My Business-help needed urgent advice?

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T. J.
Asked at 2012-08-10 06:45:02
Hello , I need advice on my business from someone with experience. I am an electrical contractor in the UK. I am a sole trader ahve any of the employees . I ahve been Tradeing for 3 months. I've had some work , but not much small income so far.

I advertised in local newspapers , but had no response hve . I only drive a small car that is nopt advertiseing my company too.

My question is ..... I need a truck that is shown in writing , so a more professional look and tells me correctly. Unfortunately at the moment has no sufficient funds to get through cash. Should I get a business loan of, say,
Answer1MernaAnswered at 2012-08-10 13:57:02
I agree with the previous post I'm afraid. I ran several businesses, nothing major, but still worked. Which may be closely related to yours is a cleaning company I had. I paid
Answer2buckyAnswered at 2012-08-12 02:51:02
You should not think that getting a sign written van to promote your business for you. Most people just do not notice them because they are so common.
If you work for builders, etc. should always be "asking" that you would recommend to others. You'd be surprised how many actually will.
You should also contact other businesses with postcards or telephone calls telling them that in case you need the services of a trusted electrician, qualified. Only ten or twenty a week for operations in the Yellow Pages,, local Thompson etc. in general, will probably positive contact per week. You do a good job and repeat business have only multiplied over time.
Get a website. Google will give you a FREE yourself then get listed in Google sites once again everything is free. You might want to get a domain name specific or similar for a fiver or less and you're ready to go.
Go downtown or local boot sale, party, meet other local and cheap fliers only the size of a postcard. Print them off from a Word document on your computer and cut by hand to save more money.
Do you have your domain name? Write on the dirt in the back of trucks from other people :-) They're usually too lazy to clean, so you can get free advertising until they do.
There are hundreds of ways to get free publicity Ninja, so do not waste unnnecessarily in a van just so you can sign the write. When you have a good regular money coming in, then you might want, but his parents are right. The debt will swallow especially if you do not have the income to comfortably cover the payments.
Good luck - Pete.
Answer3ethenAnswered at 2012-08-12 07:38:38
I'm not sure if the UK has Groupon or coupon sites . Google half of the coupon sites in the main city. Call and try to establish a coupon that will get on the site. Make sure it is one that will not lose much money . One idea could be $ 50 per $ 100 of their work. We use these sites to our advertising and it works great . We have also done newspaper adds , and do not work at all.
Answer4BizzyAnswered at 2012-08-12 16:53:03
I'm not from UK but this is common knowledge.

A van is not announced anything better than a small car. The increased contacts have a van with a text that note, even in a company that has built its brand.

Also, loans should never have more than the wealth of your company is that in the event of a problem you can sell your assets to pay all their loans. Do not tie personal loans loans for your business, not worth the risk.

Electrical contractors (here) do not get jobs in local newspapers , he adds, they get to be known . Go to places , bars , cafes , events , talking to randoms , and give them your card at every opportunity. Be sure to leave half a dozen letters to any site you visit , so you can forward them if they liked the job. Go to parties with your friends friends, and leave your card.

Contact local organizations that support and promote local businesses , who have the walls of gossip , contact lists where you can add your car. Contact your local chambers of commerce , ask your member lists / directories , you get listed there .

If your area has block houses or public walls , get your ads there. Make them respectful and professional beyond anything else , an error in this type of marketing and you can lose face. Google adds intelligent and creative , he adds, using the wheels already invented .

Answer5SomerAnswered at 2012-08-27 17:13:02 go and build your own website and start advertising on your website .
Answer6 Answered at 2016-09-08 18:10:20

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