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Is this a good five year plan?1saphire2012-09-15 20:33:03
I am in year two of a five year Ch13 Repayment plan. I have started to reestablish my credit with a secured c?2Tricia2012-11-01 20:02:02
I am in the second year of a payment plan Ch13 five years . I started to rebuild my credit card secured credit and a secured loan with my bank . How long before you can finance a home ?
Who can give an unsecured loan with a 4 year deferment or a 10 or more year repayment plan?1Onessa2012-11-06 01:35:02
I'm looking for a financial tool (other than credit cards ) , you can give me an unsecured loan , with either a four-year deferment or a payment plan of 10 years. The reason for this request is that I am a U.S. citizen attending an offshore medical school that is not eligible for student loans. The program is certified and accepted by ECFMG licenses in all 50 U.S. states. I researched all the scenarios of student loans, and I can safely say that this particular tool does not apply to me, since no lender will consider my application . MedlinePlus I have a good credit score . I am also willing to consider a non-corporate ( a personal agreement with an individual ) loan , if there is a place where I can fix this, or my case for eligibility. MedlinePlus Loan " companies " with generic email addresses will not be considered , go scam someone else .
Buying a pizza shop, good idea? Money potential? Is my plan any good?1Samatha Priest2012-10-24 07:12:02
I have 22 years . I saved almost $ 40K . I have a degree in two years that I will get where I want to be. I can go to school , but I hate the school and see no purpose in just getting a better career . I've had my own online business in the past two years and the average income was $ 30K a year , but the economy has killed my business literally . MedlinePlus Would I be able to get a loan , even at my age and to buy an established business and run it ? Of course I do more research on any industry , and I have my comb cpa in the financial statements of the company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just want to know simply , of all present experience , if I would be able to shop around for say two months , finding the best deal , use only $ 20K ( loan more money ) and buy a business ? And I'll be able to make at least $ 30K annual net this business ? How about $ 50 thousand a year ? Would it be a matter of 60 hours per week or more ? It would be quite reasonable to sell it and buy a bigger one and follow up? Or buy several businesses , perhaps putting a manager in the position to do more work , but I pay less than what I could have time to open new business? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you so much!
What is a good ref. for how to write a business plan good enough to obtain a loan?0Kamal2012-10-01 10:30:03
I need to get a small business loan to start up funding. I need no more than 5k to boot up. The problem is that they have few skills and poor skills presantation litt . Both of which are needed to obtain a loan of this type . I need to get my ideas down and out neatly. MedlinePlus Thank you !
1 year plan. Do you think it's realistic?2Mikrya2012-09-23 06:40:03
He currently lives in Chicago , but want to move to Houston in July. Current Credit around 590-610 . Chapter 7 in 2001 ( discharged ) / Chapter 13 2003 (dismissed ) . No credit card debt . Consolidated student loans . No car loans . Credit Report has collections of cable companies and more diverse utility . bullsh ** . My plan is to take my tax refund in February to clear everything except student loans . I also plan to make timely monthly payments for the current rent / utilities / loans students have 12 months of fixed payments . If I can succeed , does that are favorable to mortgage companies ? I already expect to pay a higher interest rate because of my credit . I'll be looking for 30-year fixed rates with 100 % financing . What else I can do now to prepare myself and improve myself for a mortgage ?
I plan on going to uni in around a year but I need to raise some money before I go, any suggestions?1Lebza2012-09-08 10:06:03
Basically , I have no savings , I have very rich parents , but I really want to go to college . I know you can get grants and loans , but I like to have a little money , I know that loans and grants do not go very far . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a part time job at the moment although only just pays for things I need right now and not enough to be able to save anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone suggest anything , maybe online or otherwise that can help me get some savings for uni ... I thought of creating a website that offers custom writing poems for a small fee , but do not know if this is a good idea? Is there anything else that you can think of? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I like to write poetry , I'm good with computers and technology , basically I'm trying to raise about
I have a ten year savings plan, am I able to secure a loan against it.?0August2012-09-02 20:20:03
I have a ten year savings , I have to get some money rather sharpish but not pay the
5-10 Year Plan Straight Out Of University/College?1not plannning to tell u2012-08-24 16:10:03
1-3 years : - Job search and start putting away $ 200 a week to pay my student loan ( $ 30,000 ) MedlinePlus 4- Set accounts ( every day , rainy day fun / sport / travel, debt repayment ) MedlinePlus Next 4-7 years : - Keep saving $ 200 + per week and put in stocks / funds accounts MedlinePlus Over 10 years in the future : MedlinePlus - Use the money saved to invest in rental property / home purchase MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not particularly interested in taking big risks , I just want to accumulate enough money to pay the debt of students ( no risk) and then save enough money while earning interest decent save to invest in real estate , it is my passion to invest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does this sound like a good plan?
If you have a 10 year loan repayment plan, are you off the hook if you pay principle and interest early?1elliot2012-10-27 19:02:03
So lets say you have a loan of 10 km and has 10 % interest for 10 years .. You get a fixed amount you pay each month for 10 years, but if you're doing well and pay more than the required amount and eventually pay all the principles and interests to date within 8 years, are still required two years to pay interest even if you paid first?
Could i still get a good deal on a car loan if i have only been working a year and have a good fico score?0trill2012-11-02 04:10:03
I've only been working for one year and have a good result , I could still get a car loan without a down payment?
Good business plan?1 â¿´ Shang wrong car -2012-11-03 19:57:02
We have an interview next week with an organization that helps small businesses to start up and obtaining grants / loans , etc. The thing is that we must have a business plan with us , and although we have a , I'm a bit worried that its not as good as it could be , I have to find a place where I can create one or have guidelines or a summary of what makes a good business plan that I can follow. Please may I advise on which site is best to use , I have really wanted to impress , this might be our only hope and do not want to plan things with a ball of garbage , thanks .

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