I co-signed for someone years back. they got repoed. How will I be affected? related questions

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I co-signed for someone years back. they got repoed. How will I be affected?1short attention span2012-10-07 11:03:02
Do not tell me how stupid I am and all that. The damage is done and there is nothing I can do. I take full responsibility for my actions . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So how will I be affected ? I have quite good credit . I have never been late paying . MedlinePlus This repository is cosigned by the brand only bad thing I have ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So with that said ... I wonder how bad I'm screwed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will I be able to get a house ? MedlinePlus A car in my name? MedlinePlus Get more credit cards? MedlinePlus Borrowing from the school ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What exactly does this affect me ? I'd really like to know specifically how it will hamper the ability of credit in the near future .
I co-signed for a car for my son. He has 2 more years to pay it off, how do I get my name off now?2Khululekile2012-10-11 04:43:02
The car has 2 years of a 4-year loan . I wish I had now withdrawn my financial responsibility , do you need to refinance in his name only to do this ? Or I can transfer full ownership to it ? one more thing , all payments were made using my checking account even though I got the money, my way to ensure payments are made ​​on time .
I co-signed for my little sisters car loan several years ago, which is now in serious default.?4edpon2012-11-05 16:35:02
My sister lives in Canada , and I'm moving again soon. What might be the legal consequences of it, and me as a co -signer on this debt ? If I decided to return to the U.S. later or to visit from time to time , could be arrested ?
My dad co-signed a car loan for me now he wants the car back...help?0beans2012-10-08 10:44:20
In December I missed a car payment in all four years I've had my car . My dad is trying to force me to refinance or who said it will sell the car . I am current on payments from now . He did say his credit dropped a little. In my car title loan papers and having my name does that mean I am the principal ? Can you do this ?
My Mom Co Signed On My car Loan But I want to give car back to her?0gabriella2012-10-10 21:22:54
So my mom cosigned on my car in 2007 I recently moved house and no longer need the car for my mom agreed to take it back to her and to make payments. the main question is doing this, how I can get the car of my credit report
Can I sue someone who signed an agreement to pay back a loan in my name?2Nina2012-08-08 12:57:02
I got in w a " commercial agreement" / someone who flips houses. That was approved for several loans from home improvement to the operation. I have a written contract / signed this person promise to pay the loan every month over time and eventually pay. The agreement on the house did not work , however. He has been trying to find another offer , but loans are still due each month . They are falling behind , and that is affecting my credit card. He constantly promises that will be paid , but I see the additional funds in my bank account and the calls of these banks never stop. I had a credit score of 728, now that you know what it is. I am a single mother who was looking to make extra money, but I've gotten into a big mess. I have no money (in advance) for a lawyer, but I'm not sure what else to do. The amount is too small claims court (Tx ). What kind of opportunity I have sued this person? What kind of lawyer that I can consult?
Help i took out a loan havent had cash yet. i signed the agreement and sent it back and they are now saying?0Cadie2012-10-09 09:37:10
i cant take the amount we ordered. can do this ? with his black horse . thanks
Can a cosigner back out on a car loan from the bank after the papers have been signed?0Phnom Penh2012-10-11 08:43:54
A friend , co - signed a loan for 10,000 for a Mustang yesterday. We signed all the paperwork and the bank sends the dealer a check and now I have the car . Well, today I decided I did not want respondibly on him because he's worried about your credit . He said he has three days 'cooling off' period to change his mind . Is this true ? Can you change your mind like after it's all over ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to do this , and I have the intention to make all payments on time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We are in Texas , if that makes a difference .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP ?
What if your wife co-signed for a loan behind your back? Are you on the hook, as the husband, to pay?13Morten2012-10-14 22:41:02
My brother was looking over a credit report and found an entry in a bank. His wife was behind his back and co - signed a car loan to see his brother. What are your options? He would have doen not want to be on the hook for this. Also, if divorced, would be on the hook if his brother to repay the loan ? PLEASE HELP !
Am I responsible for paying back mortage on mothers home after she passed away. I signed first she second.?2Booker Perry2012-10-16 16:36:01
10 years ago I signed up for a loan for my mother . She was the second signer . The loan was secured by your home . She died without a will and brothers are saying I have to pay the balance of the mortgage on my farm income . Is this correct
I co-signed a new car with my father in law 3 years ago and now he's having a hard time paying it on time.?1lasean2012-10-09 04:19:03
My husband and I do not want to pay for a car you do not drive and I wanted to know if there was a way to remove a name from a car loan .
Going back to College after MANY years...possible?0tiffany mccormick2012-09-11 03:47:06
I'm really thinking about going back to college online courses ( like the University of Phoenix type things ) . I went to community college for several years at 3 different schools back in 1998-2001 . The first time I was wondering if my credits will transfer after all these years ( who never won a title of any kind ) . So , will my credits transfer ? If so , what should I do to get and how to transmit them (is the school you want to go to ask for these , even if it is an online school ? ) Also, I do not even know where to start to even make online courses , again in 98 , that sort of thing does not even exist ! I live in the mountains where no BFE school except a technical school . I'd go back and try for a degree dietitian . Also, I have a small loan of about $ 3,000 out there maybe even a little less . If I apply for a Pell Grant ( s ) that will affect loan ? Actually I have no money to start, so I would have to borrow or go through Pell grants . MedlinePlus Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.

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