I need a student loan very soon. I start school in 10 days.? related questions

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I need a student loan very soon. I start school in 10 days.?2britnee2012-09-24 02:37:02
FAFSA but I only got $ 1,250 per semester for a loan threw . I refused the loan SallieMae . But I had my mom as a guarantee and she has bad credit do you think would have been better not to have it there? .. So are some of the loans that you think are good . Im only 17 and my parents cosign not at all. I have to take as Friggin $ 5,000 now . I do not know what else to do . This must be a trick , because still I have a book for school.
How can I challenge federal demand for repayment of student loan when I attended school for only 40 days?0elliot2012-10-16 07:25:05
Actually, I 'm asking this question for someone who has been approached by the government to pay a student loan taken out about 20 years ago . She is a senior who receives disability payments from Social Security for a psychiatric problem I had when I attended a trade school with the help of a federal student loan . She served approximately two months and then was unable to continue due to his mental illness . Apparently , the school continued to collect payment for the full course despite retiring early. And now the federal government wants to charge the total loan which now stands at $ 15,000 . (to be taken out of your monthly allowance of about $ 700. ) Can anyone suggest an agency in the state of New York that can help with legal advice ? She has no money to pay for legal assistance . MedlinePlus Thank you very much , Tony
Can you start repaying your student loans while you're still in school?1FlowerPower2012-10-01 11:45:03
I just accepted a loan for this semester , and I was wondering if I could start making payments. Also , how long I have to wait before the service providers contact me to discuss loan repayment of my loan , because the first day of school is Monday ...
When do you have to start paying off your student loans for medical school?3Aby2012-10-05 08:00:04
Every year ( since you have to get a loan each year ) or after 8 years ? MedlinePlus B / c I heard from some people until you have completed 8 years but unsubsidized loans srafford that says you have to start repaying the loan after graduation date , so idk if that means by every year or after 8 years . MedlinePlus And also, have vacations during the stay b / c I can not imagine going to school for 8 years without a vacation . MedlinePlus And you can go to school during the summer to finish faster ?
So when is a good time to have a baby and start your family now in days anyways?3keonnis johnson2012-09-06 17:14:05
I am pulled between the time it would be a good time to have a baby, since it seems that the plan as marriage, college, good job, financial stability, a house, and so will not come until I'm in my late of 30 and is that anything I do not wanna, I wanna be a young mother, but over time it takes now days to make your life until you have no choice but to wait until all the fact and strives to have a baby and do everything at the same time. It makes me angry because I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a hard worker and knows what she wants in life and is already beginning in his career that I am not a woman who knows what career you want and you have to do to be able to do and a woman who wants to be "ready" financially and married when she has her first baby, but we can not have a baby until they are much older, unless we fight. I have a baby now, if I could afford and had my own place, Ii have been with my boyfriend for 3 ½ years and we are talking about marriage, etc. .. I go to college in my second year of a diploma from a community college to transfer to college to become a teacher, but it will take more than 5 years before they take place in the university and be able to find a job teaching, I will not give up on my education I know what it's worth I grew up with nothing and I went well, but I'd be able to give more to my children every time it actually may have .. . so you will have 5 years to make the school that I have to find a job that is going to be a nuisance since I live in a small town and jobs are hard to find once I have a job that will take 60 years, 000 , 00 $ to pay off student loans for my education with an interest in that only make $ 42,000.00 / year to be a teacher when I can not see having a baby or have one while I'm at school and being poor and fight or have an after school and be poor and struggle ... our educational system and the economy that is so hard to have a family and a house is ridiculous. I want to be a young mother, so I can have a lot of energy for my kids and have energy to spare for my grandchildren, because my parents had in their 30's and never had a good connection with them because they have the energy to do anything with me and I think I had to grow much faster than a lot of people my age when I was little because my parents had no time to joke, lead to, build heavy snow, have playdates, and I my children to have an interesting childhood long, but I have enough money to do those things of the UN family vacation things that never have, because we had no money and my parents were too old to play with me. so that hatred in any way have to fight if you have small children or elderly, so I think I'll wait another 2 years of having my first child and either take online classes after that or switch to the university. I have a support system to good family to support me with my family and my boyfriends, if you have any stories to share or opinions would be great!
Financial aid won't arrive for 30 days after school starts. What do I do?0Bmt2012-10-09 03:37:28
I'm going to graduate school and get a lot of grants and loans . The problem is that the money will not arrive until 30 days after the start of school . I did the math , and I need at least $ 3,000 to fly there, get an apartment and a car . It's in Puerto Rico ( the school does not have student housing and need a car to go everywhere ) . My credit cards are maxed out (you can not get a credit increase either) but I have good credit (700 votes ) . Any suggestions ? I just need the money for 30-40 days , then I can afford it.
If I owe money to a school where I completed my Bachelors can I start my Master's degree at another school.?1Dillard2012-09-30 10:12:03
This school , Walden University, where I finished my degree online when my husband and I moved is saying I owe them $ 5,000 . I have 2000 per semester in student loans then pay the rest out of pocket. The school will not process my paperwork on time, then did not understand simple mathematics . Then I can go to another school and start my master ? Walden has already sent my diploma but my transcripts . I highly recommend anyone to attend this school .
How can I get a free laptop for school. I start school on line in a little under two weeks.?0Kayden Ryan Smith2012-09-03 11:40:02
I am aware that the school loans will give the extra money after tuition and books are paid . However, I am attending classes online , and I have to have a laptop before starting
Is there a student loan that I can I get in 2 days with bad/no credit?0Tallie2012-08-24 09:03:02
I am studying abroad in a week and a half , but my financial aid has not released fast enough to get the ticket . Is there a low interest loan and fast for me ? I have 20 years of age with not much credit , but they have a good job . I could get an endorsement , but would rather not . I need it fast ! Can anyone help ?
What should I do about a Student loan I co-signed that's going to default in 8 days?1Akesa2012-10-12 09:53:08
I mistakenly co - signed a student loan from Chase for a friend about 3 years ago , not knowing what the terms were , after being deceived into thinking that he would have nothing to do with paying them back. Now I realize that the co -signer is as responsible as the benefactor of student loans . He has not paid for the loan ( he promised me that he would consolidate after graduation ) , and now Chase Bank coming after me for payment. I was told to stop paying the 31st of this month if no payment is received . They have been calling me every day , sending payment collection letters , and I have not responded , except once or twice to tell them not my loan , and I 'm not paying . I told them that forged my name , because they had approved the $ 20,000 removed . All I did was that I could use my name and address ( not knowing what it meant co-signing ) . Now it's up to 26,000 and ruin my credit . Late fees , interest and no payments have been made. This guy is not available , and when I contacted her through Facebook , said he would " try to take care of it . " I know he is not going to do anything about it , so what should I do ? Im a job and have no money to pay this. Also, I have my own loans and is pending . Someone please help !
I need a loan for school and fast. Best place to start?0Jameka2012-08-26 06:25:02
I originally got about $ 4000 in financial aid at the beginning of spring semester , but now it has just been taken back because I have not finished yet enough credits. I have to pay the $ 4000 hold on my account before I can schedule my classes for fall ( I am registered to schedule April 19 ) . I received Stafford / AES / etc . loans before , but I am not aware that I can get money from them in the middle of a semester . My mother belongs to a credit union where I can get a loan , but I have to start paying monthly right after receiving it, where with a normal student loan , the payment will not start until after graduation . What are the best options to get a payday loan in the middle of a semester I hope you do not have to pay until after graduation ?
Where to get a personal loan to hold me over before I start graduate school.?0Marylyn2012-10-26 13:17:09
My pops said 3 months ago, before you come and live with him, everything was fine and he could cover up to start school (PhD), and that I would need to get a job. I have a $ 20,000 fellowship MedlinePlus coming in August on top of my salary ($ 21,000). MedlinePlus I agreed to lend my father that $ 10,000 to cover some of the bills that piled up in a tough year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I told him to just stay in East Lansing and get a job near my school. He said, not good, save rent money and just come stay with me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not even a week after he returned to live with him (I move on August 7), said "im broke you need to get a job." (The first of several incredibly aggrivating things he has said, becuase of the fact that I asked several times before I moved if I should stay in East Lansing and get a job for three months between my graduation and arrival my new school and always told me not) ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went and applied for several jobs, saying it would only be able to stay for about three months. No one is hiring. The city is full of high school students so the summer job opportunities are limited. There seriously ~ 4 public high schools throughout the 15-minute units, each with> 500 students graduating each year. I can not get a job here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my father tells me, "you have to leave now" otherwise spoiled, because my lease does not start until August 7 at my new school, and now I have an apartment in East Lansing (which is a ~ 13 hours drive from here). MedlinePlus Also saying, I will not be able to cover for their first month's rent on her new apartment (another thing he said he would do before coming here). I have to pay my first month's rent or I can not move in. If you do not move, I will not be able to attend graduate school. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I will not move in lead to many problems. I've signed my contract, so I am responsible. Almost every other apartment in the area is full of what a new lease is not really an option. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm thinking my only option is to get a personal loan for ~ $ 2000 to sustain during the last month. The problem is that I have a job. I can not get a student loan unless you are currently enrolled (does not occur until August). I am looking for emergency loans offered by my new school and I can not find any. I am very aggravated that my father put me through this. He leads me, then I screwed up so bad I think he's trying to sabotage my future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The repayment of a loan of $ 2000 will not be a problem. At least, I could take out a federal Stafford loan (and offers) and pay it, then deal with student loan debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do situations that come into play when presented for a personal loan at a bank, or what it depends "do you have a job now or you're out"? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All my plans are screwed. If I arrive at my new school in August with enough money to keep up until register and get my scholarship money, I would have to leave school, still paying my rent somehow find a job in a field that pretty much requires an advance degree (Psychology). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am so frustrated at this point, I'm willing to pay $ 3,000 back in late August 2000 $ now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any other options?

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