I took a loan of 9000 pound from barclays and 5000 from Lloyd Tsb in 2008. However? related questions

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I took a loan of 9000 pound from barclays and 5000 from Lloyd Tsb in 2008. However?3Helena2012-10-11 06:36:02
I left the UK in the same year (2008) . I made only two payments ( because of the recession has not been paid) . However, I do the rest of the money payments to Lloyds TSB and Barclays both right now. Will I be in bankruptcy now? I can make the payment ? Both banks now? I travel to the UK for an urgent workpiece U.S. bk . well my bank accounts will be opened in the past three years . or banks would have closed ? Can anyone advise
Can i qualify for a $9000 loan?1nas2012-11-03 21:30:02
i have had poor credit in recent years, but it is steadily improving, although not yet perfect. i just got a new job paying significantly more than my previous job. some of my bills are still late but i am doing better. i need some cash to catch up on my bills until i start seeing a steady flow of paychecks coming in. my salary definitely covers my expenses, but the last couple of months have been a little crazy (owe taxes, medical bills, trying to move, etc.) do you think i can qualify for a $9000 loan for bill consolidation? if so, what might i expect my interest rate and monthly payments to be? thanks for the help!
Can I get a loan on a car that is $20,000 with $9000-$10,000 down and bad credit?0Ric2012-10-12 03:17:15
I had a bad take-over in 2008 and refused to pay a debt of $ 10,000 ( $ 47,000 car never missed a payment for more than 3 years) , so that made ​​my credit score to go high 600 to mid- 400. I was young , in my early 20's and I learned my lesson and I'm much more stable now , bad credit . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So far I have saved $ 10,000 for another car . My goal for 2003 E55 AMG is in the neighborhood of $ 18,000 - $ 20,000 . I have the intention to put $ 10,000 down and finance $ 10,000 to $ 12,000 maximum. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You should be able to get a loan for this with or without a guarantee ? I think with a large down payment should be able to get financing? While debt left on the car is much lower than the blue book that makes sense to me . Will be.
Poor Credit ... Getting a Pound to Pocket loan?0Yonai tillman2012-08-06 17:11:02
Right now I have a quick quid loan I am paying in full tomorrow . It is necessary to consolidate all my existing debts and an ideal way would be to take a pound a month pocket loan 12. These two companies are owned by the same people and had been rejected by pound pocket. Once I paid my loan faster than with the Quid gave me a loan based on my existing credit card ?
Barclays pre approved loan?0toad2012-09-09 05:25:02
I applied for a loan pre approved in my Barclays online account as 10pm last night . The state says that your loan application has been reieved . What does this mean? You mean you have been accepted and if so when do I get my loan in my account?
Has anyone applied for a loan online with barclays.?2Mike Homework Help2012-09-22 14:06:03
I applied online and can not seem to gain any ... I'm starting to wonder if it is a fake website
Singletary company had the following select trasactions: 2008 1) Apr. 1, 2008 Accepted Wilson Company's 1-yea?0Paisley2012-09-14 17:36:05
Singletary Company had the following select trasactions : 2008 MedlinePlus 1) April 1, 2008 Accepted Wilson Company's 1 - year, 12% note in settlement of a receivable $ 16,500 . MedlinePlus 2) July 1, 2008 Loaned $ 24,800 cash to Richard Dent on a 9 months, 10 % of the grade . MedlinePlus 3) December 31, 2008 Accrued interest on all notes receivable . MedlinePlus 4) 1 April 2009 Received principal plus interest on the Wilson note . MedlinePlus 5) April 1, 2009 Richard Dent dishonored its note ; Singletary expects it will eventually collect MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Instructions MedlinePlus Prepare journal entries to record transactions . Singletary prepares adjusting entries once a year on December 31 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Could you explain # 3 , 4 and 5 ? MedlinePlus Thank you !
Upside down 9000 on a Car?1pauleen2012-10-01 17:23:03
What should I do , trying to start over , I'm just off foreclosure, just married . I have bad credit , I bought this car in 2005 , has a duration of 72 months ( at the time it was a good idea) that I knew nothing about the loan that was late every day there is a charge of $ 10. We do not know , do not know what to do . I was hoping I can get some advice . I can not believe I'm so backwards. I have 13,450 , the car is worth 6000 ..
I asked for loan on web site unsecured loancompany.net, i payd 60 pound for fees by phone?0Aymi2012-10-14 00:30:25
I have 889 in my account loancompany.net unsecured credit , after I paid £ 60 in fees for the application form for loan by phone
My father took personal loan from barclays bank.now who is responsible ?2Core2012-09-11 00:28:03
My father had a value of 2.32000 , and bank personal loan in January this year have not reported this 2009.but to any member of our family. but he died in July. the bank began to take the amount of rs 8383 of your savings bank all the money repayement MARCH.my father is the sole bread winner in my family we are in bad situation as it is responsible for the refund.
Provisionally accepted for barclays loan (Apple macbook) what are my chances of getting it?0siskiyou student2012-10-19 17:00:52
I recently got pre-approved for a credit card with a
How to sensibly raise half a million pound sterling (0Jorden2012-09-27 15:58:05
I would like to open an exclusive retreat , small party incorporating therapy (I'm a counselor) with a certain breed of animals known for their ability to help humans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I calculated that to buy the land , the animals and their feed and maintain , lodging and cabin rentals , connectivity to electricity, water , gas , internet , etc. .. I need about

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