Americans: Do you think the cost of education would go up or down if the US government got out of financing it?

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Asked at 2012-08-10 07:21:03
The government backs loans for sending someone to college.

We have a whole industry of the payline that target low income , poor students for education, forcing them to go to school and help them sign their lives away from loans, on the off chance of completing the program get a degree that is not worth the paper it's printed . If the housing bubble hurt, I believe that education is going to hurt like hell.
Answer1MeriahAnswered at 2012-08-17 05:44:04
I used to work for a government -backed student loan foundation .

There is more information that you do not seem to know, but I agree you have valid concerns. The cost of tuition and your ability to get student loans for school [the amount is what I mean ] should not dissuade someone from going to college . My sister graduated from Cornell University back in the early 90's. Based on their average score , which was only required to pay a percentage of their loans ... not the entire amount. After spending X amount of years to make payments on time, the government said it was "paid in full" ... basically it comes to your loan parole for good behavior . when people fall into arrears on their loans , there are many government programs to pay also have to pay only a percentage of the original amount. in these scenarios, your credit report will show that you have paid your loan in full. this is just one aspect of your question ... I'd be here forever against all . Very good question and that is good!
Answer2quizzicalAnswered at 2012-08-21 23:55:03
or could * in * the business of funding actually ... and not just copies of the loans . free public education for exactly 13 years ( K-12 ) is a random number of years , selected at another time when there was th competitive , highly educated workforce that is in today 's global economy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why everyone assumes that the level 12 is extremely necessary for success in life and 13 is a frivolous bonus seems odd to me .
Answer3BarbAnswered at 2012-08-28 12:02:08
I think we should continue to educate bad at all. So I think we should cut what people have little hope of obtaining funding for their education . While we're at it also have to cut people out of unemployment , while there is hope for employment , must end foster care, and we must end the welfare program . This way we can have even more ignorant , poverty stricken , homeless, hungry , sick and dying , people without work and without hope in America , because the several million who have simply not sufficient evidence that the United States is a total failure of a sh * thole .
Answer4HarrieAnswered at 2012-09-03 22:40:02
Down safely .
Answer5BESTY : )Answered at 2012-09-14 21:59:05
What I want to know is why the British Government can pay for education until year end when the child was 18 and offer scholarships for students of the University great , sometimes reducing their rates
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