Does student loan debt need to be divided equally in divorce in equitable dist. state? related questions

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Does student loan debt need to be divided equally in divorce in equitable dist. state?0brit2012-09-18 13:02:03
My husband and I are divorcing and during our marriage got a considerable amount of student loan debt . While most of those who went to the expenses of daily life , I would keep the debt so it will be more apt to want to visit the children ( who need it and will otherwise pout ) . A judge is likely to sign the divorce decree if I have no job and have 50K in debt and equity the house with 25K and only 900 in debt? My only asset is a car worth 4K . I have no $ $ for a lawyer so I have 1 more year to finish school and I think I'm doing all the divorce papers myself . MedlinePlus Thanks for any input . I know it is only advice , and that's fine .
How is property divided during a divorce? (Kansas)?0Elie-may2012-10-09 16:01:07
I've been married for five years . Throughout our marriage , my husband has earned an average of $ 15,000 per year. It spends more than it earns . ( Alcohol , cigarettes , casinos , strip clubs , electronics , fast food ... ) MedlinePlus A few months later we were married , we applied for a mortgage loan. I found I had to pay your student loans and a Discover card . He had paid his dues and use my savings to make a down payment on our home . MedlinePlus I earned about $ 60,000 per year over our marriage . No drinking, smoking or extravagant purchases . I would love to file for divorce , but I am worried about losing the house and the cars I've worked so hard to buy . A judge makes financial contributions and personal responsibility into account when dividing property ? Is there a possibility that you may have to provide financial support for my husband after a divorce ?
What if America was divided by the states, and each state became it's own country?5Please,Please Help2012-08-27 00:17:17
- And in these countries , capitalism is a better system (or a barter system , what is best for "people "). This means that there are larger firms ( gobbling up all the wealth in a few percent) , not subject to more federal rule most people ( keep Americans under his thumb for the money that legally there . Money is debt created through loans ). Debt is an important part of this system , and the money is actually popularized form of slavery. The Roman Empire fell because it was too broad for a rule to monitor (not immorality, impiety or anything of that nature, as I heard ). I have a feeling that something similar will happen to this nation, but not the size but the corruption of greed that is crippling us in our economic system , which is what our government really is .... What are the pros and cons of many small countries , instead of a mass attached to one ? Do not answer if your just going to throw all the garbage pro-US , fueling the popular belief "capitalism = good " b / s ...
Divorce in the state of sc?1Princess_17 2012-10-01 09:10:02
Hello , I have a few questions about getting a divorce . My husband and I have only one common car loan together , nothing more . How much attorney fees be ? Do I need a lawyer if he can choose to be an adult about this? Also, how I can speed up the process ? used to be almost a drunk , half , not really hit me , but technically has abused me. Once we had some police involved and said I could if I wanted to press charges , and that I should call them long ago. This piece really irrelevant bc I do not want to go that route or forced out of the army . I think not deceive me, or ever admit . It was quite mean to me in the past .. But what if I were to cheat him out of my marriage faster? That is, it is illegal , but what do I have to lose ? I want absolutely nothing to him, and he has been so bad in the past I had a lawyer tells me I could still win alimony if I wanted. I realize that sounds silly , but I really need to get out of this marriage , I hate it and I want it out of my life . Also looking to ruin my credit by not making car payments . He's trying to make me pay for it and still keep the car . Would it be so bad ? Would it make the process more difficult? Or I can say with a good bit harder ? I do not want anything from him , I just want my name on anything that has to do with the car .
State your "student loan" debt situation here?0tamija2012-09-20 03:47:04
looking to find out how many people are trapped in bad situations repayment of student loans ( as offsets , home foreclosures , loss of home or apartment can not , can not get a job , etc ) all that is attributable to student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( Not interested in hearing about how refinanced or refinancing company you go with )
Is there any legal equitable right to pay back an unsecured loan at more than the agreed monthly rate?0Sweetpea:)2012-10-01 05:57:03
I have an unsecured loan with my work at a low interest rate and we agreed on a monthly payment rate . I pay more than the monthly fee . Do I have the legal right to do this ?
If you are having your taxes taken due to defaulted student loans, do they take your state too? I got state.?1Renaldo Nguyen2012-10-23 07:14:03
I have my state taxes last week. IRS site says my federal be placed sixth . I set up to pay my loans and they accepted it and configured to take my debit card for the next 120 months. lol . So that means I will not have my tax offset? I have comformation the student loan company that had accepted my payment plan and configure debit card . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Why canara bank manager vaniyambadi vellore dist tamilnadu failing his promise to disburse loan for SSI?0she2012-10-12 07:14:41
the manager of Canara bank loans Vaniyambadi drag SSI and educational loans , for one simple reason that the bank is now online and will likely form the post soon religuishe and insists private finance.Dost bank.The happen any other management the bank must take appropriate action against him.
Are student loans federal or do they go state by state?1Debbi2012-10-20 10:36:57
I always thought it was federal , who had gone to college online while living in Maryland a couple of years and then I had my daughter and have money tight, currently about $ 8,000 should have been gone to NY and I just filled state job application and wondered if I have outstanding student loans in the state of New York , so I want to know , is it going state by state ? If you have outstanding loans in any state I can get new ones in NY ? ( I'm not a dead beat , I pay my bills with the money I have in the priority they have, I have no intention of letting these unpaid so please no nasty comments )
Need a loan to pay off debt from divorce.?1Whispering if the dependency 2012-09-23 07:34:03
I'm recently divorced and need a $ 5000 loan to consolidate debt acquired by divorce . I am unable to get the help of my ex, because it is hail. My credit score is lower because my ex and his new wife stealing my identity 500. Seeking a company to lend me money without paying upfront fees . I make $ 2,900 a month , but it is difficult because of the debt . Please , does anyone know anything or anyone who can help me . Thank you.
Divorce loan to consolidate debt?2I NEED HELP QUICKLY!!! PLEASE HELP ME2012-10-15 05:36:02
I am a divorced father who has been deeply in debt and bad credit due to divorce and bitter ex . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to consolidate debt to a lender and get higher payments of capital and repair my credit , but I'm struggling to find a good lender , lending themselves to me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a good job , make a good living and just need to get this under control. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone recommend something ?
Out of State student and state resident?0Beatrice2012-10-08 07:52:50
Hello , I am moving from CA to times before attending another college in another state . Still going to depend on my parents, who live in California in order for me to get financial aid , however , I 'm thinking of becoming a resident in Nevada because I have thought about living there all my life . Once I move , I plan on losing my California driver's license to a valid NV drivers license , register my car, register to vote , find a job in Nevada , and have a place to stay on my behalf , pay rent and such, while attending college. I wondered if this resident of the state and out of state student will conflict or going to work ? In addition , it will help my tuition for school ? I'll have to get 10k each semester for loan and students statewide . (I have 19 years in fact) .

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