . I refused the loan SallieMae . But I had my mom as a guarantee and she has bad credit do you think would have been better not to have it there? .. So are some of the loans that you think are good . Im only 17 and my parents cosign not at all. I have to take as Friggin $ 5,000 now . I do not know what else to do . This must be a trick , because still I have a book for school.
Did I know my student loan interest when I signed?0Sanya2012-09-21 17:31:02
I have a lot of private loans . Total of $ 34,000 in 4 credits. The interest is equilibrated at about 12%. I researched how to refinance or consolidate or make my monthly payments more manageable $ 404 almost every day since he left school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Recently I called Sallie Mae to request a copy of my promissory note and disclosure. I sent requests I signed for each loan. Just had the personal information I listed and the total amount . He had no interest rate or conditions attached . I called and asked for a copy of the terms of the loan and put me on hold before apparently hanging . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In fact , I managed to find my note and had quite a few policies and terms listed . Nowhere did however my interest rate . Where would the interest rates that are as high as 14.25% in two of the loans have been listed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm almost out of ideas . Almost no one is offering private consolidation right now. I'm making my payments comfortably , but paying $ 330/month in interest ridiculous that company will not fly . Help ?

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