Deed of trust with assignment of rents?

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lent us a woman got past 20,000 years in a rented house customers a nonprofit organization . ( Good cause ) She dwells in the note in November and last month to stop paying the agreed interest . our understanding is that now not been paying the mortgage payments (although the rent collection customers) and is approaching its third afternoon . If the bank files a notice of default that our deed of trust still get paid ? What if filing a notice of default to the bank ? Can we do this without a foreclosure service or attorney ? What exactly our rights with this particular form ?
Answer1Heather P.Answered at 2012-10-10 12:35:14
Because there is not enough information on specific aspects 'm going to guess here , but it seems that you are the holder of a junior lien of the first mortgage note and the bank maintains . If a foreclosure the bank pays first, and then the remainder will pay and what remains after the person goes to foreclosure. Never mind that the agricultural research institutes , USDA foreclosure good Luck
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