How can he possibly afford his lifestyle?

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My boyfriend works as a mechanical engineer in an aerospace company . He got that job directly after graduating from college ( which has only a BA ) . I do not know how much he makes , but I imagine it can not be that much , right? Even complains about how they are giving salary refers to the axis . MedlinePlus However, live as if fully charged ! The boy is 26 years old but already own a 2 story home in a nice neighborhood , 2 cars ( one of which is a $ 70,000 Audi RS4 ) , tons and tons of really nice things (62 " flat screen tv , machinery for working wood grade , etc etc) . How the hell can he afford all this ? also know he did not have to take out a loan in your Audi . MedlinePlus I see buying and trading stocks online sometimes ... Do you think he is making a sh * tload of money from that? Or help her parents ? I know they are loaded , but it seems completely independent of them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would it be rude or out of place to me as her boyfriend , who happened to ask how the hell can you live like that?

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