Where can I find contact information about a payday loan company called Interim Cash Ltd? related questions

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Where can I find contact information about a payday loan company called Interim Cash Ltd?0Paula2012-09-18 18:20:02
I need an address and a phone number for the interim cash Ltd
Does anybody know who or how i can get in contact with interim cash payday loan services.?0Kristyn2012-10-19 14:47:39
Does anyone know who or how I can contact the services of payday loan cash interim . ?
There is a payday loan company called tideuover.com they give cash back this seems too good to be true .?0trudy2012-09-18 00:16:05
Is this real company ? MedlinePlus Can anybody help ?
Should i contact the FTC? about a payday loan company?0bellas mom2012-11-05 17:13:54
the FTC is really cracking down on payday loan companies in my state, going as far as shutting many down and trying to get rid of them all together. well we have an installment loan it was due a few days ago, we told them many days before it was due we were not able to make the payment. they told us we have to pay, no exceptions, we need to beg borrow and steal to get the money to pay this. well in the contract it states " if you are paying more than 10 days late a $10 late fee will apply" meaning you ARE in fact able to pay late am i right? and i brought this up to them and they told me it doesnt apply to us! i mean it is in the paperwork, they have to abide by this dont they? i am seriously thinking i should contact the FTC because they actually forced us to take out another loan with them in order to pay this. anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
Has anyone dealt with a company called Primetime Capital. They deal in small business loans. Any information?4nereida2017-09-15 17:52:01
All information on them would be a benefit.
America Cash Returns took money 2 days ago out of my checking account as well --- its payday loan company find?1PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!2012-09-09 10:36:03
I had applied online for a payday loan , however , never did , never even saw the loan documents - because everything that kept popping companies are payday loans still have to give all your information staff , including bank information --- this is supposedly one of the companies doing business in another thing too ( fastcash1500.com ) --- beware they are scams and use your personal information in the application just to get your account information then click on your account for hundreds ! ! ! ! ! ! I, m sure there are many more out there scammers posing as companies payday loans just to get your personal information - we should all go to a co payday loan in your city and stop doing online applications in order to keep that information safe from scammers - unfortunately , this is the world we now live in - I , m on disability from cancer for those with $ 369 of my ACCT really hurt me and my son financially - any ' s you can email me at [email protected] ?
Advice regard a payday loan from a company called DJR?0shandell2012-09-01 21:22:04
I was curious if I would be accepted for a payday loan because I have no credit . I filled online application and that was it . I have not received anything by email , unless it was spam . I did get messages, but I deleted without hearing what I thought the fact that I did not want to confirm this loan was good enough . It was not until a month later that I realized 200 deposit and after a process of elimination he realized that it was a payday loan . I contacted them and they said they had to send a bank statement showing that the money had not used before to cancel the loan is agreed , of course , I said no way. Also 2 phones useless flame solve. I emailed them and told me to send the 200 less than the 120 that have been taken and was informed that mail in the payment would not be accepted , but must be through the bank . I just paid $ 36.00 to stop taking another 60 out of my account for 60 is what is called refinancing rate so actually the longer you do not pay the payday loan is actually original at all negative. Also just sent an email indicating whether to pay in full the . 200 need to mail this form and be sure to do so within 3 business days of the funding fee being due This is not possible , since the rate was due out on March 28 and today is day 24. Pls advise any information or advice you may have . thank you very much
I want to find how to contact Total Lending Payday Loan, either an e-mail address or 800 #.?0Sanjay2012-11-05 19:21:23
I have a payday loan I want to pay off with this company and I can't find the address for them and they just keep taking cash from my checking acct. every 2 weeks and don't e-mail or call me to make arrangements for a pay-down or pay-off, which I know is a scam and that is why I want to get them paid off and their hands out of my cash... Thanks for any information anyone has on this company. I expect there is at least one more "name" this company hides under so it is hard for someone like myself to find them on a web site, so if anyone knows other names please let me know, I REALLY want to get this issue resolved quickly.... Thanks, VIcki Dugger
I am looking for a payday loan called impact cash but I cannot seem to get it pleSE HELP?0RADIENA2012-09-18 14:42:03
I am looking for a payday loan impact cash call , but I can not seem to get it plese HELP ?
Where can i go to find out information about a finance company out of state??0Jerimiah Ferriman2012-09-29 01:48:02
I wanna see if someone can help me . I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS THE INFORMATION FINANCE COMPANY IN MICHIGAN . I applied for a loan online and approve I have but from my OUT OF STATE ... I live in California ... I JUST WANT TO check them out to see if they are legit or not!
I need a quick, safe, and secure cash advance/payday loan for $200. Any information would help.?2Thrisha2012-09-02 23:07:02
I need money fast, safe and secure advance / payday loan for $ 200. Any information would be helpful. ?
Where do i find real lenders for cash advances with out having to put information in a whole bunch of websites?2david celvin2012-11-04 09:58:01
Need a cash loan as soon as possible . I go to websites and all it does is give me 20 more ... wtf !

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