How can I attempt to fix my credit from mistakes I made in college?

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Asked at 2012-08-10 17:47:40
When I was looking for my degree, I was an idiot when it comes to credit cards. To make a long story short , I felt that credit cards as " free money" , so needless to say, a lot of financial mistakes were made. Also I have some medical bills for a few years ago , when I had no health insurance. To guess a grand total of all my bills I would say , at the top , about 15 K.
Of course, as I grew , I realized my stupidity and the importance of good credit is in all aspects of life. But just because I grew up , does not mean my debt problems have gone. Now I'm in the Graduate School and deal with the problem of finding a source of supplementary loan to cover tuition .
I heard all the announcements of debt consolidation agencies , and things of that nature, but when I looked at some of them looked more like a scam than anything else. I've also thought about filing for bankruptcy , but what I learned from that, will negatively affect your credit for at least five years. I would not be able to lease / buy a car rent a house or rent an apartment and other necessities.
So I'm at a loss , I really want to start working on these problems, and I think if I could consolidate everything into one monthly payment, or to get something down that would help me allot.
I'm looking for some advice on the options you may have , organizations that can help, or anyone can give me idea how to deal with this problem.
Answer1michelle kingAnswered at 2012-08-11 07:19:40
How I can fix my credit score is often asked by desperate people who have just been rejected for a loan they needed badly. If you are one of those people this article will help shed some light and help you understand how you can fix your credit score yourself using the basic methods of credit repair.

To begin you will need to be aware of why your FICO score is low. The only place you can find this on your credit report so you will need a copy of it before continuing . Once you have a copy of your report i start looking at the negative accounts and list them on a sheet of paper from the oldest account first. Negative things like late payments, accounts receivable and accounts receivable out is what you are looking for.
Answer2Corrie HagenAnswered at 2012-09-03 09:34:02
You might consider debt settlement . You pay less each month a minimum monthly recurring payment will normally and tend to be debt free in 36 months. Good Luck .
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