What is proper filing procedure for an Assignment of mortgage?

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Hi I live in Detroit Michigan area and I have a question on the fair presentation of the assignment of the mortgage . Well I have my home loan bank of 06 June A good bank A. Sold to Bank B and Bank A two months after it filed for bankruptcy . Okay so cruising along fast forward to 2011 fell on hard times , etc , etc entered default mortgage , the loan is then excelerated foreclosure letters arrived I tried to do a loan modification is a joke . Well I'm like if it happens , it does. That was in May 2011 were in November today as filings yet what the hell am I can check the paper work in county offices still says bank A. Dig a little deeper ? Come to discover that my first name misspelled well my question is if filed in May 2011 for the assignment of mortgage is the foreclosure mill or papers signed and dated May 2011 , when Bank A sells to B bank because I have a letter saying that the Bank B that took more than 06 of anything that looks like Robo signed writing looks the same for all maybe someone could say that I wondering if I should sit down with an attorney and if I do what kind ?

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