How to get into the finance department?

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Hey guys , thanks for all you are reading my post . I have a good education , or rather .. well prepared .. Loaded with a business degree , specialization courses in corporate finance at Berkeley and an MBA at a small college ( Aquinas College ) in Grand Rapids , Michigan.I like to get a job in accounting or finance department ( credit analyst , insurer , A / P , A / R , or any other related to my field ) . The problem is that my experience is in sales ( yes. . Many years) I'm trying to make that change .. but no luck . Always get proposals from insurance companies to sell their products , or any other sales position ) used to work in a bank as a personal banker and do not like . I tried to work within the member department but nothing .. I am fully bilingual and I do not want to study something else ( I have $ 40,000 in student loans already) . But if there is something you can study for a short period of time I guarantee a job to do. MedlinePlus thank you!

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