I have the worst credit ever, i was late on stuff several times and made a lot of mistakes with credit cards . related questions

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I have the worst credit ever, i was late on stuff several times and made a lot of mistakes with credit cards .2Melonie2012-10-01 12:15:03
I tried to pay good at what I do have funded , but I need a new (to me ) car. How I can get a used car loan without a cosigner ?
How can I attempt to fix my credit from mistakes I made in college?2Student3152012-09-03 09:34:02
When I was looking for my degree, I was an idiot when it comes to credit cards. To make a long story short , I felt that credit cards as " free money" , so needless to say, a lot of financial mistakes were made. Also I have some medical bills for a few years ago , when I had no health insurance. To guess a grand total of all my bills I would say , at the top , about 15 K. Of course, as I grew , I realized my stupidity and the importance of good credit is in all aspects of life. But just because I grew up , does not mean my debt problems have gone. Now I'm in the Graduate School and deal with the problem of finding a source of supplementary loan to cover tuition . I heard all the announcements of debt consolidation agencies , and things of that nature, but when I looked at some of them looked more like a scam than anything else. I've also thought about filing for bankruptcy , but what I learned from that, will negatively affect your credit for at least five years. I would not be able to lease / buy a car rent a house or rent an apartment and other necessities. So I'm at a loss , I really want to start working on these problems, and I think if I could consolidate everything into one monthly payment, or to get something down that would help me allot. I'm looking for some advice on the options you may have , organizations that can help, or anyone can give me idea how to deal with this problem. thanks
I need money fast i have bad credit from when i was 18 made mistakes no bank account cant get a loan cant find?0Dally2012-10-06 13:26:46
I need money fast I have bad credit from when I was 18 mistakes I can not get a bank loan cant find a job and Wits End 'm willing to do almost anyhing what do I do.
Late Mortgage or Late Credit Cards?3aqdas2012-10-23 11:16:03
Can anyone tell me what is worse ? Being late for a mortgage or late for 8 or less than other loans ? I'm about 25 days behind on my obligations . I'll have to go past 30 days on something . Should I go late to a big deal , mortgage, loan or debt equivalent (car , unsecured loan , credit cards ) ? I guess that goes beyond 30-1 thing is better to go beyond 30 on several things .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have an answer? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What is the worst that can happen if I don't pay my bills? Like credit cards? student loans?3Derek2012-09-25 12:55:02
I mean I can be arrested ? free ornament? What else?
Should I pay my credit cards or my mortgage late?0Talli2012-09-07 20:18:02
In recent years , my husband has been laid off several times . Every time I had to get cash advances from credit cards to stay afloat . Moreover , had refinanced several times and took a home equity loan so now owes more than our home is worth . When we are working so we can pay our bills , but fired him again, they are drowning . I can not take no more cash advances. I've been paying my credit cards on time because I do not want interest rates to jump , but then I can not pay my mortgage on time. I've been paying just before the 30-day mark so it will not show in our credit reports as late payment . I do not think I'll be able to do that in this month . What should I do ? My mom thinks we should file bankruptcy , but do not really want to do that . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I continue to pay my credit cards on time and pay the mortgage late? Possibly the house go to rent something cheaper? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I pay my mortgage on time and pay later credit cards ? You may file for bankruptcy ? We have about $ 75,000 in credit card debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm so stressed about the mess we're in. We have two children in college , who depend on us for at least the next year . I am mentally , physically and emotionally exhausted .
I had several credit cards become 30 and 60 late over 2 years ago, I can now get approved for a VA home loan?1Princess2012-10-03 19:51:03
Over two years ago I was having financial problems ( too many credit cards and car loans 2) , this resulted in several credit cards (around 6) 30-60 days late making each one of my loans automobiles. Now I am completely debt free except for a student loan. Pay what you should not negotiate a lower amount. Will I now be able to get approved for a VA home loan ? ? ? Or did I ruin my chances of owning a home?
At the same job for 4 years made mistake credit score 420 need personal loan to pay cash adv. creditd cards?3math hates me :(2012-11-03 05:37:02
In the same work done for 4 years Error 420 credit score personal loan Need to pay cash adv . creditd cards ?
Why can't libs see these are the BEST of times? I can't believe how much money I made since 2004?4Kingsley2012-10-13 23:40:03
I had a little money saved for my college , but I decided I would not go . My parents had saved about $ 20,000. MedlinePlus I found a small used car lot for sale. They had a small cabin , with two tables and a toilet in a closet . The land was big enough for about 20 cars , three cars were junk left on time . MedlinePlus I took care of the $ 750 a month contract and we were glad to be out of business . There was almost a year lease . These guys had no computer. They were very old school . MedlinePlus I bought about 10 cars , trucks , vans and SUVs for auction. I put down 10% and found an investor to cover the rest . MedlinePlus I sold a couple very fast and paid the loan back around . I went to another auction . I bought the car 2-3 shoppers difficulties almost nothing . MedlinePlus Before I knew it , the parking lot was full . The cars were on eBay and I was selling 10 cars a week , making about $ 7,500 a week . MedlinePlus I love my clients . Bad credit . 18% interest . Sale of 20 % over NADA . Purchase of 20 % under NADA . Life could not be better !
Can i refinance my car loan if i have made a few late payments?0Sanca & Cho2012-09-10 17:59:02
? I can refinance my car loan if I made a couple of late ?
Credit report and possible mistakes?2Kam2012-10-03 03:24:03
I have my report and everything seemed fine. What I do not understand is two things in my sectiuon adverse . This is a car loan is paid off and it is still in there b / ca few missed payments ( on behalf of the singees join . ") The other is a college loan that I consolidated the same 01 . All my others say closed or paid , so I'm confused as to why I'm not a great candidate for this loan you want and I keep getting overlooked ... I know nobody can tell me specifically , but I have curiosity for those things "adverse "
Please help.. How to fix Dumb Credit Mistakes!!?0Chris G2012-09-30 07:35:02
I must admit right off , that was dumb when I was younger and did not pay any of my bills . I recently checked my credit score and 508. I have about 3500 in delinquency , including a trial. If payment of any debt , I have the money in hand to do so , will my credit score go up ? I also requested a secure credit card with a limit of 1000 to help rebuild my credit. Just looking for some other ideas on how to build back up once you pay the debt of my credit report . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS How long should I wait to get my score high enough to get an unsecured loan or credit card ?

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