Where can I consolidate my private student loan besides Wells Fargo and Chase?

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Asked at 2012-09-15 10:17:05
Where I can consolidate my private student loan , and Wells Fargo and Chase ?
Answer1tyniejahAnswered at 2012-09-28 16:01:03
MedlinePlus http://loan-house.we.bs/loanconsolidation.html MedlinePlus Consolidation loans often reduce the size of the monthly payment by extending the term of the loan beyond the payment plan of 10 years that comes standard with federal loans . Depending on the loan amount , the loan term can be extended from 12 to 30 years . (10 years for less than $ 7,500; 12 years for $ 7,500 to $ 10,000 , 15 years for $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 ; 20 years for $ 20,000 to $ 40,000 , 25 -year, $ 40,000 and $ 60,000 . And 30 years for $ 60,000 and above ) the reduced monthly payment may make the loan easier to repay for some borrowers . However, by extending the loan period the total amount of interest paid is increased . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://loan--house.blogspot.com/2008/03/loan-consolidation.html MedlinePlus In certain circumstances ( for example , when one or more of the loans was being repaid in less than 10 years because the minimum payment ) , a consolidation loan may decrease the monthly payment without extending the overall loan term over 10. Indeed , the short-term loan is extended to 10 years. The total amount of interest paid will increase unless you keep making the same monthly payment as before, in which case the total amount of interest paid will be reduced . The interest rate on consolidation loans is the weighted average interest rates of the loans being consolidated, rounded up to the nearest 1/8 of a percent and capped at 8.25 % .
Answer2bob dylanAnswered at 2012-10-06 15:52:41
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