So when is a good time to have a baby and start your family now in days anyways? related questions

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So when is a good time to have a baby and start your family now in days anyways?3keonnis johnson2012-09-06 17:14:05
I am pulled between the time it would be a good time to have a baby, since it seems that the plan as marriage, college, good job, financial stability, a house, and so will not come until I'm in my late of 30 and is that anything I do not wanna, I wanna be a young mother, but over time it takes now days to make your life until you have no choice but to wait until all the fact and strives to have a baby and do everything at the same time. It makes me angry because I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a hard worker and knows what she wants in life and is already beginning in his career that I am not a woman who knows what career you want and you have to do to be able to do and a woman who wants to be "ready" financially and married when she has her first baby, but we can not have a baby until they are much older, unless we fight. I have a baby now, if I could afford and had my own place, Ii have been with my boyfriend for 3 ½ years and we are talking about marriage, etc. .. I go to college in my second year of a diploma from a community college to transfer to college to become a teacher, but it will take more than 5 years before they take place in the university and be able to find a job teaching, I will not give up on my education I know what it's worth I grew up with nothing and I went well, but I'd be able to give more to my children every time it actually may have .. . so you will have 5 years to make the school that I have to find a job that is going to be a nuisance since I live in a small town and jobs are hard to find once I have a job that will take 60 years, 000 , 00 $ to pay off student loans for my education with an interest in that only make $ 42,000.00 / year to be a teacher when I can not see having a baby or have one while I'm at school and being poor and fight or have an after school and be poor and struggle ... our educational system and the economy that is so hard to have a family and a house is ridiculous. I want to be a young mother, so I can have a lot of energy for my kids and have energy to spare for my grandchildren, because my parents had in their 30's and never had a good connection with them because they have the energy to do anything with me and I think I had to grow much faster than a lot of people my age when I was little because my parents had no time to joke, lead to, build heavy snow, have playdates, and I my children to have an interesting childhood long, but I have enough money to do those things of the UN family vacation things that never have, because we had no money and my parents were too old to play with me. so that hatred in any way have to fight if you have small children or elderly, so I think I'll wait another 2 years of having my first child and either take online classes after that or switch to the university. I have a support system to good family to support me with my family and my boyfriends, if you have any stories to share or opinions would be great!
2nd baby and family issues???2nesta2012-11-04 11:11:02
I have 20 years , have a M.O. 18 son , committed , and I'm pregnant . This is the 3rd time - I had a MC with the second . Basically , my family was crazy when I had my first and I'm thinking it may be willing to disown me. No financial assistance ne 1 but my mom , and she's the one that lets me be me . My grandparents , aunt and my dad has been talking about me behind my younger sisters , and that deep hurts me so much that I do not care what they think more . But , for some reason I keep thinking of what they will say when they find out . Nobody thinks I'm going to amount to anything b / c I did not go to college. They think that it was b / c of my boyfriend , but I was b / c I could not afford it. I go to school online , but do not think I can afford thousands of dollars in loans . My boyfriend thinks we should have an abortion b / c I do not have $ $ now , but I think we can do just that with our 1st . What should I do with this? He really did not talk about
How do you work your family finances now that you have a baby?0Noe2012-11-03 03:23:10
Im on maternity leave and only recieve the basic minimum. My partner and I decided that we would keep our money seperate and that he would pay for our rent, tv licence and car tax, whereas I pay for our weekly food shopping plus anything the baby needs that the child benefit doesn't cover. We still split the gas/electric bills. It works well in the sense that we both end up with roughly the same left over every week but I get this horrible guilt that he's going out to work 6 days a week (he works long hours too) and Im staying at home and yet I have as much 'spare' money as he does. Its hard work looking after a baby and doing all of the housework but I still feel bad when I get time to go on internet and I know he's working! He never complains about it and always tells me that he appreciates how hard it is to look after a baby and a house, so Im very lucky really (although I do nag at him something rotten if he makes a mess when he gets home!). Do you think I should be paying towards more things or do you think the way we work it is fair? I also have a loan I have to repay and although I can cover it for most of the time Im on maternity leave I might have to use some of our savings at the end of my leave to cover it. We had planned for that though so whilst I was working I put some extra money in the savings to make up for it.
Does family come before a national campaign due to end in 30 days?0Brittty2012-08-28 01:25:02
If Com. Presidential Debates postpone Tuesday's debate / town hall meeting ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is the release announcement on Sunday night ( online ) of NY TIMES MedlinePlus MedlinePlus October 5, 2008 , 17:05 MedlinePlus Biden
How will I know the right time to have a baby?8Joaquin2012-10-01 15:20:04
My husband and I want children . We are 26, almost 27. We originally thought about having a child now . We make good money and have secure jobs , but we have a lot of student loan debt , so our money goes there every month . We do not know how what we pay for child care because it costs a lot of money and both need to work to pay our loans , mortgages , bills. Another thing is , my husband works in a still immature (we've been together 10 years , married almost 5). He is "trying" to change and grow up, just has not happened yet. Nothing ultra-serious , but it helps pay the bills, forget to do the things I asked a million times , no help at home initiates . I've said for years that I could not imagine having a baby until he grew up, but I'll be waiting forever ? ? I would like some experienced moms let me know how I do it? How I can know the right time to have a baby ? Can we really afford more and children? What did you do about child care costs . We have no family living near us for a family to watch the baby is also beyond question. I know I'm babbling , I feel so lost. I feel my biological clock is stopped and all we both feel is missing in our lives is a child. Any advice I can give is greatly appreciated.
When is it the right time to have a baby?1Belynda2012-11-02 15:34:03
My husband and I are childhood sweethearts , married for three years , with about 8. We are absolute best friends . We have both graduated from college , he is in law enforcement and I am a registered nurse , so we have great jobs . We just bought our first house . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm going back to school for some graduate classes , but I'm starting to consider the idea of having a child . We have all our debts paid off by October ( except mortgage, of course ) - no car payments , credit card payments , student loans no .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I keep going back and forth in my mind about whether we are ready or not . I know some people say you re never really ready, but I think we have a strong marriage and a wonderful home we were able to welcome a baby in MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus One of our problems is that the two night shifts and really enjoy it. I wonder how it would go w / raising a baby , child care , etc ... Not many nurseries are open 24/7 ! At the same time , every time I think about becoming a mother and all that it entails , scared me a little! I know my husband is going to be a great father , but how do we know when is a good time ?
I work full time, I have a baby, and I want to go to college...?1Sexy Chick 2012-10-07 07:21:08
I'm selling baby clothes! I am going to make them. I don't know where to start with the purchasing...???0Justice2012-09-02 01:18:04
Ok . So I do not have much money and talented as I think I am when it comes to art and creativity I will not flop , you know? So I do not want to go out and get a small business loan or anything like that . I sell online and do laundry at home . I think it will be awesome . Very modern and new . I can not decide how much to spend ! I found tons of fabric I want and do not know how many times come and go or if I will see the same thing twice . What if I buy something in particuar and people love it ? So I guess I do not know how many yards to buy because they do not know how many teams I should start with ... Any experience out there or Login or advice or even just a murmur incoherent ? :-)
I have been moved to part time status, and have a mortgage, growth (new baby on the way) should I pay off my?0study freak2012-10-27 18:26:06
Student loan - interest is compounded MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have $ 10K in the bank and owe $ 20K on the loan - I : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Pay all K $ 10 loan for MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Pay the loan part MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) Wait and see until my financial situation improves MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4) Invest the money in a business opportunity fire insurance ( package store ) to grow my personal economic situation
I need a student loan very soon. I start school in 10 days.?2britnee2012-09-24 02:37:02
FAFSA but I only got $ 1,250 per semester for a loan threw . I refused the loan SallieMae . But I had my mom as a guarantee and she has bad credit do you think would have been better not to have it there? .. So are some of the loans that you think are good . Im only 17 and my parents cosign not at all. I have to take as Friggin $ 5,000 now . I do not know what else to do . This must be a trick , because still I have a book for school.
What are the steps of forclosure and time it takes to happen will I have days or weeks get out?0Lilli2012-10-01 09:39:03
If you bought a house for 170,000 in cash paid in full , and two years later obtained a lender that will give 55,000 equity loan when you should not been approved unemployed disabled in social security payments are 550 , 00 per month and that in one year it fell to 450.00 per month , but the lender sells your loan to collections so keeps paying 550.00 a month and you are behind on payments approx 3300 behind and you receive a letter saying that 3300 pay this amount within 30 days or more we will start Monday Forclosure 30 days is what happens next I can not truck or get more loans or extensions unless I can think of 2000 I can not no way what steps possable.So Forclosure how long I have to remove me etc may come I have no idea how forclosure goes down and what you can expect to receive money I knew nothing of his house ? time to vacate is there somewhere to turn for help when they took no income and disabled or can anyone tell me how low forclosure step by step, so I'm not caught unexpected no where to go or save my belongings animals etc anyone know what happens or if I can stop this before winter and sleep in the car im
When is it time to cut off family?0Kaylie2012-10-02 23:33:18
To make a long story short. A few years ago I left home and decided to finish school, travel the world and pick up a few languages. I consider it a blessing and something that I take for granted. I have not been home in two years and recently returned home to what has been a less than lukewarm reception. I did not leave on bad terms, in fact, I left two years ago to take a teaching job in Europe. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have recently returned to the airport and when I arrived, my own mother did not smile, do not hug me and was very rude when I picked up at the airport and I had not seen in two years! My mom and sister went behind my back and planned a family event the week after I got here and did not tell me. I had to find out for my nephew age 9 seemed sad that I was not going. Nobody told me and when I said it was too late. My mother finds things to start arguments. If you keep the place clean, going to complain about something I ate. If foods are replaced, complains about other things. If she does not complain about it then it is nice not to talk much to me. My nephew also told me that my sister threw, threw himself brought me memories of Spain for her. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm making plans to go out again and I'm at the point where you just want to get away and not tell anyone. I can not believe that even after being gone for two years, things are well. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have prayed, cried, sent emails, tried to talk with the family, asking if I've ever done something for them that are angry and always say no, but his actions tell me otherwise. I really hate to be back "home" because I do not feel love being here at all. These experiences make me NEVER want to have a family, if MedlinePlus will this shit! MedlinePlus I should probably mention that my sister or mother have done much traveling and have not finished school. I never talk about how I finished school and if anything I talk about how I'm drowning in student loan debt! About once or twice a week, I ask my nephew to help around the house taking a garbage bag while I go out with him. The last time I asked my mother heard this, and she came to me and said: "He did not take out the trash, do it" and then left .... What gives? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very depressed and ready to go. Would it be wrong of me to just leave without saying a word? If someone is determined to be only negative and toxic, is what God expects of us really to stay and put up with that? My family hates me and I hate to leave you for staying. I'm so tired of being here and I do not want: (

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