In the army, can I get CLRP (College loan repayment) and then pay to get the post 9-11 GI Bill? related questions

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In the army, can I get CLRP (College loan repayment) and then pay to get the post 9-11 GI Bill?0Goodman2012-09-16 23:55:06
Therefore, there is contradictory information aware of this. I asked my recruiter and he said he can only get a "benefit " for enlistment which seemed quite reasonable . So I said usually people use RAC for enlistment and then have the option to pay in the post 9-11 GI Bill during his second enlistment for use after his second term is over. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But a little research on my own and found that there are people who have used both the RAC and paid into the post 9-11 GI Bill in his first enlistment . So what 's the problem ? For those in the military , or are in the process of incorporation , what you have experienced / heard ?
I used the Army Student Loan Repayment Program (LRP). Am I still eligible for the new Post 9/11 GI Bill?5JEFF2012-11-03 08:23:02
Currently I am an officer of the brand new Army serving in Fort Hood , Texas . I joined last year as the Army agreed to pay my student loans . Now I wonder if it would not be eligible for the new post 9/11 GI Bill to my master , if I serve another 36 months. I am fully aware of the details and I would appreciate if someone credible to help me! Thanks so much!
Does the Army's College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP) pay for all of your student loan debt (up to 65k)?0Ignatz2012-09-20 02:27:04
- Or just make the monthly payments on your debt while you are serving on active duty ?
If I receive the $65000 Army College Loan Repayment, can I receive more money for college post army?0Kune2012-09-20 18:49:02
I'm thinking of joining the army in a few months after I graduated college with my BA . I'm thinking of signing a 3 years 5 years active IRR to receive full college loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After serving my 3 years in the service would be able to get more money for college if I had to go back to school for my masters?
If I opted for CLRP (loan repayment) during my first enlistment, do I qualify for the New GI Bill?0Edwqard2012-08-12 03:53:02
I'ma enrolled in six years and the Air Force has already paid $ 7000 for my college loans ... if you sign up for another 4 years , am I eligible for the post 9/11 GI Bill?
Am i eligible for the post 9/11 GI bill if i got loan repayment instead of Montgomery GI bill when i joined?0Calasia2012-10-16 06:26:33
When I joined I signed the Montgomery GI Bill in order to obtain the loan repayment option . the armyhas now paid my student loans , and I'm curious if I am eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill . If I am , how I can access it ? Nobody in Fort Hood seemed to know the answer and nobody seems to know the answer Stuttgart . Can be used to study a Master ? I have my degree. I just want my Master now ...
Should i take the Air Force Loan Repayment or Post 9/11 GI Bill?0Melyssa2012-10-06 23:01:12
I'm going to enlist in the Air Force with a degree and about $ 40K in student loans . ( 2.7gpa = not sufficient for OTS) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Air Force recruiter said the option will Loan Repayment $ 10K ( ~ 7250 after taxes ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was not really thinking about getting a master ... but it would be a Masters free ( $ 30K ) of the GI Bill be a better option than the loan repayment option ( $ 7,250 ) ?
Student Loan Repayment or Post 9/11 GI Bill?3Lakshmi2012-09-23 18:31:02
I was at MEPS last week and just before I signed my contract ( not yet) , I was told that if I get the student loan repayment ( Federal 15k and 5K federal private ), I would not qualify for the draft law post 9/11 GI when I'm discharged after 4 years. However, my recruiter told me I had qualified for before he went to MEPS. What is truth? This is for the U.S. Army . I know that if you get student loan payment , you do not qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill, but what about the Post 9/11 GI Bill?
Why hasn't the Army given me my Army College Fund and GI BILL?0Kaitelyn2012-10-26 02:28:02
I joined the army because of the Army College Fund / GI BILL . I served my desired time with an impeccable service record , but I've been honorably discharged . I have been going to college , have applied for benefits from a couple of months ago , but not a word about my ACF yet. I'm not even getting any GI Bill money , I paid $ 100 for the first 12 months I was in. I still call VA but have not received a definitive answer on what is in store monitoring . I'm about to lose hope . The biggest reason why I joined the Army in the first place was for the college money . But have not given me anything . I am considering taking legal action against the U.S. Army for breach of contract . But , do not really want to do this . Why can not honor my contract and I pay ? It's hard to be a full time college student with nothing to live on , but with scholarships and student work / loans . I feel cheated . Any advice is greatly appreciated. thank you
Is it possible to use the Army loan repayment program and GI bill?0D sharper2012-10-03 08:40:56
Is it possible to go to college and get a bachelor's degree and then join the Army to help pay their loans and after years of service in the Army to use the GI Bill to help me get my Masters ? There are other benefits that can kick in for you to add money to these benefits ( GI bill / loan repayment program ) ?
I enlisted in the army can i change my loan repayment for the GI Bill?0Jari2012-10-15 23:57:59
My recruter said I might not be able to do what I 'm stuck with a loan repayment plan when I sighned Mepps and I swore to myself back to college and I was wrong to get the loan repayment is too late to change my plan to the GI Bill
Is it possible to get the Army College Loan Repayment if I join Army OCS and become an Officer?1Amari2012-10-06 01:51:02
Graduating from college soon and have loans needsta i get rid of it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thnks!

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