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Is a secured credit card a good way to rebuild credit?3Clothilda2012-10-19 06:54:02
I have had some past credit problems , but I have paid all my bills pending in the collections . Currently I just keep paying my student loans . I want to apply for a mortgage in the near future and want to improve my credit .
Captial one card NON SECURED that I will be receiving or SECURED card from US bank to rebuild bad credit?1VICTOR2012-11-04 01:48:02
Please read this in its entirety and only respond with appropriate answers to all questions. Do not list fake websites or informed him that! I want to say first that I have 25 years of age and again in 2004-2005 went through some credit problems. I have not had any credit since it has no debt and credit, and has been paid for almost two years all accounts are closed. I have 3 negative accounts arising from my reports late 2012. I'd like to start rebuilding my credit. Recently I have been rejected by the Bank of America for a normal card convinced me of the application and a secured card, so I have two queries from January 2010 of them. An investigation in February 2010 to choose a sum insured NOT A card with a $ 39 annual fee and are approved will receive next week, but after much criticism of the company seems to have deceptive business practices, increasing APR rates and instead of putting say $ 300 as a credit limit that is put in place what position he would hurt me to use my credit results. If you try to close the account, add the charges to your account fraudgelant etc. Their customer service is in India and not good. Is this true? I read this on yahoo answers and my 3 cents complaints. If so should I try a U.S. credit card SECURED down to $ 300 with a $ 35 annual fee? The credit union does not offer far secured credit cards. If I can get a secured card U.S. CD Bank should open a 1-2 year $ 1,500 guaranteed with my bank is Harris Bank to show a loan? I have two charge offs and a credit card account with a couple of late payments 90 days which is also closed. I have 5 accounts per day, but are closed and were never used. What will my credit score go up from 1-2 years from now? Currently all questions before new for 2010 were my TU FICO: 597 Equifax: 648. I will only be using 7% of my limit of $ 300 rather than 30%. Refer to my other question here from the other day for more details on my credit standing entitled
I am trying to rebuild my credit, is a secured bank loan better than a secured credit card?1Crazy_Girl 2012-09-02 02:11:03
Capital One I have already insured with a limit of $ 300, I was thinking of getting a credit card or secured loan through my credit union. I have about $ 1000 - $ 1500 to get something .
Is getting 3 secured credit cards a good idea to rebuild my credit?0Elaine2012-10-10 04:25:48
Here is my situation . I recently paid off all my credit card debt and the debt I have is a student loan I am paying off, I have never been late on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have an Orchard Secured Mastercard and my credit score is already improving (which rose 14 points this month ) . I'm thinking of getting 2 this speed over the same card and using all 3 once a month to buy small things like car gas and lipstick and then pay off. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will getting all these cards in such a short damage to myself, or my idea of ​​trying to rebuild credit work faster?
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan enough to rebuild credit? detailed info inside 10 points?1Sum1Special2012-11-04 22:07:02
I have defaults on student loans a few years ago , due to the difficulties . also a credit card . i finally started to pay off student loans and I hired a company to repair my credit by sending letters to take my negative reports. Meanwhile I wanted to build my credit because id like to own a house in two years after im married . Will 2 secured cards and a secured loan work ? help
Using share secured loans and secured credit cards to rebuild credit?0Amelie2012-10-01 07:02:03
BACKGROUND : My Equifax score is 516 .. I just raised 61 points to 455 in the last 30 days for " clean " , my total credit outstanding is 24,000 to 17,000 .. or about 74 % at maximum .. 12,000 of that balance is a car loan that I was late in beverages and have had it for 10 months MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my question is : I want to lose my reason for using credit .. below 50 % this increase my score ? And if so to what extent? MedlinePlus My plan is this : use my credit union share secured loans .. I just got one for $ 1,000 and can reach as many as you want essentially the same $ 1,000 .. I want to get at least 10 of them ( $ 10,000 ) to pay one or two months after posting bail my back and pay the next and so on until all pay off in the second month .. MedlinePlus I am also receiving a $ 2,000 secured card next week .. thus bring about maximum credit to $ 36,000 and ill be below 50 % usage .. MedlinePlus Any comments questions or ideas are appreciated .. MedlinePlus ( Note : I can not use my money to pay down the balance directly because I have anindoor flea market and needs the funds to pay suppliers and invoices at the end of the month .. but I can not use it in the mean time and this situation is no risk)
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan to much? i need to rebuild my credit its terrible?0abeer2012-09-25 12:32:02
Is 2 secured credit cards and a loan guarantee to both ? I need to rebuild my credit is terrible?
Secured credit card even if I have fair-good credit.?0stephen2012-10-06 04:50:29
I've never had a credit card , but I had the loans they have made ​​me pretty good credit . I'm nearing the end of my loans almost paid off . My credit is good enough for a credit card with most institutions , but I want to USAA . Should I get a warranty or USAA Captial One secured ? The charges are for capital one. MedlinePlus I'm also about to buy a truck that means you have more unpredictable incoming costs .
Good secured credit card to help reestablish credit?1Keilaa2012-08-22 08:35:03
I am working to re-establish a good credit score / report. I know I can not do this with loans - nor do I want too . But what I'm trying to figure out is if anyone has any experience with secured credit cards ? There is a tone out there , but none of them reported to the three major credit bureaus ? I'm having a hard time finding the answer! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Is a secured Credit card a good idea?1mickeymouse2012-09-18 21:50:03
If so , then how exactly do they work? I'm trying to raise my credit score very badly ! And I can not get a loan at all, so this seems the only option. Is it a good or bad idea ?
Secured savings loan to rebuild credit?0CC2012-08-21 16:12:04
I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a secured loan savings and pay back the first month to help rebuild my credit? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also what would have the greatest impact on my rating , pay off the loan in the first month or pay back over time?
Will getting secured credit cards help me to rebuild my credit?6hhhgggh2012-10-27 13:59:45
I have very bad credit , mostly due to medical bills, and partly for being young and irresponsible. In fact, I only had a credit card.It faded as a bad debt when I was 20. Now I have 24 and now I realize the importance of good credit. The only thing I have in good condition is my student loan. Under these circumstances, it would get some secured credit cards help me to obtain unsecured credit cards . If so , how long does it normally take . I pay my debts, but I'm still in college and my boyfreind and I have only an income of about $ 1400/mo . (So ​​credt card would be helpful ). Are Secured cards help me get a loan to pay my debts ?

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