If my father already has a car loan of his own out can he also co-sign for me at the same time.? related questions

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If my father already has a car loan of his own out can he also co-sign for me at the same time.?2 Math ã„‘ love -2012-10-02 14:23:03
if so, if it were to be converted into their car as a volunteer repossesion having his name as co -signer on my vehicle damage to your credit is so bad .
Can i have my father co-sign a car loan and then later remove him?1griffin2012-11-02 18:15:01
Currently I am 17 and am looking at buying a new car. I have a stable job and can show proof of income , but what I say I can not buy the car on my own. So I have my father co - sign the loan and then when he turns 18 withdraws the loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or should I wait until they turn 18 because its about 2 months away .. MedlinePlus The only reason I 'm running now I found the exact model car I want and I grab it before someone else does !
Can My father sign over the title to a car in his name (now at home) to me?1Johan2012-09-29 10:56:02
I paided for the car in 2003 obtained a loan cosigned on. I paid off in less than 3 years and have been a driver under your insurance. What I said was cheaper , and that are grouped together . I learn a few days ago when I'm getting quotes for my car insurance with the same company that my mom was intentionally over charged for year 1,400 last year and 586 this year and making it more if not randomly decide to call and how check.Any only some of what I have behind my father, who is a bit more honest than my mom.So he would stay in his safe for a few months so you can make the extra money to pay my credit card debt . Ok soooo want to ask my father to sign the title to my house where I live with them ! if something were to happen to him or if he had to leave in a huff ? to the extent that the rules of the DMV do I need a bill of sale saying it is a gift , so I do not have to pay taxes again! I need any information and advice please
How to convince stubborn father to sign for a car?6Dr2012-09-13 08:37:05
Right. This is a strange situation. I bought the car, or my father. Is my boyfriend who is buying a jeep, and his father is being a ******. So my boyfriend is doing the Cash for Clunkers deal. Great since he bought his truck five years ago for $ 3,000. So either way he is making a profit. So back when I would receive $ 3,500 for the program, his dad said okay. My boyfriend of 22, never just transferred the title to my groom's name. So your father has to "buy" with your name, to obtain credit. My boyfriend dad said yes. Oh, and he lives an hour and 45 minutes away. So his father said okay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the dealer and found out that I could get married, and get $ 4,500! So that would be $ 9k for a new car. He called his father, and his father and said it was a stupid idea and refuses to sign for it! Then my boyfriend went online and found the dealer specials knew nothing. He may be able to get another $ 5k off! So my boyfriend can get a car adorned $ 25k to $ 11k, not counting the $ 4k he is casting! But his father said it was a stupid idea and he just has to wait until May to get a good used car. Not even be able to find a van / jeep for cheap and used a couple of years old! And not to mention buying new comes with warranty! There is even a touch on the screen fucking jeep! With a 30 GB hard drive! For $ 11k!! And my boyfriend's father says it's a waste of money and it would be stupid, you should only buy used. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How on earth can we convince this stupid and arrogant idiot father arrived and sign the loan for the car of your child?! Note that your father is the best dad in the world. It's more like an owner and his son sometimes just a guest. Currently has a screen name saying that my boyfriend owes $ 1.67. And he's a grown man playing video games all day naming characters with the word "ass" in it, and watching SpongeBob, however, calls me immature because of their bad jokes laugh to be polite, and I have a GPS. So it's not as easy as it seems. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My boyfriend makes more money than his father does. Basically, overtime pay his dad is my regular BF. Therefore, he can not be worried about your credit score. Or it could be, but my boyfriend is an idiot dad certificate. So how could we get around that if that is the case? My boyfriend of payment of a loan of 6 years would be $ 150 or less, which is disparaging. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We need help soon! We have to go pick it up this Saturday morning before it disappears! They only have one of these types of land within 50 kilometers! And is one of the few vehicles eligible for the Cash for Clunkers program! MedlinePlus Thank you.
I co-signed a new car with my father in law 3 years ago and now he's having a hard time paying it on time.?1lasean2012-10-09 04:19:03
My husband and I do not want to pay for a car you do not drive and I wanted to know if there was a way to remove a name from a car loan .
Can I still get the 1st time home buyer credit if I purchased a house with a loan from my father-in-law?0Hayley2012-10-16 18:55:44
My wife and I bought a house in July 2009 . We took a loan from my father - in - law to finance the home . He did not own the house , we bought except traditionally presented at the closing with a check for the full amount of my FIL and we have a loan agreement and payment schedule with him . He hired a lawyer and the whole thing was created legally . The house is in our name , my FIL just had money saved and wanted to give us a good loan rate and making him a better return on your money that would otherwise sit there . Are we still eligible for the credit ?
Can my mom co-sign a car loan for me if I work part-time?2shenese2012-11-06 05:32:02
I am 19 years old , full time college student . I have a part time job and of course , my mom works full time . Credit is not a problem anywhere.
How must time to one have to secure a loan on a property with a sign contract?1niini2012-08-28 17:08:15
I loan money to the closing of a friend in the house new deadline. while his old existing house on the market for sale. He had a lawyer draw a contact for repaying this loan. my question is how can I have as loanholder days , but a mortgage or lien in this old house, to secure my money? ?
How long does a Subsidized Loan Last? Is it given annually or do you sign a one time contract until graduation?0anynomous2012-11-02 05:45:22
Last year i was offered and accepted a subsidized loan. This year im a sophmore.. do i automatically receave the loan until i graduate? My sister started college making my efc go down, so i was eligable for a pell grant. it doesnt say anything about recieving more money from a subsidized loan. Should i assume that I will get one, or do i not qualify because of the pell grant?
Can both parties be on the loan father and son and registration so the son can insure the car if the fatheR CA?0Kayden2012-08-28 08:15:03
my father had a stroke that he can no longer drive has an existing loan on your car want to gift me his son and wants to continue making payments can be both parties on the loan if you refinance MedlinePlus and registration so the child can drive and ensure that need some answers thanks daniel egan
Father loans son $150,000.00 with verbal agreement to pay back. Son ignores agreement. What can father do?12Com1562012-11-03 11:08:02
This is a case in Alberta , Canada . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Loans father of her child , $ 150,000.00. They have a verbal agreement to repayment terms . The son ignore this, take the money and has hardly spoken to her father in a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Payment terms are simple. Paying a small amount every week and report certain financial information from time to time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can the father do anything right now ?
Son refuses to pay father for his car loan.?3Melanie2012-11-04 04:50:02
My friend asked me for advice the other day and I did not know what to say . Her 21 year old son bought a new car six months ago . His father had to co-sign the loan. The son agreed to make weekly payments to the parent on the loan , insurance and taxes, and the father took care to ensure that a payment received on time. The child has not made ​​any payment in 3 months and refuses to do anything about it. He has a job , but prefer to spend their holiday money . The title and registration for the car is in the child's name ( in the bank appears as leinholder ) . The father would leave only the loan and let the bank repossess the car, but he does not want his own credit ruined. Can you take possession of the vehicle until the child pays its debt or sell it to repay the loan ? The child will not give up the car easily . The father wants to just take it and hide it then tell your child that you can return when paid . Can the child to report the car stolen ?

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