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How to get into the finance department?0Mounika2012-09-16 04:12:07
Hey guys , thanks for all you are reading my post . I have a good education , or rather .. well prepared .. Loaded with a business degree , specialization courses in corporate finance at Berkeley and an MBA at a small college ( Aquinas College ) in Grand Rapids , Michigan.I like to get a job in accounting or finance department ( credit analyst , insurer , A / P , A / R , or any other related to my field ) . The problem is that my experience is in sales ( yes. . Many years) I'm trying to make that change .. but no luck . Always get proposals from insurance companies to sell their products , or any other sales position ) used to work in a bank as a personal banker and do not like . I tried to work within the member department but nothing .. I am fully bilingual and I do not want to study something else ( I have $ 40,000 in student loans already) . But if there is something you can study for a short period of time I guarantee a job to do. MedlinePlus thank you!
Without the Department of Education..?0Regiana2012-10-26 16:02:34
Conservatives are pushing for the elimination of the Department of Education ... MedlinePlus Without some form of federal regulation in education , how do we ensure that education is the same across state borders ? One could argue that there can be no standardized tests every year or so , but who would decide what happens in the test ? What if students go to college or a state college after high school and find they are completely out of sync with the rest of the students ? Furthermore , without the dept . , What do we do with federal student loans , scholarships , etc ? You still have these, granted by the States in their place ? I'm not sure I understand the dept . ' S paper correctly , but if I do, someone could answer these questions for me ?
BERS TIER 4...NYC Department of Education?0lavoria2012-09-14 12:42:04
I ignorantly joined the NYC Department of Education MedlinePlus Retirement System for approximately two years . Since that has not worked MedlinePlus as a subset of more than one year ( found another job ) , I was MedlinePlus DOE completed at the beginning of the USDA Agricultural Research 2009-2010 school year ( school year ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus While finding that the BERS rules booklet , found MedlinePlus the following information on page 88 is quoted below . I would MedlinePlus like someone to explain the passage quoted below. I have MedlinePlus BERS not helped by the simple fact that I am not MedlinePlus ceases to be a secondary teacher and no more than replacing in MedlinePlus year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is what it says on page 88 : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " If you resign or are terminated , you must contact BERS MedlinePlus immediately to make preparations for you to pay your MedlinePlus loan. If payment is not received within 90 days of the last MedlinePlus payment, the outstanding loan balance will be reported to MedlinePlus the IRS . There may be tax consequences associated with MedlinePlus such loan. " MedlinePlus Does this mean that , even after I leave the DOE MedlinePlus BERS keep paying ? I'm not a high school teacher . Why MedlinePlus I continue to pay for a retirement system that makes MedlinePlus not refer to me as an employee formwer the DOE . Can MedlinePlus someone explain the paragraph quoted above from page MedlinePlus 88 BERS brochure ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much . MedlinePlus former_sub
How did MOHELA take over my loan from the US Department of Education?0Gabby2012-10-10 03:17:16
I have a student loan from the U.S. Department of Education . ( Direct Loan ) My loan is paid on time , every month , and in good condition . I received a letter in the mail today from MOHELA alleging that have taken over my student loan and should start paying them. This is what they say in direct mail that sent me, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why are we contact you : 11/10/11 effective , student loan account federal property , previously served by the Center Direct Loan Servicing , now being run by MOHELA , Department of Education Administrator. MOHELA is an honor to be selected as your service provider and look forward to providing excellent service . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - End quote - MedlinePlus MOHELA Address : 633 Spirit Drive , Chesterfield , MO . . 63005 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MOHELA has never contacted for any reason. I went to school in California . I'm from California . Never been to Missouri in my life . How could they have possibly reached for my loan ? My loan has not expired , and has always been paid on time . I've never tried to consolidate my loan , or switch to a loan service center . Is it legal to suddenly take over my loan? Is this a scam ? I've never contacted MOHELA in my life, I have not contacted them . I just received this letter in the mail from nothing . Is this legal ? Should I contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint ? I can sue for harassment ? ?
Whats the best loan department to go with when buying a home?0Estefania2012-10-08 01:44:29
for someone with bad credit ? MedlinePlus so I can filll out a line ap and will be approved or rejected on the spot? thanks
ACS Legal Department harrassing phone calls...What should I do?0SAN2012-08-12 06:02:03
I had a gentleman call me yesterday leaving a voicemail disturbing. He told me to call him as soon as possible because of my social security number are being attacked or something with a complaint. When I had called and asked Mr. Austin White was called by what was not there and asked who was your supervisor I gave my name and he started telling me of my personal information and asked if he was right , and so on. He then stated that I had with the company money . I asked what company told U.S. Cash . It was very difficult to understand and sounded like it was from India or something
Do you think will get another disappointing Jobs Report by the Labor Department?3Jaylll2018-12-14 00:04:50
I think we will see a net creation of jobs, but not enough to bring down the unemployment figures , I think it will remain at 9.6 %, but can make even slightly to 9.7 %. I think playing politics with Bill Small Business Loans , which would allow hundreds of thousands of businesses access to loans through community banks that could not get through the largest banks . The House passed the bill in June, and Senate Republicans blocked the bill until after Labor Day .
How do i get the US Department of Education to accept my Americorp Voucher?0Michelle2012-08-27 11:29:18
I have a loan of $ 2800 direct loans now and continue to mail the completed form with full payment . Do not accept payment online through Americorp and will fax anything back to Americorp . I have sent the correct form more than 6 times . Even paid for signature confirmation to ensure that you receive the bonus form.The U.S. Department of Education . said the bonus was sent Americorp filled to the February 16 . Americorp States that havnt received anything from them . Americorp give me your fax number , allowing me to make payment requests online , but the problem is that the U.S. Department Edu just tells me ' oh , so I mailed in February there is nothing more we can do . " It used to fax anything to Americorp , it will not allow any further confirmation to send the voucher to Americorp , or sending it back to me so that I can pay for a signature confirmation Americorp . MedlinePlus What agency or who I can contact if the U.S. Department continues to give me a lap around ensuring that Americorp get paid ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Im at my wits end with calls back and forth and the U.S. Department saying you sent via e reg we can not do anything else. MedlinePlus Please help, my income i cant afford to make payments every month and id rather just use my Americorp Segal Award to pay my loan in full .
I have an issue with chase bank credit cards department?0Hgo2012-10-13 13:30:16
I have a small business.And I have a business credit card with persecution . Suddenly dropped my credit line . The ad called said they received a eport on my company with Equifax and it showed that I got the loanrom the bank for $ 30,000 and not pay off.The thing my company is one year , the company that owns this loan 5 years old.My company and another company has a similar name but differnt tax identification number and address and do not know why this persecution ino put my file.I company received the fax Equafax rom they do not ' t have any my record company and sent to chase card business department , but say it is not that Equafax enough.They must update the information or business while Equafax says it has no record or my company and its base is updated . So it is a species or a circle . What should I do ? thanks
Why do we have a Department of Education when college costs are rising up so fast we can't hardly keep up?2gdlola2012-10-24 14:41:02
I do not understand why we have a Department of Education is spending increased from $ 40 billion to $ 67 billion from 2002 to 2009 while college enrollment has increased by 41 % whooping . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why is that Chinese university students only pay $ 400 - $ 2,000 for college and graduated tons of doctors , engineers, scientists at an alarming rate , while Americans are trying to find a way to pay their loans fucking students who are thousands of dollars .
Mohela took over my loan from the Department of Education and claimed it could change the terms?1Holly = )2012-09-24 16:20:01
I received a notice earlier this year that was plaguing Mohela my student loan in the Service Center and Direct Loan payments have been made with several automatic debit Mohela in the correct amount of $ 1,289.78 . The loan was consolidated under a single loan of about 10 years with a 30 year term and a fixed interest rate of 4.95 % ( with 25 % deduction of automatic debit included) . I have all the documentation to prove it and I'm sure Center Direct Loan Mohela provided with this information . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I got a letter yesterday raising my monthly payments to ~ $ 11,057 a month , saying it was due to " its terms have been adjusted in order to maintain federal standards / program " . Obviously , the new terms did not remember me and I can not afford this payment incredibly high . I would Mohela ( previously loan Direct Loan Servicing Center) to address this and return to the agreed withdrawal of $ 1,289.78 monthly interest rate of 4.95 % for both loans combined according to the terms / disclosure and the term sheet that I have direct demonstration Loan Servicing Center. I do not understand why the change in monthly payment amount without being prompted , as already agreed in a document signed between myself and the Center Direct Loan Servicing . The breach of the terms is not only incorrect , but ethical and frankly not the right way to do business . If you are in error, then they should have a better quality (document ) control . What's going on ? ? ?
SOLYNDRA offered $ 535 million LOAN GUARANTEE BY THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fremont , CA , March 20, 2009

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