Lower interest rates for consolidated Sallie Mae Loan? related questions

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Lower interest rates for consolidated Sallie Mae Loan?2Pam & Hannah2012-10-14 09:30:02
I have a consolidated loan ( before two federal student loans ) with Sallie Mae at the rate of 5.75 % . Does anyone know how to find a lower rate with Sallie Mae or elsewhere ? Based on my initial search , looks out of a consolidated loan is almost impossible . With ridiculously low interest rate at this time , there could be a lender out there who is willing to make me a better deal? Any suggestions ?
What do Americans think of these loan interest rates from an Irish bank,are interest rates in the US lower?0concy2012-11-04 01:57:45
From what I know they are higher than US banks? http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Persona
Is it possible to postpone student loan consolidation to wait for lower interest rates rates?0Bryan2012-08-22 20:38:02
I graduated six months ago with several federal student loans combining more than 40K . Which is better for me to consolidate now or stay ? Will the fed cutting lending rates ( now 3 % ) affect interest rates offered by preparers loan? Will I be offered either variable or fixed if I consolidate ?
How can i lower my credit debt or get my interest rates lower so i can prevent from filing bankruptcy?0Christia2012-10-11 17:21:38
i have excellent credit , but my payments are eating me alive .... My income has gone down and I'm barley surving but having to pay interest rates exorbant ... I have to have an unsecured loan any suggestions
Why would someone pay the higher interest rates when lower rates are available elsewhere?1Brittani2012-10-15 03:30:04
this is a question I have for homework . Refers to auto loans , banks , credit unions and the like .
Why don't they simply lower interest rates...?0Pizza2012-10-27 11:18:09
... for owners of existing homes in danger of foreclosure ? They are variable rate loans mostly greedy putting people out of their homes . Redo loans so the owner can stay in their homes and the banks get their money , despite the high rate of an adjustable loan .
I graduated and consolidated my loans last year. Is there any way to get a lower interest rate?0Manic Psycho 2012-09-27 01:29:03
My rate is currently 6.6% , and I want to take advantage of new lower rates.
Can any student loans be consolidated at current very low interest rates to help us financially?0Jeury2012-09-07 22:41:03
8.5% My student loans are like credit cards . Are the banks benefit from this? My direct federal student loans do not meet the requirements to be consolidated into a lower interest rate . I asked already . I'm struggling with payments of $ 900/month and you can use the home equity money because my house is devalued . 4 Parent Plus I have federal student loans in interest rates from 6.5 to 8.5 % , but mortgage interest rates at home are as low as 4 % and in some cases less . Why this difference and who is benefiting both ? It seems that consumers who have invested in the education of their children should not have to pay high interest .
How can I repair my credit to get lower interest rates on a small business loan?0Meroy2012-10-15 03:18:29
I have to raise my FICO score .
I consolidated my student loans in 2005. Is there a way to get a lower interest rate at this point?1 Math ã„‘ love -2012-10-24 18:50:03
Can you get a lower fixed rate on loans that have already been consolidated ?
When the Fed lowers interest rates, why not lower the rate attached to 30 yr. mortgages?1Help me please2012-11-05 01:56:03
Instead of lowering rates linked to short-term loans to banks lend to each other , why not drop rate mortgages tied to 30 yr ? This would help the economy by allowing those with fixed rates to refinance and put more money into the economy and help those affected by the sub -prime ARMS .
Will interest rates for federal student loans raise or lower?0Debby2012-10-05 00:24:55
I've been getting a lot of calls from random companies about consolidating my student loans , they lock in the interest rate , I think. Do you think interest rates of student loans will go up or down over the next two years? Thank you.

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