How can I make my daughter responsible for paying her college loans? related questions

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How can I make my daughter responsible for paying her college loans?2paul white2012-10-14 04:09:03
She knows that these loans must be repaid , but have difficulty obtaining full -time employment . Lenders are aware of your financial situation and , therefore , looks to me to make the payments as I am a co -signer . I think this has gone on too long . Is there a way to consolidate multiple loans at a low interest rate ?
I've been out of college for 3 years & am paying on 3 loans, how do I make these 3 loans into 1 payment?0Alexis22012-09-19 16:39:02
The three loans are through ACS Education Services of America and The Student Loan ( Citi ) . With a total of over 60k , I consolidate these into one loan and hopefully lower my payment . The moment you pay about $ 600 a month in March .
Will I have to start back paying college loans if i take a break from college?1Leona2012-10-23 00:18:03
I'm thinking of taking a year. break bc I have to work and save some money . Will I have to start paying my loans . I have thought about enrolling in school back in one year . time?
Do I have to make her car payment or be responsible for all utilities?1Kriztin2012-09-23 09:00:04
Ok I just moved with my girlfriend and her old.Now 2 years when I moved I had the idea that everything we divided 50/50 , except the payment of his car and my student loan, and now is telling me since ` am the man of the house helps me with 50% of the car payment or take care of all the food in the house.So , I understand well , if we marry , it would be another story , but the truth is that I'm 2 months late in paying my student loan and do not hear any support or anything from you, all I hear is " I need help with more than 50% ." The truth is that she makes more money than me, because their masters and also receives money for child support.TO be honest I do not think `S FAIR! After talk and talk about many she remains stubborn of me paying over the cellar of the house. Now he says that if she was like something you are pregnant or off or she would not put the money care.Now me what you think?
What do you do if the individuals responsible for paying the bills are always "losing" the money?1Kaleb2012-10-16 16:30:02
is well spent before getting the tickets are paid , actually lost , stolen or borrowed no refund . then, the only money left is to go towards bills instead of providing things that the family needs ... even Christmas gifts for children.
Who, if anyone, is responsible for paying a Loan back after the borrower dies?0Abby2012-10-04 10:34:09
My mother has a student loan. She's not doing much at all, so she is in a repayment plan based on income she paid little more than the actual loan interest . At the rate you are currently paying, will be paid in 104 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If and when she died , God forbid , what happens to the loan ? Am I responsible as your child ? Who is responsible? Help !
How can I make the person in the process of buying my car legally responsible for it?0Polly2012-10-17 03:45:04
As I am responsible for the car I'm buying the loan company - if something goes wrong . Is there any law that would cover that issue in collecting monthly payments from an individual I'm selling my car ? thank you
College - Daughter - Please HELP?1Harold Taylor2012-11-04 16:05:02
The daughter is 18 years old . I put my two other children to college ( before being fired ) She is the youngest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) I do not produce the amount of money as I did before MedlinePlus 2) I want to help her MedlinePlus 3) Your mother and I have been going through a divorce over a year ago MedlinePlus 4) His teaching is 45,000.00 a year ( she took a college out of state ) MedlinePlus 5) My future ex - called I can get a loan to pay for half - I have no money . What I can do? MedlinePlus 6) is used to get good grades " A" ys " B " before meeting her boyfriend and then pulled in D ' s F . MedlinePlus 7) The wife is not going to say whether she received grants, loans and student loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP ME - I am a single parent with another team friends . What will I do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also bought all my children from his first car too - all new. My youngest son received a 2003 Mustang GT (paid in cash) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help me please ..... What do I do?
Am I responsible for paying back mortage on mothers home after she passed away. I signed first she second.?2Booker Perry2012-10-16 16:36:01
10 years ago I signed up for a loan for my mother . She was the second signer . The loan was secured by your home . She died without a will and brothers are saying I have to pay the balance of the mortgage on my farm income . Is this correct
Should i have to pay to secure a college grant for my daughter?2Mitchie2012-10-14 09:40:02
I'm about to get sick , I have a daughter who is a freshman in college and I know that things can expensive.She has received financial aid you qualify for , but she is living on campus and need more money for other things . I do not make a lot of money or make your mother.I can not afford to pay the loans at the moment and do not want to get into that kind of debt i now.Can right as a parent to request that I have no money to pay education for my daughters ? I have a company called me saying that they can secure a grant for my daughter for a fee of $ 449.I do not want my daughter to have to leave college , so someone can give me some direct sources to appy for who can help us ?
My daughter sighned up for a online college.?0CM2012-08-13 01:18:02
FAFSA to fill it with the man saying that everything is paid for by the FAFSA. Now say it is all paid for with FAFSA. and without anyone knowing that he tried to get a personal loan to sign out for the diffrience . online universities is really cost much. and worthwhile . , It is Ashford.
I am sending my daughter to college, and will need a parent plus loan, but I also need a new car...?0elvis2012-08-16 02:25:02
So if I buy the car and is visible on my credit report, will I still qualify for financing school?

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