If a person has money but no collateral how do they secure a business loan? related questions

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If a person has money but no collateral how do they secure a business loan?0syuly2012-09-18 15:27:04
For example , I have $ 20,000 and I'm trying to get a business loan for $ 100,000. I have no " side " ... I can "hold " my money against it , or should I buy something for $ 20,000, or how do I " use" my 20k to ensure the money I need ?
I need to apply for a secure personal loan with NO COLLATERAL OTHER THAN MONEY?1qwerty1232012-09-25 21:27:02
I'm looking to get a small personal loan of $ 5000 my credit is not the best , but I will build again and have been making your payments on time with all my bills . I'm slowly past pay creditors . My monthly income is $ 6000 and have no problem paying back a loan . I need the lump sum to pay for something to save face for 6-9 months. I applied online and got a callback Burke Harris Financial - http://www.harrisburkefinancial.com offered me $ 5000 for a private lender and conditions are these : 8 percent fixed rate of $ 225 per month for 24 months. I would have to give guarantees (whether owned car or house - I have not either) last option is to pay $ 903.26 cents, which is equal to five months and then be directed to deposit the next day . Sounds too good to be true and what makes me uncomfortable when he says he is a staff lender . However, with that payment would not have to pay any amount until October this year , as the payment goes to my monthly payments . I'd like some tips / tricks or known companies that offer insurance loans having better visibility . I can not find anything about other online after its website. PLEASE HELP .
How do you put a lien on a person's house in Massachusetts to secure a loan and not spend a lot of money?0sridhar2012-08-20 00:46:03
How can you put a lien on the house of a person in Massachusetts to get a loan and not spend a lot of money ?
UK - Can I secure a loan against savings? Can I use money/savings as collateral?1Naviva2012-09-06 12:21:05
I look forward to getting a loan
Is it possible to secure a loan using an annuity for collateral?0Oma2012-09-01 18:38:03
I want to buy a house ( my first time ) and I would use some of my money for this 403
Is opening up a business a secure way to earn money?1Charles2012-10-08 17:17:03
I'm sixteen and I'm thinking about careers . I can enter sales, insurance, accounting , you know a good job relaxing, well-paid job. I wondered if borrowing and open a business in agricultural sales . ( I hear it's a big market and I go to a high school agriculture ) Sales feed or something. Do you think that opening a business is a safe job ?
What type of things can i use as a collateral to secure a loan?1butt2012-09-12 21:36:03
my friend wants to get into a new business and need some money to start the business , I wanted to get a loan , but do not know what to use as collateral collateral.should my pay is worth the amount of money they want to pay or ?
Is a collateral/secure loan guaranteed with bad credit?0beebop2012-08-25 19:16:03
info : own a 2001 Ford Ranger with only 71,000 miles and in great condition! However , I have good credit at all. I declared bankruptcy three years ago and have some collections in my report . I am also active duty and make about 3200 a month. Can anyone answer some questions for me .. thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1.Is a security / Secure loan with bad credit? 2. Does active duty have an interest rate of all loans have to meet ? ( I know that my credit card did in 6% ) MedlinePlus 3. Any recommendations for loans to active duty Army ?
I have a car that i finance 5 months ago, can i use my car as a collateral for a secure loan?0bebe2012-09-19 03:31:03
I have an emergency and I want to get a loan to solve my debs safe and take care of my emergency, there are banks and financial services that could help me get a loan insurance here in the U.S. ?
How can i secure my loan to a person?3yangdond2012-09-09 10:34:03
I have a friend who wants to borrow some money from me for business use . I like to be on the safe side , especially combat money , so is their anything I can do to be able to ensure or try on my loan in the future?
I have a retirement account worth$500,000.00 where can i secure a loan using it as collateral?3arjun2012-08-17 19:39:31
I have a retirement account worth $ 500,000.00 where I can get a loan using as collateral?
How can a person get an SBA Loan with poor Credit and no Collateral?1Thamara2012-10-01 21:19:02
Seeking serious help. I have a small business that is growing. Need more capital from financial risk, but I have bad personal credit and no guarantees . How I can get an SBA loan or a bank loan to help my business grow ?

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