Bank will not repossess my car after bankruptcy?

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Rodolfo Brown
Asked at 2012-08-10 12:50:02
The bank said it and is willing to come for the car after surrendering in bankruptcy. I said no and are willing to spend money on getting the car. The loan amount that was due on the car before the bankruptcy was about twice what the car is actually worth (which is a considerably lower amount ). They said if I want to fix it and deliver it to them they will take, but it is a drive of several hours. Besides distance , I would have no way to return after delivery thereof. I am currently trying to get a car to drive, but can only have one car in my present lot . I can not scrap a car , trade, or sell a car that I have the title. The lot to me is also expensive, and very soon I will have to pay for another parking permit for this vehicle, since it is not supposed to let it drag ( through the advice of a lawyer) ... any idea what my chances are ?

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