How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree? related questions

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How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?2Lolerskater2012-10-08 10:00:02
I encourage my wife , but I do not want to get your hopes if you can afford it until later . I do not want a lot of marketing phone calls either, so I do not want to give out our information online . Our credit is not very good . I messed pay a student loan so I doubt we can get a loan for school. Can anyone give me an idea of what these people charge?
What is the best degree to pursue: Bachelors in Business Admin or Bachelors in Finance?2porshe2022-06-17 20:00:53
So far I am a sophomore in college and I have to start choosing my specialty classes in less than a month. So far I have done all General Education credits . I am an adult student (28 years old) . I am considering student loan debt that I have to pay again after I'm done . Not sure about graduate school at this point . I have worked in banking / financial education since graduating from high school . I do not like the constant frontline customer contact type of thing. I like the operational and regulation of the banking industry . I love rules and structure . I'm thinking of a big business , but I want to know if a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance would be better ? Do not want my job prospects very small when I finish my degree , so I do not have to stay within banking in particular. I want to be able to pay off student loans and be able to support myself and my son . I've been a member of the working poor long enough !
The best college to pursue an online Bachelors Degree in a field that would be condusive to...?0czacza2012-09-26 03:47:06
... teaching over time ? MedlinePlus I am finishing my studies in two years and the need to find a school to transfer to where I can take courses online . I finance my education through Pell Grants and student loans , so it should be a university where I could keep doing this . I'm interested in Education , Psychology , Behavioral Sciences and the need for some kind of degree that would allow me to become a teacher . I currently reside in northern Texas. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Are there any ART schools that allow one to get their degree ONLINE ?0ultra2012-09-16 07:34:05
I was made ​​redundant from my school where I did my degree in business administration from having a bad grade in Algebra . I sent a letter of appeal , but I have not heard anything from them yet letting me know if I could continue my education or not. However, I've been thinking about changing my studies and now I would like to study something like fashion design or illustration and wondered if I was going to apply to another school would be accepted by the fact that I have an appeal hangs over my head and still has student loans to another school ?
Why are people stupid enough to borrow many thousands of dollars to give to these online degree schools?1kyu2012-09-07 06:36:06
How is " University Of Phoenix " and other securities , too expensive , as this operation Schoos yet? Why did so many people make that stupid decision to borrow as much money in student loans and give these idiots scam schools that are overpriced for what they offer ?
Who thinks online schools and techincal schools cost more than tradtional schools?0Bheki2012-08-08 13:40:43
I go to a state university and its only 5k a semester. My husband went to a school with more techincal and student loan debt than me.
What branch of the military is best for civil engineers with a bachelors degree?3Tyisha2012-09-27 20:10:08
I am a recent college graduate , and as most of you know finding a job is hard enough these days. I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering , and have always been interested in joining the military . I'd like to be able to work as a civil engineer , or at least some of the construction area . I do not care if I have to go to battle for a while, but I want to be able to practice when not deployed engineering / fighting. I know that I join any branch , I would like to attend OCS and become an officer. Can anyone shed some information on the combat engineers of the Army and Navy ? Navy Seabees ? Air Force? Basically , which of these branches would best suit a Civil Engineer ? Also, what are some enlistment bonuses and tuition reimbursement these days ? I went to a very expensive school , so I have some loans I have to pay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be the IOPP Army Engineers , but is 90 % of civilians , and require licensed professional engineers , so I can not obtain without four years of experience first. Please, I need some info from people who know what they're talking about , not people who think they know how it works.
Joining the navy as an e3 with my bachelors degree... couple questions.?1Jestercrate2012-08-17 02:09:05
The reason it was not official is because I have about $ 40,000 of eligible loans that qualify for loan repayment , and is only available to those who enlist. The title of my work is MC and I'm going in September. He also scored a 93 on the ASVAB. Also, please advise me to go the official route at once, because then I would not qualify for the loan repayment program , plus I have already enrolled . I've added , and I will be more and more with my loan repayments than would be the highest paid official . These are my questions ... 1) If I were to become an officer, would have to wait until my period of 5 years until I have signed up for ? 2) If you decide to become an officer after 3 years (when my loans are paid) , how long do I have to sign ? Any other information you provide would be great. :) Thank you !
Is getting my Bachelors Degree worth the $34,000+ in student loans I will incur?0need MAY opinions2012-10-16 12:17:18
First I should mention that I'm old - in my 30 years. And an Associates degree in Business from a private university . Now offer a degree . I'm very tempted to ask whether it is really worth the time and $ $ . If I was going to school / public university would be cheaper , but it takes much more time and class schedules would not work well . The private college offers programs that can be completed in the evening and also have a lot of classes that are offered online .
Should medical school require the premed bachelors degree?0Kalena2012-10-02 11:22:03
Why not make it a professional independent title itself , as a program of five or six MD that you can start from the beginning of the university . I hink that would help the shortage of doctors to MedlinePlus much . MedlinePlus Also, I think there should be a loan repayment program for your residence as an incentive ... the Army so, why not for civilians , too.
Single mother works full time, wanting to earn Bachelors degree?1faseeh2012-09-07 08:38:03
I am a single mother of a 2 1/2 years. I'm certain my associate degree classes . I'd like to go full time , but I have a child to support . Currently working for the state and is a great job , I travel only four hours a day and can not be transferred to a place close to home for another year . I really like to hold on to my job while I'm at univeristy but UC does not have too many online classes and my schedule will not allow night classes because the nearest univeristy is 45 min from my house with no traffic . I do not want to go to a school for the benefit and get a lot of expensive loans . What should I do ? continue to work full time for a year or less and save money, then live in a campusjob and scholorships ? Another option is to quit my job and take years to graduate from taking a class a semester ? Anyone know of accelerated programs at a reasonable cost ?
What degree should I get from law school and what schools should I look into?0digital city2012-09-29 12:54:03
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am currently completing a Master of Divinity program . My school emphasizes social justice as a moral obligation and I am forced to pursue a law degree in the field of international human rights , international criminal law and / or international environmental law . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Some questions : * What degree ( JD or LLM ) if a person interested in practicing this type of law after? [ I was hoping to have a doctorate so she could practice law in the U.S., so if I needed to take a little time to start repaying my loans , however , every time I've researched online LLM always came regarding human rights . ] MedlinePlus * Which schools are highly qualified and specialize in these areas ?

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