Should the US, European Union, and most of the developed world stop paying their debts altogether? related questions

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Should the US, European Union, and most of the developed world stop paying their debts altogether?1muthu2012-09-27 23:16:03
What exactly will the rating agencies do? MedlinePlus All Downgrade ? LOL . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what will make those investors ? MedlinePlus If they can not park their money somewhere , just lost more that nations do . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Either they will have to completely renegotiate their payment plans with us , or may not ever get back their money borrowed percent !
How to stop Ex Immigrating and leaving his debts behind for me to sort out?0lb2012-09-11 22:14:05
Basically , my ex has not paid anything in the house for 15 months formaer matromonial , I've paid all the bills and now I'm paying the mortgage . Is emigrating to New Zealand and is trying to force me to buy his share of the house , given that there is almost no equity and you owe me 50% of what I paid on their behalf in the mortgage . Also at the top of which is set on a loan - I paid my half price and are trying to secure the house - I'm struggling to put the house in my name - none of us live there , but i want you repossessed . He is making fun of me saying that immigration has spent his application , but I think that is leaving me all your debt when I've paid mine and earn double my salary
Can I stop my debt payment then pay back the debts when I sell my house?4Addy2012-11-06 08:24:02
Me and my partner is in debt and can not keep up with payments. We took out loans to renovate our house , so when we both lost our jobs leading to more loans to pay the mortgage and bills. We are struggling to make monthly payments. Now we have decided to sell our house and use the profit to pay our debts. What I wanted to know is I can call the people you owe money to explain our house is on sale and can be frozen until payments sell our house and pay back in full? No spam please .
I want to stop paying for my car?2gaga 100002012-10-20 17:23:01
In September last year I put a down payment on a 1999 Nissan Altima that seemed to be in perfect condition. He had good miles and was, as far as I could see, in very good condition. This past Mother's Day was driving uphill on the highway when the car began to slow in progress on 45 in the fast lane when he went past at about 70 mph. The car stopped a few moments later and reheated. I took the car to the dealer where you bought it and the man said he needed a new engine. It's been two months and he just gets away with excuses as to why my car has not been fixed yet. First he said he was waiting for an agent of the security company to come out to inspect the engine to see if they cover the piece. After that, it took about a month, for some reason known only to God, he said he was sent a defective motor and had to get another it would take about two weeks. Three weeks later he called and said that the man who originally received the engine was no longer honoring the agreement and refused to replace the engine is bad for another. Now he says he has been struggling with this type of part and does not know when the car will be fixed. He is not going to provide another vehicle for his shop and apparently, according to my friend who looked around his dealership, the car is not there. I can understand not having the right equipment to fix my car and move it to another store, but this is information that does not tell me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to stop paying for this car. I live in California and still has a year and a half until it is paid off, but I'm at my wit's end, and can not cope with this any longer. Is there any way out of it? In my contract I agree that I would not be able to return the car or get a refund. Could I just give it back and suspend my payments?
What can a second mortgage do if we stop paying?0Jamie2012-09-17 18:30:03
We noticed on our credit report that our second Ditech mortgage had been discharged in bankruptcy a few years ago . I know it still is a secured loan , but what can you do . Home Value = $ 110,000 . First mortg = $ 130,000. Ditech = $ 45,000 . Can the second mortgage put us on the street ?
Should I stop paying on the house?1momma2012-09-30 20:05:03
My wife had a house since before we were married . When we got married , she moved and came to live with me , instead of selling your home , we started renting some of her friends . We rented a little less than the mortgage , and I do not think I could charge the full mortgage to rent and actually get someone there. This is where the situation gets worse . Our tenants / friends are looking to move to relocate. We are upside down on the loan , you owe more than $ 100,000, but the house is probably worth only $ 80,000 - $ 85,000 if we had to sell. Besides that , you need a new roof and new windows. The house feels like a waste of money , there is always something to spend money on us there and drainage . We both have great credit ( I = 750-800 , 725-775 wife) , but we wonder if it would make sense to rescue just in the house . My name is not on the mortgage , so I don 'think affect my credit. We just bought a new house that we like and we have two nice cars , so I do not have to worry about new loans for a while . Would it make sense to just go into foreclosure and get this waste of money out of our lives ? What are the possible dangers of doing this?
Can I stop paying for my loan on my car?2BESTY : )2012-10-15 16:04:03
This is the situation . I have a car that I co-signed with my ex wife. She had most of the time , but was delivered to me in the divorce . Is there any way that I can give the car company and not to the rest of the balance on the car ?
What happens if i stop paying my car loan?2tt2012-10-09 16:51:03
I have a car loan and no longer want to pay for it. My credit is already ruined and not have to worry about repossesion because I now live in Mexico , my real question is what happens legally? My label is current for another year. if I have not paid and are in repository mode , but I can not, I have to worry if I stop for a traffic violation ? Of course , I'm talking about if I cross the border and drive in the U.S. . or it is a credit card that is only going to collections and endless debt collectors ?
Paying off debts?0manal HELP ME2012-09-30 17:37:04
I must pay first with my extra money , a student loan of $ 20,000 with an interest rate of 5% (164 per month ) , or a credit card with a balance of $ 4,000 at 14% (60 per month ) ? student loan balance not only seems to yield .
Stop paying Credit cards?0CrankSt4r2012-10-14 04:57:51
What if I stop paying my credit cards ? i owe 8,000 in credit cards I've been paying , but it is impossible for me to keep now . I have no houses, no cars, no income and just closed my checking account because I could not pay the monthly fee . I have a student loan that I am paying because I have a guarantee , but that's all I can afford right now fighting for . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus At this point I do not care about my credit scores , I just want to get out of credit card and never have to use them again .
What if i stop paying my insurance when i have a car loan?3:(plz help2012-09-03 03:30:03
I am leasing a new car , been paying for 3 years and this month I could not afford the insurance , so I stopped driving and started cycling. and the insurance was canceled as 2 weeks and my registration was suspended (you reinstalled, but could not get my registration online) and says he has to fill out a form and pay 50.00 SR22 and maintain insurance for 3 years! what 's up with that ? beyond that , I completely forgot when I got my car, I was told to keep insurance on my car all the time, but I was not using! so I'm really scared and I have to know what happens after making the SR22 form ( unless you know how to get around this) and pay off my loan. Why do I have to have insurance on it. oh, I do not know if this is important , but I have the coverage gap. to report my car bec i did not have insurance for 2 weeks? ? please help, does not mean that the answers that terrifies me. Thank you.
What happens is i stop paying student loans?0Jaylin2012-10-08 09:51:17
I owe almost $ 100,000 , all government loans . theoretically , what if I just stopped paying ? I do not care a credit in ruins , the single most valuable thing to a 5yr old computer so I see the collection agencies to take anything away from me , I have no desire to own a house ever or a car or any other " things " , and I am very happy living in a place away from the U.S. . Not owe taxes in the U.S. so there is nothing they can take from me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In theory , what would happen if you stop paying ? I am not able to defer the loans not either. I'll go straight from the airport to jail if I ever returned to the United States? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for reliable information . Thank you.

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